2022 XE88 iOS Version Best Games

The Best Game Recommendations For XE88 iOS Version

XE88 iOS is the XE88 app which compatible with all iOS devices.

If you are using an Android phone, you are unable to download the XE88 iOS.

This version was launched in 2021 on the XE88 authorized websites and App Store.

The reason XE88 launched the iOS version is that there are many iOS device users looking for a good online casino app to play.

Compared with XE88 Apk, the player base for the XE88 iOS version is currently smaller.

However, the XE88 iOS player base is growing at a stable pace.



Best Games In XE88 iOS Version

There are a few best games that are worth playing in the iOS version.

These games are in fact the main attraction on this platform.

They have attracted many new players to join the platform.


Blackjack Live Casino

Blackjack is one of the most classical casino games.

In XE88, you can get to play the Blackjack Live Casino.

It is a multiplayer online casino game.

You can place your bet in the game based on your betting budget.

One of the reasons this game is so famous is because it is easy to play.

There are no complicated game rules in this game.

Besides, you don’t need advanced skills to win in the game.


Baccarat Live Casino

The Baccarat Live Casino is another most sought-after game in the XE88 iOS app.

In fact, it is the most famous casino card game in XE88.

Unlike another online casino platform, XE88 Baccarat does offer favorable player winning odds.

As long as you know how to play the game and understand all the game rules, it is quite easy to win this game.

Besides, this game can help you to train your analytical skills and trend forecast skills.

Moreover, if you get to master the trend forecast skill, you will be able to win in this live casino game easily.


Classic Slot Games

XE88 iOS does offer a huge variety of slot games on the platform.

It has more than 200 types of slot games available in the app.

There are some of the famous classic slot games in it as well.

These slot games are always the favorite slot games among the majority of the XE88 players.

All these slot games come with interactive game themes.

Furthermore, there are many mini jackpots available in these slot games.

Many slot game players have made a great fortune from playing these slot games.



How To Win Big In XE88 iOS

If you are a regular XE88 player, you should know that game-winning tips are always an important asset to have.

There are many types of winning tips available online.

However, not all the tips are effective and useful.

In this section, we have compiled a few tips which are proven to be effective.


Play With XE88 Free Credits & Free Spins

This is the first effective winning tip you can look into.

The XE88 free credits are an important tool to help you to win more in the game.

Practically, when you play the game with free credits, you do not need to use your own money.

Hence, your financial stress will be lower while you can win the game at a comfortable level with the utilization of free credits.

Furthermore, these free credits will increase your winning chance in the game.

Free spins are another important tool in your winning journey in the XE88 game.

Free spins can be obtained in slot games.

When you get the free spin, it allows you to play more rounds in the slot game without using your own money.

Furthermore, it can increase your chance to win the jackpot in the game.

In fact, many players claim that the XE88 free spins have helped them win a lot of mini jackpots in the game.


 Play During Weekend Midnight

This is another top-secret winning tip to win easily in the XE88 iOS app.

Many XE88 top winners apply this tip to win big in the game consistently.

Instead of playing in the daytime, it is advisable to play the game during the weekend at midnight.

This will help you to increase your winning chance significantly.

You can increase the game-winning chance by 20%.

If you play in slot games, this tip will help you to win the mini jackpots easily.

This is also the current loophole in the app.

It is better for you to use this tip as soon as possible as this loophole may be optimized later on.


Use XE88 Trick Code

This method is to use a hack app to achieve winning in the game.

The XE88 trick code app is a hack app to hack the XE88 iOS version.

It can increase a player’s winning chance by at least 30% in any XE88 games.

Besides, it can help players to hack out the free credits.

However, this app can be detected by the XE88 anti-hack system.

Therefore, you need to use this app carefully and don’t use it too often.

This trick code app can be downloaded online for free.


Focus In Game

Another effective tip to win the game is staying focused when playing in the game.

When you are able to focus on your gameplay, you will be able to make better betting decisions in the game.

This will help you to increase your chance to win the game.

Hence, it is advisable to play the XE88 iOS app in a quiet and isolated area.

Then, you will be able to focus easily to play in the game.


Practice In XE88 Test ID Account

The last tip will require a high level of persistence and self-discipline.

You can always utilize the XE Test ID account to practice in any XE88 games.

It will enhance your game-playing skill and game management.

From there, your game-winning chance will increase relatively as well.

However, you need to practice regularly in order to make this method work.


XE88 iOS Download Step

Steps To Download XE88 iOS

If you don’t know the full steps to download the XE88 iOS app, you can refer to the full guide in this section.

