2022 XE88 Test Id Full Guide

2022 XE88 Test ID Complete Free Play Guide & Free Account Register

XE88 Test ID account is the demo account of the XE88 online casino.

XE88 is the latest online casino platform in the Malaysian market.

It is famous for offering many interesting slot games on the platform.

This test id account is compatible with all Android and iOS phones.

Basically, the players can play all XE88 games in this account with free credits.

This means that players do not need to play the games using their own money.

Generally, the XE88 Test ID account comes with a default user id and password.

However, you can change the user id and password once you have obtained your test id account.



How To Get Free XE88 Test ID Account

There are a few ways to obtain this XE88 test ID account for free.

In fact, these few ways are quite similar with Mega888 app free demo account obtain process.

According to the XE88 official, this test id account is completely free for all players.

Those XE88 test id accounts which require you to pay are not the authentic XE88 test id accounts.


XE88 Authorized Websites

The first way to get this account is through XE88 authorized websites.

Generally, all XE88 authorized websites do provide the XE88 test ID account user ID and password.

These are the default user IDs and passwords for the test ID account.

You just need to copy down the default user id and password and apply them to your XE88 app.

For first-time login using the default user id and password, you will need to go through verification through email.

After that, you can change the user id and password in your test id account.

Every player can only get one test id and password.

If you plan to get more than one test id account, you need to get approval from the XE customer support team.


XE88 Customer Support

XE88 Customer Support Team

The second method is to get the XE88 test ID account from the customer support team.

Once you have registered an XE88 member account, you can always request a test ID account from the customer support team.

This method can save you plenty of time.

You do not need to spend time going to XE88 websites to look for a free test ID account.

Besides, you can get the customer support team to verify the test ID account for you.

They are more than happy to assist you with this.

Furthermore, you do not need to pay anything to the customer support staff. It is a free service from them.

XE88 Agent

The third way is to get this account from the XE88 agent.

It is part of their responsibility to assist you to get the test ID account.

Furthermore, they can help you to verify the account as well.

Besides, they can recommend to you some best games to play in the test ID account.

The most important part is that you do not need to pay them for this service.

Most of the XE88 agents are more than willing to assist you with this.



Which Are The Best Games To Play In XE88 Test ID Account

Just like any other online casino demo account, there are some games in the XE88 test id account which worth playing.

In this section, we would like to recommend 2 best games in the test ID account:

  • Wu Kong Slot
  • Highway Kings Slot

These two are the most classical slot games on online casino platforms.

If you are a slot game player, you must have heard of these 2 slot games.

These 2 slot games have the most mini jackpots and free spins available.

These have enabled the players to win relatively easier in these games compared to other slot games.

Furthermore, these 2 slot games have amazing audio and visual effects.


Benefits Of Playing In XE88 Test ID Account

The Benefits Of Playing In XE88 Test ID Account

There are a few great benefits to playing in the XE88 test id account whether you are a gambler or not.

These benefits can benefit you in different aspects.


No Need Use Own Money

This is the biggest benefit you will get in playing the test ID account.

Basically, you don’t need to spend a single cent to play in this account.

All the test id accounts do come with free credits.

These free credits will be credited to your test ID account once you obtain this account.

Hence, you will need to have any financial pressure when playing the games in the account.

It is suitable for those who wish to play the XE88 games for pure fun.

However, you are not allowed to cash out the free credits from the account.

All the free credits in this account can only be used to play the games in this test id account.


Betting Skill Training

This test id account is a good platform for the XE88 players to train their playing skills.

This is due to you can choose to play any XE88 games for free in this account.

Furthermore, you do not need to place any deposit to play the games.

Statistically show that XE88 will have a higher winning chance to win in XE88 games when they practice regularly in the XE88 test id account.

Furthermore, it will help the players to increase the chance to hit the slot game jackpots in real accounts.

This betting skill enhancement can be applied to other online casino platforms to achieve a higher winning chance.


Familiarize All XE88 Games

This benefit is very important for the XE88 new players.

Playing in the test id account can help the new players to familiarize the gameplay in the app.

This will enhance their confidence to continue to play in XE88.

Besides, there is a game tutorial guide available in the test id account.

You can get all sorts of XE88 game tutorial in it, such as XE88 slot game tutorial, XE88 live casino game tutorial and etc.

If you have no idea how to play the XE88 games, you can always refer to the tutorial guide.

This benefit has also helped the platform attract more new players to play in XE88.


Make Friends With Other XE88 Players

Don’t be surprised, you can actually make new friends by playing in the test ID account.

There is a chat function available in the app.

Hence, you can utilize this function to interact with other players.

It is a very good function for the players to discuss game strategies and exchange gaming tips in the app.

In fact, some players prefer to have casual chats with other players by using this function.

Therefore, it is a good opportunity for you to be able to make new friends through this app.


A Good Pastime Activity To Release Stress

The fifth benefit is a good pastime activity to release stress.

As playing in the XE88 test id account does not require any deposit from players, it can be a suitable activity to release stress.

In fact, many players feedback that this platform is a useful tool for them to release stress from work.

Some of them will play in the test id account every day, especially after work.

They enjoy the gameplay and the game’s visual effects very much.



Advantages Of XE88 Test ID Account Compared To Other Online Casino Test ID Accounts

There are a few factors that make the XE88 test id account has higher popular compared to other online casino test id accounts.

In fact, there are many online casinos that do provide test id accounts for their players.


Automatic Free Credit Reload

The first factor is the automatic free credit reload feature in the test id account.

Basically, you do not need to worry that your free credit in the account will finish up.

The free credits will be auto-reloaded to the test id account when the free credits are finished.

Therefore, you do not need to waste time liaising with the customer support team to get the free credits from them.

This feature will definitely save you plenty of time and you can spend the time to focus playing the game.

Whereas in other online slot game platforms such as the Mega888 slot, you will need to get the customer support staff to reload the free credit for you in the test id account.


No Deposit Required To Get This Test ID Account

The second advantage of this account compared to other online casino test id accounts is that you do not need to place a deposit to obtain this account.

This is not a common feature of other online casino platforms.

Some of the online casino test id accounts such as Mega888 test id accounts will require the players to place a deposit first in order to obtain the test id account.


1st Class Anti-Hack System

The test id account comes with a first-class anti-hack system.

This means that your personal data in the test id account will not be hacked or leaked out easily.

This feature is very important for every player.

Gaming safety and security are always the main concern for the players when comes to an online casino.

XE88 has done a great job on this.

So far there is no hacked case reported in the XE88 test id account.


Fake XE88 Test Id Account

Are There Fake XE88 Test ID Account Available

Yes, in fact, there are plenty of fake XE88 test id accounts available online.

You can easily get these fake test id accounts as they are commonly available.

However, there are a few risks to play in the fake test id accounts:

  • These fake test id accounts may get hacked easily
  • The games available in the fake test id account are lesser than the original version

Hence, it is always advisable to play in the original XE88 test id account.



Which XE88 Test ID Account Version Is The Best?

As XE88 was launched in 2020, there are 3 test id account versions available.

There are 2020, 2021 & 2022 versions.

Apparently, the 2022 XE88 test id account version is the best version at the moment.

This is due to the 3 following reasons as below:

  • The 2022 version comes with a more advanced security system, hence, it is safer to play.
  • There will be new games updated in the 2022 version constantly.
  • The slot game-winning chance for the players is relatively higher in the 2022 version.



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