Pussy888 2022 Guide

Pussy888 2022 Must Play Games & Fast Winning Methods

Pussy888 is an online casino app that launched 2 years ago.

It is still considered a new online casino compared to other platforms.

This year, Pussy888 launched the Pussy888 2022 version in the Malaysian market.

This version is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.



The New Features In Pussy888 2022 Version

It is a usual practice that Pussy888 new download version will introduce new features in the app for every new version launched in the market.

For Pussy888 2022 version, it has offered a few new attractive features in the app.

These new features have helped the platform attract more new players to join the app.


More New Slot Games In Pussy888 2022 Version

The first new feature in the 2022 version is that there are more new slot games in the app.

These new slot games are in fact the hottest and sought-after slot games oversea currently.

As long as you are a Pussy888 registered member, you will be able to access and play these slot games.

Besides, these new slot games do offer fair winning chances to the players.

It is not that difficult to hit the mini jackpots in these new slot games.

At the same time, you will get to play these new games for free in the Pussy888 Test ID account as well.

Player Chat Feature In Pussy888 2022 Version

This is the second new feature in the latest version.

The new feature is available in Pussy888 Apk & iOS versions.

Basically, you can text and voice chat with other players when playing the same game together.

This feature can allow players to interact with each other and discuss the gameplay together.

It is a great social function in the app whereby players can make new friends using this function.

Furthermore, this new feature is free of charge.

You just need to have a Pussy member account and you will be able to enjoy this feature.

Furthermore, you can also save your chat record in your member account.


Accept Credit Top Up In Cryptocurrency

The third new feature in Pussy888 2022 version is you can top up the account credit using cryptocurrency.

This new feature is still not available on many other online casino platforms.

Currently, the platform accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin & Stellar for credit top-up.

This has given great flexibility to the players who own some cryptocurrency coins.

Besides, you can also cash out the credit to your cryptocurrency account.

You just need to contact Pussy888 customer service and they will guide you on this.


Credit Transfer To Other Account

The fourth new feature is the Pussy888 2022 app allows players to transfer their credits to other accounts.

For some players who have multiple accounts, they can transfer the credits from 1 account to another.

Besides, you can even transfer the free credits to another account.

Some players have utilized this new feature to accumulate the free credits in 1 main account and bet in the main account.

This has allowed the players to bet in the game without using their own money.

Therefore, this platform has created many winners in a short period of time.


1 Month Pre-order Function In Lottery Betting

If you are a regular player of the Pussy888 app, you will know that the platform is also famous for lottery betting other than slot games.

It offers many types of lottery betting games.

With this lottery betting function, players no longer need to travel to lottery outlets to buy the lottery.

In the latest version, the platform allows players to pre-buy the lottery one 1 month before.

Basically, you can buy the next month’s lottery now by using this app.

This great feature has attracted many lottery players to join as members of the platform.


Pussy888 2022 Best Games

The Best Games To Play In Pussy888

Among so many casino games available on the Pussy888 platform, there are two most sought-after games.

Both of these games are slot games.

There are the Safari Heat Slot & Land Of Gold Slot.

These two slot games were available on the platform since the launch of the Pussy888 app.

Once you have downloaded Pussy888 app in the authorized platforms, you will get to access and play in these 2 games in app.

They are also two of the most classical slot games in an online casino.


Why These 2 Slot Games Are The Best Games In the Pussy888 2022 Version?

Many Mini Jackpots

One of the main factors to determine the popularity level of slot games is the number of mini jackpots available.

These two slot games have relatively more mini jackpots compared to other slot games.

Hence, they provide a higher chance for the players to win the mini jackpots in the game.

Besides, the mini jackpot amount is quite high as well which starts from 5 digits!

Easy To Play

The second reason is these 2 slot games are easy to play.

Even if you are new to slot games, you just need less than an hour to be able to master the gameplay in these 2 slot games.

These 2 slot games do not require you to equip with high betting skills to win the game.

There they have attracted players from all levels to play these 2 games.

Favorable Winning Odds To Players

In general, most of the slot games in Pussy888 have fair winning odds for the players.

This is also why more online slot players choose to play in the Pussy888 app.

The Safari Heat & Land Of Gold Slots have even higher player winning odds.

The player winning odds are more than 55% in these 2 games.

This winning odds percentage is significantly high compared to other slot games.

Furthermore, this player’s winning odds consistently occur in every round of games in these 2 slot games.