  • Connect your device to a stable internet connection.
  • Ensure that your device has sufficient memory space for the app download. You need to have at least 300mb memory space in your device.
  • Download the XE88 iOS app from App Store or XE88 authorized website
  • After finish download the XE88 app, proceed to open the app to register an account.
  • Fill in all the relevant info for account registration and submit for approval
  • After your submission is approved, top up credit in your member account. The minimum credit top up is RM20
  • Then you can proceed to claim the welcome free credits from the customer support.
  • After that, you can start to play in the XE88 games.

Just follow the full steps above and you will never go wrong in the app download process.


XE88 iOS Customer Service Guide

How The XE88 Customer Service Can Help You In XE88 iOS Version

The XE88 customer service plays a very important role in the app.

In fact, you need to rely them on plenty of important processes when playing in the game.

Here are some of things which they can help you with.


Free Credit Claim

The first thing is that they can help you on the free credit claim.

When you need to claim any types of XE88 free credits, you need to claim from them.

They will check your eligibility first then only proceed with the claim approval process.


Account Registration Approval

When you register a new member account, you need to submit to the customer service for approval.

If they approve your submission, then you can only get your new account fully registered.

Besides, they have the right to suspend your account as well if they found out you are doing potential hacking activity in the account.


Credit Withdrawal & Deposit

This is one of the important roles of the customer service team.

Basically, they will in charge of all your credit withdrawal and deposit processes.

Whenever you want to cash out or top up credits to your account, you need to go through the customer service team.

They will help you to complete the entire transaction process.


Account Related Matters

If there is something wrong in your account or your account being hacked, you can always look for them.

They will assist you at anytime for any problems happen to your account.

In fact, they are available at 24/7 to assist you.

Winning Tips Sharing

This is an unofficial role of customer service.

If you have a good rapport with the customer service staff, you will get the chance to get some secret winning tips from them.

Most of the customer service staff know plenty of secret winning tips in the game.

These secret winning tips are highly effective.

They are very willing to share out when you have a good rapport with them.

Just make sure that you give them some rewards in return for this.



Special Features In XE88 iOS Version

There are a few exclusive special features in the XE88 iOS version.

These features have attracted many new players to play this online casino app.

In fact, these exclusive features are not available in other online casino platforms and versions at the moment.


Exclusive XE88 iOS Free Credits

When you join as a registered member on the XE88 iOS platform, you will be eligible to claim the exclusive XE88 iOS free credits.

These exclusive free credits can be used in any of the XE88 games.

In fact, the exclusive free credits are up to 3 digits!

You can claim these free credits from the XE88 customer service or XE88 agents.

If you are the XE88 VIP member, you can even claim this free credit for more than one time.

In fact, many players tested out that this free credit can actually help you to increase the winning chance in the XE88 slot games.

When you search online, the popularity of this XE88 iOS free credit has overtaken the Mega888 RM10 free credit campaign and Mega888 RM3 free credit campaign.

Furthermore, this free credit does not require any deposit at all.


Monthly iPhone Lucky Draw GiveAway

Another exclusive feature in this XE888 version is the monthly iPhone lucky draw giveaway.

Basically, this lucky draw is open to all XE88 iOS players, including the new members.

This special feature has helped the platform to grow the player base significantly.

Besides, players can take part in this lucky draw every month.

The best part is that the players can change the iPhone to XE88 free credits if they don’t need the iPhone.



XE88 iOS Version vs Pussy888 iOS Version

There are two most popular iOS online casino apps in the market right now, XE88 iOS and Pussy888 iOS.

In this section, we will compare these two online casino apps toe to toe.


Game Speed

In this aspect, the XE88 iOS performs much better than the Pussy888 iOS app.

The game speed in all XE88 iOS games is extremely smooth.

While there are still some lag issues that happened in the Pussy888 iOS games.

This is also one of the major flaws in the Pussy888 online casino app.


Free Credit Types

In terms of free credit types, XE88 offers more types of free credits compared to Pussy888 as well.

There are more than 30 types of free credits available on the XE88 iOS platform.

While Pussy888 only offers 10 types of free credits at the moment.

Furthermore, some of the XE88 free credits do not require players to place any deposit to claim.


Slot Game Jackpot Prizes

These 2 online casino platforms offer a similar jackpot prize amount at the moment.

The jackpot prize amount in these 2 platforms is indeed very lucrative, and can go up to 7 figures!

Besides, there are many mini jackpots available on these 2 platforms.

However, the XE88 officials have announced that they will further increase the XE88 jackpot prize amount in the near future.

Hence, the XE88 jackpot prize amount will definitely be higher than the Pussy888 jackpot prize in the near future.



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