Best Mega888 Free Credit 2021

Best Mega888 Free Credit 2021 & 2022 For Claim

Free credit is always an attractive point in online casino platforms.

Many online casinos will offer different types of free credits to the players.

Players can then utilize these free credits to play the games instead of using their own money.

Mega888 is one of the top casino platforms famous for different types of free credits.

In fact, the Mega888 free credit 2021 promotions have helped many players to achieve massive winning on the platform.

Furthermore, it has helped some players to become millionaire winners on the platform.

Mega888 Free Credit 2021 & 2022 Types

In order to maintain the platform attraction, Mega888 will launch new types of free credit every year.

Generally, Mega888 will maintain the current free credit types and add new credit types on top of it.

Now, let us share all the types of Mega888 free credit in 2021 and 2022.

Types Of Mega888 Free Credit 2021

Birthday Free Credit

You will get to receive free credit from Mega888 on your birthday!

When you register as a Mega888 member, you are required to fill in your date of birth.

The purpose is actually to allow Mega888 to reward you during your birthday.

The best part is you do not need to place any deposit to claim this free credit.

Mega888 customer service side will auto-transfer this free credit to you on your birthday.

Welcome Bonus

This free credit is applicable to all new members of Mega888.

It was an appreciation token from Mega888 for new joiners to choose and play on the platform.

The approach to claiming this free credit is pretty simple and straightforward as well.

Just register an account in the Mega888 app, then inform customer service to claim the free credit with a new active account.

However, this free credit amount is relatively smaller compared to other free credit types.

Another important note is that you can’t claim this free credit for another time under 1 account.

Referral Free Credit

Don’t be surprised, you will get free credit by introducing your friends to play in the Mega888 app together!

This is a reward token from Mega888 for your effort in getting new players to join and play the app.

When your friend is interested to join the platform, just pass them your referral code.

Then they just need to fill up the referral code in their registration.

Once they place a deposit and start playing in the Mega888 app, you will receive the referral free credit immediately.

The best part is you can get to claim this free credit continuously so long as you keep getting new friends to join the platform.

Festive Season Free Credit

This is a common type of free credit available in the Mega888 app.

During festive seasons such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year & Christmas, Mega888 will give out free credits to the players.

However, players are required to place a deposit to claim these free credits except for Chinese New Year Angpao Free Credit campaign.

Furthermore, each player can only claim these free credits once in their individual accounts.

New Types Of Free Credit In 2022

After receiving a great response in 2021 on the free credit variety, Mega888 launched a few new types of free credit types in 2022.

These new types of free credit are even more attractive and have higher give-out frequencies.

Ladies Night Free Credit

This is one of the new free credits in 2022. It is applicable to all female players.

This free credit is available every Wednesday night. If you are a female player, do not miss out on this free credit.

There are some notes you need to know for this free credit claim:

  • Available every Wednesday night, from 9 pm till 12 am
  • This free credit can only be claimed once a week
  • There is a quota for this free credit on a weekly basis. Once the quota is finished, you need to wait until next week to claim it
  • This free credit cannot be cashed out or transferred to other accounts

Happy Hour Free Credit

This is another new Mega888 free credit this year.

The main objective of Mega888 to launch this new free credit is to attract more new players to join the platform.

Besides, this free credit has helped many players to win more in the game regularly without using much own betting funds.

This free credit is available for a claim on a daily basis in a certain time slot.

Generally, the Happy Hour time slot falls between 6 pm to 9 pm. Every Mega888 player is eligible to claim this free credit.

Which Is The Best Mega88 Free Credit

Which Is The Best Mega888 Free Credit 2021 & 2022 For Claim

From my point of view, the Mega888 free credit 2022 is more appealing compared to the Mega888 free credit 2021.

My vote for the best Mega888 free credit will be the Happy Hour Free Credit.

Why Happy Hour Free Credit Is The Best Free Credit?

Unlimited Claim In 1 Account

Although this free credit is only available at a certain time slot in a day, you are able to claim it every day.

In this case, you will be able to accumulate the free credit and use it to increase your betting in the game.

In fact, this Happy Hours Free Credit has helped plenty of players to achieve higher winning in the Mega888 games.

