2022 XE88 Malaysia Online Slot Full Guide

2022 XE88 Malaysia Online Slot Guide For Dummies

Good news for those who wish to understand and play in the XE88 Malaysia online slot, the 2022 XE88 for beginners is available here.

In fact, this guide is suitable for players from all levels as well.


What Is XE88 Malaysia Online Slot

The XE88 Malaysia is an online casino app which famous for offering various types of slot games.

Besides, the app also has live casino games, casino card games, dice games and etc.

This app can be played in many types of devices such as Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone and desktop.

Compare to other famous slot game apps in the market such as 918Kiss, Pussy888 & Mega888, the XE88 is relatively new in the market.

It was launched in the year of 2020.

However, it has gained high popularity in the market despite just launched 2 years ago.

This is mainly due to the huge variety of free credits available to claim in the app.

It has the most types of free credits for claim compare to other online casino apps.

XE88 Malaysia Online Slot Download Guide

 How To Download The XE88 Malaysia Online Slot

The download steps for this online slot app is relatively simple compare to other online casino apps.

The entire download process shall take less than 20 minutes only.

You can refer to the complete XE88 download steps as below:

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your device has at least 500MB free space and stable internet connection.
  • Next, you need to access to licensed XE88 download sites. These original sites can be found in Google easily.
  • You will then see two types of download versions available for download, the XE88 Apk and XE88 iOS.
  • Before you download, do ensure that your device operating system is updated to the latest version.
  • Click on the specific XE88 download version and start the download. Generally, you will need to wait around 2 to 3minutes to complete the download depending on your internet speed.
  • Once you have completed the download, can proceed to register a member account.


How To Register XE88 Malaysia Online Slot Account

The XE88 full account registration steps are as followed:

  • First of all, click on the register button and fill in all the relevant info including your bank account details.
  • Do make sure that you use a distinctive username and password.
  • Then submit to XE88 customer support team for review and approval.
  • Once approved, you will receive a notification from the customer support team via SMS or Whatsapp.
  • Then you need to login to your account to activate the account.
  • Similar as Mega888 login page, you need to fill in your user name and password to login to your account for account activation.


How To Start Playing In XE88 Malaysia Online Slot

After you have activated your member account, you need to place a minimum of RM20 betting fund in your account before can start playing in the XE88 games.

Besides, it is advisable to claim the welcome bonus from the customer service as well.

After you have done the 2 steps above, you can proceed to start playing in any XE88 games.


How To Win XE88 Malaysia Games

How To Win Games In XE88 Malaysia Online Slot

Compare to other online casino apps such as Mega888 & ECL Bet, it is not that difficult to win in XE88 games.

In fact, you can apply the following methods to further increase your winning chance in the game.


Choose To Play In The Game You Like

The first method is to choose the game you like and play in it.

When you play in your preferred game, you will have the tendency to put more focus and spend longer time in the game playing.

This will help you to increase the game winning chance.

This is simply because you will get to master the game play easily and able to come out with more advance strategy to win in the game.

Besides, you can truly enjoy the fun of the game.

This effect of this method can amplify further if your preferred game offers fair winning chance for the player.


Aim For The Mini Jackpots If You Play In Slot Game

If you are a slot game player, you can try on this method.

Instead of aiming for the XE88 grand jackpot, you can always aim for the mini jackpots in the game.

In the XE88 Malaysia online slot, there are many mini jackpots available in the slot games.

Hence, you will get a higher chance to win the mini jackpot compared to grand jackpot.

Besides, winning these mini jackpots can help you to kickstart winning streak in the game easily.

The mini jackpot prizes are indeed quite attractive as well.


Practice in Test ID account

The third method to increase your game winning chance is through regular practice.

For this method, you can utilize the XE88 Test ID account as the practice platform.

In this account, you can play in all XE88 games without using your own money.

It is the free demo account of XE88 Malaysia online slot.

