Reasons To Play In 2022 XE88 Online Slot

Why You Should Play In The 2022 XE88 Online Slot

In 2022, there have been many mobile slot apps available in the market.

This is partially due to MCO in the last two years where the demand for mobile slot apps has grown tremendously.

In this article, we will review one of the most sought-after mobile slot apps currently, the XE88 online slot.

This XE88 online slot was launched in 2020 during the initial phase of MCO.

Ever since it launched, it has out-performed many of its competitors in terms of the app features and benefits for the players.



Current Online Slot App Disadvantages

Before we go deep into reviewing the XE88 online slot features, let’s look at the current flaws found in other online slot apps at the moment.

In fact, these flaws have impacted the gaming experience of the player in the app.


Hard To Win Jackpot Prizes

This is often one of the disadvantages most of online slot apps.

Although the jackpot prizes are very lucrative in the slot games, however, it is very rare for the players to get to win the slot game jackpot prizes.

Sometimes, it is also almost impossible for the players to win the mini jackpot prizes in the slot games.

For example, the Mega888 slot app is very rare to have players be able to win the jackpot prizes.

Even if you hack the Mega888 app, at most you can only win in the slot game but not the jackpot prizes.

Therefore some players will find it not worth playing these online slot games.

Besides, the players will need to fork out a lot of their own money to play in these slot games if they were to try to win the jackpot.

Hence, most of the players would rather play casino card games.


Slow Payout

This is another major flaw in many online slot apps.

When you want to cash out the credits from your game account, generally you will need to wait for at least a few hours to even 1 working day.

Besides, you will need to go through a few steps to complete the cash-out process.

Many players have found that this process is extremely time-consuming.

Sometimes, you may encounter app system maintenance which will prolong your cash-out process.

This has caused inconveniences for the players when comes to their betting fund management.

The main root cause of this slow payout in most online casino apps such as Pussy888 slot is too many manual approval steps needed in this cash-out process.


Agent Commission On Winning Money

Many online casino platforms do recruit agents to help them to obtain more new players.

However, this may not be beneficial for the players.

This is simply because the players will need to give a portion of their winning money to the agent as commission.

For example, if you win RM300 in the slot game, you will need to pay RM30 to the agent as commission.

This will reduce your winning amount significantly.

Some agents’ commissions may be even higher which will definitely make you feel unfair.


Less Slot Game Variety

Even though many online slot apps in the market claim that they offer a huge variety of slot games on their platforms, most of them are false claims.

Only a few slot apps offer more than 100 types of slot games on their platform.

They are the Mega888 online slot app and the XE888 online slot app.

Some of the online slot apps will offer repetitive slot games on the platforms to make up the numbers.

Hence, players will feel bored very soon after playing on these platforms for some time.


The Inconsistent Player Winning Odds

This is another major disadvantage for the players as well when they play in most of the slot apps.

In fact, most of the time, the winning odds in the slot game are unfavorable to the players.

On most occasions, players only get to win 1 to 2 rounds of the game after playing for more than 10 rounds in the game.

This has caused the players to experience a losing streak in the game easily.

No doubt that this case will definitely benefit the platform, however, players will not stick to playing in this online slot platform for long.


Advantages Of XE88 Online Slot

The Advantages To Play In XE88 Online Slot

After looking at the major flaws found in most of the online slot apps, let’s look at how the XE88 online slot app performs in these aspects.

In fact, most of the major flaws above do not exist in the XE88 app, be it the XE88 Apk version or the XE88 iOS version.


Plenty Of Mini Jackpots In XE88 Online Slot Games Available For Win

In most of the XE88 online slot games, you will find that there are many mini jackpots available.

These mini jackpot prize amounts are quite attractive as well.

The best part is that the mini jackpots are not difficult to win.

Many XE88 slot game players get to win the mini jackpots in the slot games regularly.

In fact, some of the lucky players even get to win the XE88 grand jackpot prize!

Basically, you don’t even need to have advanced playing skills to win the mini jackpots in this app.


XE88 Free Credits Without Deposit

The second major attraction of this app is the XE88 free credits without a deposit.

If you are a regular player of the XE88 online slot, you will know that the app offers more than 30 types of free credits to the players.

Some of these free credits do not even require players to place any deposit to claim.

This special feature has allowed the players to accumulate the free credits easily in their game accounts.

Besides, these XE88 free credits can be used in any XE88 game.

It definitely helps the players to reduce their financial stress when playing slot games.


Safe & Secure XE88 Online Gaming Environment

The third great feature of the XE88 online slot is the safe and secure gaming environment.

As we all know, players’ credit and personal data are very important for all players.

When we play on the online casino platform, we are required to share our personal data with the platform.

Hence, it is very vital for the platform to ensure that the player’s game credits and personal data are secure all the time.

The XE88 app has done a very good job in this.

It has implemented first-class security and an anti-hack system in the app to ensure that players’ assets in the account are protected at the best level at all times.


Fast Payout

The fourth advantage of playing on this platform is the fast payout system.

Generally, it only takes less than 5 minutes to complete a cash-out process for the players.

Unlike other slot apps, you do not need to go through plenty of complicated steps to cash out the credits from your game account.

The XE88 payout system is operated by a full-auto system without any manual approval needed.

This has given the players great flexibility in managing their betting fund.


XE88 Online Slot VIP Membership

XE88 Online Slot VIP Membership

When you join the XE88 online slot app, your member status is always a normal member.

However, there is a VIP member status in the app.

It is definitely not easy to become a VIP member on the platform.


How To Become VIP Member In XE88 Online Slot

Basically, you need to achieve a few criteria in order to be eligible to become a VIP member.

The criteria are as below:

  • You need to play the app at least 5 times a week for consecutively 5 months.
  • If you are a slot game player, you need to win at least 5 times of mini jackpots in the slot games.
  • Your monthly betting turnover must be at least more than RM10,000
  • The game-winning record in your account must at least more than 50%
  • Your membership status must be more than 6 months

Once you have fulfilled all the criteria above, you can liaise with the XE88 customer support team to apply for VIP member status.


The Exclusive Benefits Of XE88 Online Slot VIP Member

When you become a VIP member, you will get to enjoy plenty of exclusive benefits in the app.

These exclusive benefits are not available for normal members.

Free Credits Cash Out

This is the first benefit you will get to enjoy as an XE88 VIP member.

Basically, you can cash out the XE88 free credits from your account.

As long as you manage to claim any free credits to your account, you will be able to cash out them as well.

You just need to contact the XE88 agents or customer support to assist you with this.

XE88 Online VIP Member Exclusive Free Credit

This is the second exclusive benefit you will get to enjoy.

When your membership status is upgraded to VIP status, you will get to claim these exclusive free credits immediately.

This free credit amount is approximately around RM2,000!

However, once you have claimed this free credit, you are not able to cash out immediately.

You will need to wait for one week then only can proceed to cash out.

Based on some of the VIP members’ feedback,  this free credit can actually increase your jackpot winning chance in the slot games.

Multiple Member Accounts & Test ID Accounts

This is another exclusive benefit for the XE88 VIP players.

The VIP player can have more than one game account and XE88 Test ID accounts.

Unlike the Mega888 Test ID account, the XE88 test ID account has similar functions to the usual member account.

The VIP player can even have multiple test id accounts with different usernames and passwords.

Private Party & Event Invitation

The last exclusive benefit is the private party and event invitation.

If you are a VIP member, you will get the chance to join the XE88 private parties and events.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a single cent to join these private parties.

These parties and events are a good social networking platform for the members to know each other.

Most importantly, only the VIP players can join these parties and events.


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