Able To Cash Out

This is a hidden tip for the Happy Hour Free Credit. If you have a good rapport with the Mega888 agent or customer service, you can get their help to cash out this credit from your account.

However, this has to be done smartly as it is prohibited by the Mega888 officials.

One important note on this is that do not cash out the full credit amount at 1 time.

Else, your account may be banned by the Mega888 new version officials if they found out.

No Expiry Date

The Happy Hour Free Credit does not have an expiry date.

This means that you can use the free credit at any time.

Else, you can just store the free credit in your account and use it in the future.

You can use the free credits to practice regularly in the Mega888 games or apply in one game to increase your winning money in return.

Mega888 Players' Feedback

Mega888 Free Credit Feedback From Players

Since the launch of different types of free credit by Mega888, many Mega888 players have benefited from it.

Let’s go through some of the reviews from the players on the Mega888 free credit.

Mega888 Jackpot Winning With Free Credit

Jacob is a regular Mega888 slot game player. He started to play in Mega888 in 2020.

As a normal blue-collar worker, he has a limited betting fund to play in Mega888 initially.

With different types of free credit offered on the platform, he was able to claim most of the free credit to increase his betting fund.

Then he utilized the free credit to focus on the slot game playing. This has allowed him to get more free spins in the game.

3 Jackpot Winnings In One Week

With the consistent effort from Jacob in the slot game playing for a few months, luck has finally come by.

He managed to hit 3 jackpots in the slot game within 1 week’s time.

The 3 jackpot hitting has successfully won him RM400,000 jackpot prizes.

It has helped him to improve his financial situation.

With these jackpot prizes, he was able to startup an F&B business himself. “Thanks to Mega888, I am able to start up my own business to pursue my entrepreneur journey,” said Jacob.

Consistent Card Game Winning With Free Credit

Simon was a pilot before the Covid-19 pandemic. He lost his pilot job during MCO.

One day, he came across the Mega888 Welcome Bonus ad on his Facebook news feed.

Out of curiosity, he registered an account in Mega888 and claim the welcome bonus.

As Simon is a blackjack game lover, he started to play the Mega888 Blackjack with his allocated betting fund and the welcome bonus.

In the meantime, he continued to claim other types of free credit when available.

Achieve Consistent Winning As A Stable Income Stream

With his experience in the online blackjack game, he was able to achieve consistent winning in a short time.

This has allowed him to generate a stable income stream for himself and his family.

With extra winning in the game due to free credit utilization, he was able to build up the future education fund for his children.

Mega888 Free Credit Hack Methods

Mega888 Free Credit 2021 Hack Methods

Have you wondered whether Mega888 free credit 2021 can be hacked?

Well, there are some methods shared by some of the veteran Mega888 players.

Some players claimed that these methods are workable.

However, there are certain risks in these methods as Mega888 officials are very strict on hacking activities on the platform.

We will share the most popular hacking methods here, try at your own risk.

Mega888 Trick Code

This is a hack code to hack the Mega888 free credit so that you can get unlimited free credit in your member account.

This hack code is available online. You can refer to the steps below for the hack code download and implementation:

  • Download the Mega888 Trick Code app from a trust-able website
  • Open your Mega888 app and log in to your account
  • Open the Mega888 Trick Code and press the “Start Run” button
  • Then go back to your Mega888 account and start to play a game
  • When you playing the game, you will notice that your account credit is increasing slowly
  • Once you stop playing, the account credit increase will stop accordingly
  • This means that the app is working effectively on your account

There is a note to use this Mega888 Trick Code. Avoid using it during the daytime.

This is because the Mega888 officials will be able to detect easily this app usage during the daytime.

Your account will be banned immediately if they managed to find out you using this app on your account.

Play Certain Slot Game During Midnight

This method is the second popular hack method shared by some of the players.

During midnight, just pick one of the following slot games and play immediately:

  • Great Blue
  • Ocean King
  • Jungle Spirit
  • Lucky Duck
  • Snow World

You will get to see your account credit amount increase despite your losing in the Mega888 online casino.

Just continue playing until you achieve your winning target.

However, the same rule as the first method, avoid this method during daytime. It would not work at all during day time.


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