2022 Pussy888 Free Credit No Deposit

How To Claim All 2022 Pussy888 Free Credit Without Deposit

If you are an active online slot game player, you must have heard of the Pussy888 slot app before.

Other than Mega888 slot app, the Pussy888 slot app is another popular slot app in the market.

One of the main attractive features in the Pussy888 free credit.

Ever since Pussy888 slot app launched in the market 3 years ago, it has received many great feedbacks from players that it offers generous Pussy888 free credits.

The Pussy888 free credit offer has helped many players get more winnings in the game.

Besides, players can claim some of the Pussy888 free credit with no deposit required.


Types Of Pussy888 Free Credit

There are many types of Pussy888 free credit available in the platform.

Some of them are seasonal free credits while some are available for claim all the time.

Each type of the free credit offers different amount as well.

Some high amount free credit can only be claimed one time while some low amount free credit can be claimed multiple times.


Pussy888 Welcome Free Credit

The very first free credit you will get to claim as a Pussy888 player is the Pussy888 Welcome Free Credit.

This free credit is eligible for all the new Pussy888 players.

As long as you able to register a new member account in the app, you will be able to claim this free credit.

Basically, each player can only claim once on this welcome free credit.

Generally, this free credit amount ranges from RM200 to RM300.

This amount is pretty high compare to other online casino platforms.


Birthday Bonus

The second type of Pussy888 free credit is the Pussy888 Birthday Bonus.

You will be able to claim this free credit on your actual birthdate every year.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you fill in the correct birthdate when registering a Pussy888 account.

Generally, you will receive this birthday bonus automatically in your account on your actual birthdate.

You do not need to go through the usual free credit claim process to get this birthday bonus.

You can use this birthday bonus to play in any Pussy888 games.

Besides, many players feedback that this birthday bonus will bring them good luck in the game.

Most of them get to win in the game by using the birthday bonus to play in.


Player Recruitment Free Credit

The third type of Pussy888 free credit is the player recruitment free credit.

In other online casino platforms, only the agents will get paid for recruiting new players to play in the platforms.

However, this is not the case in Pussy888 slot app.

As a player, you will get to receive reward from Pussy888 as well for getting new player to play in this app.

The reward will be the Pussy888 Player Recruitment Free Credit.

Besides, you do not need to place any deposit to claim this free credit.

It will be auto credited to your member account once you successfully recruit a new player.

This is a great news for the players who have many online casino players network.


Exclusive VIP Free Credit

This is another famous Pussy888 free credit in the app.

Once you become the Pussy888 VIP player, you will be eligible to claim this free credit.

The best part is that you can claim this Pussy888 VIP Free Credit for more than 1 time.

Yet, you do not need to place any deposit to claim this free credit.

Another attractive part about this free credit is that you can cash out partial part of this VIP free credit.

Hence, it is always one of the main goals for the Pussy888 players to become a VIP player in the platform.


Daily Special Free Credit

This is one of the most popular free credits in the app.

If you are active in playing in the app on daily basis, you will be able to claim this daily special free credit.

Even though this free credit amount is not that attractive, many players will still claim it for them to play more rounds in the game.

The daily free credit amount ranges from RM20 to RM50.

The good thing about this free credit is that you can claim for more than 1 time provided the quota is still available.


Festive Season Free Credit

The Pussy888 Festive Season Free Credit is the seasonal free credit in the app.

During festive season such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya & Christmas, Pussy888 will give out these festive season free credits to the players.

However, you will need to place certain deposit in order to claim these free credits.

Besides, these free credits do have fixed quota and claim based on first come first serve basis.


How To Claim These Pussy888 Free Credit With No Deposit

This is a valuable piece of information for most of the Pussy888 players.

After rounds of research, we have compiled the full guide here for you to be able to claim most of the Pussy888 free credit with no deposit required.

Let’s start with the basic steps first and you need to follow the steps in sequence:

  • Register an account in the app to become a Pussy888 member. Generally, you do not need to pay anything for becoming a Pussy888 member.
  • After you have become a registered Pussy888 member, you need to play and complete 3 rounds of game in the app. You can choose to play in any Pussy888 games.
  • The third step is that you need to make sure that you do not owe any debt to Pussy888 platform before. If you are opening a second account in Pussy888, you need to make sure that there is no debt in your first account.

After you have completed the 3 basic steps above, you are half way done to get the free credit with no deposit required.

You can then implement the following steps to get the free credit with no deposit required:

  • Liaise with any Pussy888 customer service to check with them which free credit is available to claim.
  • Spend some time to chat with them and build a good rapport with them.
  • Then inform them that you would like to claim certain free credit without placing deposit.

Most of the time, this approach will work effectively. Many Pussy888 customer service will help you on this when you build a good rapport with them.

As a return, you can always give them a small tip as a token of appreciation.


Can I Hack The Pussy888 Free Credit

The answer is yes, but it does come with certain level of risks.

Before we go in details on the risks part, let’s go through the available methods to hack the Pussy888 free credit.

  • Use Mega888 Trick Code

Yes, you are right, you can use the Mega888 Trick Code app to hack the Pussy888 free credit as well.

This Mega888 Trick Code app is available for free download in online.

Other than hacking the Mega888 app for unlimited free credit, it can be used to hack for unlimited Pussy888 free credit as well.

However, you need to be careful that this trick code app can be detected by the Pussy888 anti-hack system easily.

It is advisable to use this hack app occasionally in the app.

  • Hire A Professional Hacker

The second hack method is to get a professional hacker to hack the app for you.

You need to get the hacker which is experienced in hacking the online casino apps.

This method will be safer compared to method 1, as the hacker can debunk the Pussy888 anti-hack system for you.

However, this method will require a certain amount of cost.

The cost to hire an experienced hacker is definitely not cheap.

However, in the long run, it may still worth based on the return of investment you will be able to get.

  • Get The Secret Hack App From Pussy888 Agent

The third method is a more direct approach.

However, this will require you to have a certain level of soft skill.

You can get the secret hack app from Pussy888 agent by having good rapport with them.

Therefore, it is important for you to spend some time and effort to build a good rapport with the agent.

Generally, they will only share the secret hack app to the players who are close with them.


The Pussy888 Free Credit Scam Case

Due to high popularity of the Pussy888 platform, there are free credit scam cases happened in the app as well.

Some scammers will pretend they are the registered Pussy888 agents and offer free credit claim to players.

They will require players to place certain amount of deposit first then only will pass the free credits to players.

However, once they received the deposit from players, they will just scam away the deposit without giving the free credit to players.

Therefore, you need to be careful when claim free credits from the Pussy888 agents.

It is advisable to claim the free credit from the customer service team.

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