Mega888 Complaint Guide

Mega888 Complaint Box

This is the official Mega888 complaint guide for all players who encounter different types of issues and potential scam in their accounts.

This Mega888 complaint guide is applicable for all Mega888 Apk & iOS players.

Besides, you can refer to the full Mega888 complaint guide below on different types of issues and the solving method for you.

The objective is to ensure all players can continue to have a great gaming experience and continue to win more in Mega888 app.

Mega888 Frequent Issues & Problems Encountered By Mega888 Players

Unable To Cash Out Winning Payout After Win In Slot Game

The first common issue for many Meg888 players is unable to cash out the winning credit.

This can be annoying as we all wish to cash out the winning money immediately most of the time.

This issue has caused certain players to doubt the credibility of the Mega888 app.

There are two major root causes for this issue.

The first factor is the credit transaction system bug.

Sometimes, the credit transaction system will have a bug attack which causes the cash-out process to be interrupted.

The second factor is due to human problems.

 It is a fact that not every Mega888 customer service staff is able to maintain a high work efficiency level for a long time.

When some staff work efficiency decreases, it will cause this issue to occur.


> The fastest way to rectify this issue is to fill in the report form and submit it to us.

We will help you to identify which in-efficient staff and change a new customer service staff to handle your cash-out request.

> If you are familiar with the Mega888 app, you can always look for another Mega888 customer service staff to handle your cash-out request.

Some efficient customer service staff will be able to solve this issue for you immediately.

> For credit transaction system bugs, you can send a report using the form above.

We will escalate this issue to the IT team to rectify it immediately.


Take Long Processing Time To Cash Out Game Credit

Generally, it takes around 5 to 10 minutes of processing time to cash out your game credit.

However, sometimes you may encounter that it takes more than half an hour to complete this process.

 This will definitely impact your betting fund management efficiency.

There are a few factors behind these issues.

Firstly, it may due to high traffic in credit transactions during that period of time.

This means that there is a huge number of players performing the cash-out process concurrently.

It will cause the server to lag and takes a longer time to process all the cash-out requests.

Secondly, it may due to a lack of manpower on duty from the Mega888 customer service team.

This happens especially during the midnight period whereby there will be fewer customer service staff on duty.


> The first easiest solution is to be patient to wait for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Generally, it will be fine after 15 minutes.

> If you do not have the waiting time to spare, then submit a report from here and we will help you to rectify your issue immediately.

> Besides, you may try to restart your mobile device and perform the cash-out transaction again.

Sometimes it may be due to your mobile device system lag.


Free Credits Did Not Credit To Member Account After Claim

As we all know, free credits are very important for every Mega888 player.

It is a useful tool for Mega888 players to win more in the Mega888 games without using their own money.

There are two main factors behind this issue.

The first factor may be due to the customer service and agent mistakes.

Sometimes, the staff will make mistakes in the free credit transaction process when they are overloaded with tasks.

The second factor is the free credit transaction time expires.

When transaction time expires, you will not able to get the free credits transferred to your account,

Generally, the free credit transaction time can last for 5 minutes.


> The first solution method is that you can always reclaim the free credit again in the app.

When you are eligible to claim certain types of Mega888 free credits, you can always try this first method to solve this issue.

> The second solution is to submit a report if you still can’t get your free credit after completing the reclaim process.

In this case, it may due to the human issue in the Mega888 team.

Don’t delay your report submission as most of the free credits have limited time for a claim.


Mega888 Agent Cash Out My Winning Payout But Did Not Pay To Me

This issue is in fact one of the most serious issues.

It will cause the player to doubt the credibility of the Mega888 app.

Most of the time, this issue is related to a potential agent or customer service fraud.

This means that serious action will be taken from the Mega888 side.


Without a doubt, you need to submit the report here immediately.

We will send this case to the Mega888 management team right away.

Once they have performed a full investigation, you will get compensated fully.


Deposit Credit In My Member Account But Credit Amount Did Not Reflect In My Account

Most of the time, this issue is due to transaction time delays in the system.

Another potential root cause is that your currency is not accepted by Mega888.

Do remember that the Mega888 Malaysia app-only accepts Ringgit Malaysia.

Another country currency is not accepted at the moment.


> To tackle this issue, you can always wait for another 10 to 20 minutes first.

It is due to a transaction delay, this issue will be solved automatically after 10 to 20 minutes.

> If this issue is due to currency not being accepted, you need to deposit with Ringgit Malaysia.

This method will ensure you solve the issue right away.

> If all methods above fail, you can always send a report or complain form here.

As the Mega888 Official Customer Support, we are more than happy to assist you with this.