2022 Pussy888 Apk Download & Game Winning Guide

How To Download 2022 Pussy888 Apk & Win In Shortest Time

Recently, Pussy888 official just announced that the 2022 Pussy888 Apk version is available for download.

For those who do not know about Pussy888 Apk version, it is the Pussy888 online casino app which compatible for all Android devices.

This Android online casino app is famous for offering large variety of in trend slot games.

Other than that, you will also get to play the live casino games, card games, sports betting and lottery betting games in this app.

In fact, it has the similar popularity level with the top slot game app, Mega888.


Pussy888 Apk Download & Registration Guide

In this section, we will share out the full guide on how to download and register in the latest Pussy888 Apk version.

For those who have never download or play in this app before, this will be a useful guide for you to get the slot app for free.

2022 Pussy888 Apk Download Guide

There are 2 official Pussy888 download methods.

The first method is to download the app through Google Play Store.

You need to login to your Google Play Store and search for 2022 Pussy888 Apk app.

After that, you just need to follow the download steps below:

  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Update your mobile device operating system.
  • Click the app download button. Do ensure that you have stable internet connection.
  • After app download completed, restart your phone again.

The second download method is through the Pussy888 official website.

The following download steps can refer to the steps above.

2022 Pussy888 Apk Registration Guide

After you have downloaded the app, you can proceed to register a new Pussy888 account.

The full registration process is available below:

  • Open your Pussy888 Apk app.
  • Fill in relevant info including your bank account.
  • Click submit to pass your registration application to Pussy888 customer service.
  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes for customer service to approve your application.
  • Once approved, you will receive a notification via Whatsapp or Telegram.
  • Activate your account by clicking the link sent by customer service.
  • Before start playing, claim the Pussy888 welcome free credit first.
  • After that you can proceed to start playing in Pussy888 app.

You just need to follow the full steps above and you will never go wrong with it.


2022 Pussy888 Apk Exclusive Features

There are few special features you will be able to get in Pussy888 Apk version.

These few features are very useful for all Pussy888 players.


  • Chat & Voice Call Function

The first function you can get in the latest Pussy Apk app is the chat and voice call function.

This feature allows you to interact with other players easily.

Basically, you can chat with other players when playing in the games.

It is a great function for you to get tips and experience sharing from other players.

Besides, you can make new friends through this chat function.

However, do take not that you should not be rude or send vulgar words to other players.

Once you get caught by doing so, your account may get suspended immediately.


  • E-Wallet

The second special feature in the 2022 Pussy888 Apk version is the E-Wallet feature in the app.

Basically, this E-wallet accepts many types of payment methods which includes: bank transfer, credit card, cryptocurrency, Touch & Go & Grab Pay.

You can use any of the payment methods above to top up credits in the E-Wallet.

Then you can use the credits in the E-Wallet to play in any Pussy888 games.

If you want to cash out credits, you can cash out directly from the E-Wallet.

Unlike the previous Pussy888 Apk version, you do not need to go through customer service approval to cash out the credit from your account.

This will save you up a lot of time in the cash out process.


Monthly Play & Win Contest

The third special feature is the Monthly Play & Win Contest in the app.

This contest is pretty simple and straightforward.

Basically, all Pussy888 Apk members are eligible to take part in this contest.

You just need to be one of the top 20 players who have the highest winning rate in the slot game in 1 month to win in the contest.

The winners in this contest will get RM800 to RM1000 Pussy888 free credits.

Besides, the winners can still continue to participate in this contest for the following months.


Exclusive Pussy888 Apk Free Credit Without Deposit

The fourth special feature available in this app is the Exclusive Pussy888 Apk Free Credit.

This free credit is only available for all the Pussy888 Apk players.

If you are the Pussy888 Apk player, you can claim this free credit without needing to place any deposit.

This free credit amount is around RM200 and you can use it to play in any Pussy888 games.

However, you are not able to cash out this free credit or transfer this free credit to other account.


How To Win In Pussy888 Apk In Shortest Time

If you are an experienced player in this app, you may know some of the tricks to win in the game in shortest time.

In fact, these tricks can help you to win a significant amount of winnings within few hours.

In this section, we will share out the proven tricks to win the Pussy888 game within the shortest time.


Use The Pussy888 Apk Free Credit To Play In The Game

The first trick is to use the Pussy888 Apk free credit to play in any Pussy888 game.

You find out that your winning odds will increase greatly in the game when you play with this free credit.

In fact, you will rarely lose in the game when you play it with this free credit.

Therefore, you need to separate your Pussy888 Apk free credit into few portions and use it in as many rounds of game as possible.

This can help you to generate winning streak in the game easily.

You will be able to generate a significant amount of winnings after few rounds of game.


Use Free Spins To Play In The Game

The second trick is to use the free spins in the slot game to continue playing in the game.

You will get the same effect as the first method, whereby your game winning chance will increase significantly.

Besides, you will also stand a fair chance to hit the mini jackpot in the slot game.

Don’t worry, when you play in Pussy888 slot games, it is very easy to get the free spins in the game.


Play During Midnight

The third trick is to play the game during midnight.

When you play in the Pussy888 app during midnight, you will find out that your winning chance in the game will increase 10% to 15%.

Many players do not know this trick.

If you play in certain games which give you better winning odds, the effect will be much more significant.

Many top winning players will apply this trick when they play in the Pussy888 app.


Play In high Winning Odds Game

In Pussy app, every game will offer different winning odds for the players.

Some games will offer relatively higher player winning odds compared to the others.

You should play in these games if you are looking to win in the game in shortest time.

If you have no idea which are the games, here are some of them:

  • Safari Heat
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Panther Moon
  • God Of Wealth
  • Wukong Slot


Get Pussy888 Agent To Play For You

The last trick is to get Pussy888 agent to play for you.

Actually, most of the Pussy888 agents are the experienced or top winning players in the app.

If you have a good relationship with them, you can get their help to play the game on behalf of you.

Most of the time, you will be able to generate a good winnings by using this approach.

Just remember to pay them some tips after they have helped you generate a good winnings in your account.


Pussy888 Apk Game Tips For Beginner

If you are a beginner in Pussy888 app, the following guide and tips will be suitable for your reference.

It will help you to avoid losing streak in the game and generate some winnings in the game.

Practice in Pussy888 Test ID Account

For beginner in the app, the first approach is always better to practice the game play in the Pussy test id account.

This test id account is free for every Pussy888 players.

You can play in any games in this account without requiring using your own money.

Hence, it is a very good practice platform for you to familiarize the game play in any Pussy888 games.

Once you have mastered the game play, you can switch back to your member account and start playing.

It will help you to reduce your chance to lose in the game and sharpen your playing skills as well.


Start With Small Bet

The second tip for beginner is always start with small bet in the game.

This will help you reduce your stress in the game.

Even if you lose in the game, it will not impact your financial budget significantly.

Once you get to win a few rounds in the game, you can increase the bet progressively.


Play In Slot Games First

For beginner, it is always advisable to play in the slot game first.

This is simply because the Pussy888 slot games are relatively easier to play compared to other types of casino games.

Generally, you do not need a high level of betting skills in order to win in the slot game.

Besides, you can play with small amount of bet in the slot game.


Utilize Welcome Free Credit To Start Playing

This is another good piece of tip for beginner who plan to start playing in the app.

Before you plan to use your own money to play in the app, always play with the Pussy888 welcome free credit.

This free credit amount will be sufficient for you to play in at least 8 to 12 rounds of game in the app.

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