However, you are not able to cash out the winning credits from this account.

Many XE88 top winners applied this method to achieve consistent winning in the XE88 games.


Learn The Winning Skills From Tutorial Videos In Youtube

If you have no idea on how to win in the XE88 game at all, you can start with this method.

There are many XE88 game winning tutorial videos in Youtube available.

These videos are created by the experienced players or the top winners in XE88 platform.

You just need to choose which type of game tutorials and spend some time to watch and learn from there.

Generally, most of the game tutorial videos are quite effective.

Some of the videos will even showcase to you how to hit the slot game jackpot!


Build Good Rapport With Agents

Build Good Rapport With XE88 Agents

For your information, most of the XE88 agents do have plenty of effective game winning tips for them.

These XE88 game winning tips are generally not available to the public.

If you have a good rapport with the XE88 agents, you will be able get these tips from them easily.

Normally, you need to pay to get these secret winning tips from the agents.

However, having a good rapport with them will save you up this cost.

How To Claim The XE88 Malaysia Free Credits

As there are more than 30 types of XE88 free credits available, the criteria to claim for each free credit are different.

Some of the free credits will require player to place deposit while some of them will require players to achieve certain winnings in the game in order to be eligible to claim.

As long as you able to fulfil the criteria of the respective free credit, you will be able to claim it immediately.

You need to liaise with the customer service to start the claim process.

Basically, you will need to submit your account details to the customer support.

Once your free credit claim application is approved, the free credit will be auto-credited to your account.

There are a few important notes for the XE88 free credit claim:

  • You are not able to transfer the free credits to other account.
  • The free credits cannot be cashed out in any cases.
  • Some of the free credits can be claimed more than 1 time, but come with limited quota.


How To Avoid Money Losing In XE88 Malaysia Online Slot

If you are the beginner in the XE88 slot platform, you can apply the following methods to avoid losing money in the game.

These methods are applicable on all types of XE88 games.


Start With Small Bet

The first method is to avoid losing streak is to start with small bet in the game.

Once you able to win a few rounds in the game then only increase the betting fund progressively.

If you lose in the game, it will not cause huge financial impact to you as well.

In this case, you will be able to play with less financial stress.


Diversify Your Betting In Different Games

The second method is to diversify your betting fund in different games.

This will help to diversify your risk of losing as well.

As every game has different winning odds for the players, you are unlikely to lose in all games if you diversify your fund in different games.

Besides, you get to enjoy the fun of different games at the same time.


Play The Game With Free Credits

The third method is to play the game with XE88 free credits.

It will lessen your financial burden and loss if you lose in the game.

Some veteran players will accumulate the XE88 free credits to a huge amount and play with the free credits in one shot.

This method will help to maximize the winning in the XE88 game as well.


Use XE88 Trick Code App

This is the grey method to avoid losing money in the XE88 app.

In fact, this is one of the XE88 Slot hack methods.

Basically you can get the XE88 trick code app for free in online.

This trick code app can help you to reduce the game losing chance in the XE88 games.

The trick code app can be applied in every XE88 games.

However, it is not recommended to use the trick code app for too often.

As the XE88 anti-hack system can detect the trick code app sometimes.

Your member account will be suspended immediately if get caught for using the trick code app.


Best Practice For XE88 Malaysia Beginner

The Best Practice For Beginner In XE88 Malaysia

There are a few best practices you can implement as a beginner in the slot app.

  • Play in the XE88 Test ID account to familiarize the game play. This will help you to reduce the game losing chance in actual game.
  • Socialize with other players in the platform. It will create a good opportunity for you to learn some useful game tactics from the players.
  • Start with slot game if you have no idea which game to play. The slot game is the easiest games to play in the platform and only require small betting amount to play.
  • Set a fix betting budget before start playing. This will help you to keep the losing at the minimum limit.

In in nutshell, the practices above require self-consistency to make it work effectively in the XE88 online slot app.



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