Pussy888 2022 Fastest Game Winning Methods

Fast Winning Methods In Pussy888 2022 Version

Even though it is not difficult to get some winnings in the Pussy888 2022 version, it would be even better if you can achieve fast winning.

After rounds of research and feedback collection by the experienced players in Pussy888, we have compiled a few highly effective methods.

These methods are suitable for players from all levels.

Start With A Small Bet

The first method is to start with a small bet when you play any Pussy888 games.

This will allow you to test your luck in the game at the very beginning.

Once you are able to win a few rounds in the game, you can increase your bet progressively.

As it goes smoothly, you will be able to achieve a winning streak in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, you will not go beyond your betting budget easily by using this method.

Besides, you will also be able to analyze and predict the game trend by using this method.

Focus On Slot Game In Pussy888 2022 Version

The second method is to focus on playing slot games only.

If you are a slot game lover, this method shouldn’t be a tough task for you.

There is two logic behind this method to allow you to achieve fast winning.

Firstly, slot games have a relatively higher winning chance compared to other casino games.

Secondly, the game time to finish 1 round of slot games is pretty short.

In fact, it only takes less than 1 minute to finish one round of a slot game.

Hence, you can actually play more rounds of the game in the slot game compared to other casino games with the same amount of time.

If you are riding on a winning streak in the slot game, you will be able to achieve massive winnings in a short period of time.

Play With Free Credits & Free Spins

This is a favorite yet effective method which commonly used by experienced players in the Pussy888 app.

By using the free credits & free spins to play in the game, you will be able to play more rounds in the game without using your own money.

Your winning chance in the game will increase relatively as well with more rounds of the game.

Aim For Mini Jackpots

The fourth method is applicable in all Pussy888 slot games.

If you want to achieve fast yet massive winnings, hitting the mini jackpots in slot games will get you there.

These mini jackpots are not that difficult to hit compared to the grand jackpot in slot games.

As mentioned above, the mini jackpot amount is quite attractive as well.

Play Regularly

The fifth method is pretty straightforward. However, it requires persistence and self-discipline to implement.

You need to play regularly in the Pussy888 app in order to achieve fast and consistent winning.

When you play regularly in the app, your betting skills will improve gradually.

This will help you to strike the winning streak easily at the later stage.



Advantages Of Pussy888 Compare To Other Online Casino Platforms

Smooth Game Play

This is the first advantage you will get as a player when you play in the Pussy888 2022 version.

The smooth gameplay in Pussy888 games will allow you to enjoy a pleasant online casino experience in the app.

This is simply because the app is still new in the market and the player traffic is lesser at the moment.

Hence, the game server still manages to handle the current player traffic level.

Fast Winning Payout

The second advantage is the fast winning payout.

Pussy888 is currently the top online casino app that offers the winning payout in the shortest time.

Generally, it takes less than 5 minutes for you to cash out the winning credits from your game account.

This payout speed is even faster than Mega888 online slot platform!

If you are a VIP member of the platform,  it only takes around 1 minute to complete the winning credit cash-out process.

Get To Know Female Players In Pussy888 2022

The player gender ratio in the Pussy888 platform has higher female players than male players.

Due to its brand name and logo, it has attracted many female players to join the platform.

If you are a male player, you will get the chance to know many female players through this online casino app.



Is Pussy888 2021 Version Still Available To Play & Download?

Yes, you can still download and play the Pussy888 2021 version on your mobile device.

However, you may encounter a few disadvantages as a player when playing in this version:

  • Slow Payout

The first disadvantage is that you may experience a slow payout when you try to cash out the credits from your game account.

This is simply because there is less customer service manpower in the 2021 version.

The majority of the Pussy888 customer service is now focusing on the 2022 version.

  • Lesser Game

The second disadvantage is that there will be lesser games available in the 2021 version.

Be it in the slot game category or other casino game categories, there will be fewer games available for players compared to the 2022 version.

  • No New Features Upgrade

If you still play in the 2021 version, you will not get to enjoy the latest features offered by Pussy888.

This is simply because the Pussy888 will slowly phase out the 2021 version.

Hence, they will not upgrade or add new features to the 2021 version.

  • Less Free Credits For Claim

There will be fewer types of free credits available in Pussy 2021 version.

It will definitely be a disadvantage for the players, especially for those who plan to accumulate free credits to play more rounds of the game.

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