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Why You Must Download Official Mega888 Apk 2022 Version

At the beginning of 2022, Mega888 officials announced the launch of the Mega888 2022 Apk version.

It is definitely good news for the Mega888 Apk players.

This is because there will be exciting new features and new deals in each version of Mega888 Apk.


Download Mega888 Apk 2022 VersionWhy You Should Download Mega888 Apk 2022 Version

Before we go into the real attractive features and deals Mega888 Apk can offer, there are some famous features you will get after downloading the Mega888 2022 Apk version.

First Class Anti-Hack System & Security

This is an important feature when it comes to online casino apps.

Mega888 Apk version provides a high level of anti-hack and security system in the app to ensure the members play in a safe environment.

Huge Variety Of Slot Games

If you are a slot game lover, then Mega888 2022 Apk Version is definitely your best choice.

It has more than 200 types of different slot games available in the app.

Each of these slot games comes with a different game theme and jackpot prize.

You will definitely not get bored playing the Mega888 slot games.



Special Features & Benefits Of Mega888 Apk 2022 Version

This is the main factor why you should download this latest Mega888 Apk version.

In fact, these special features in the latest Apk version will benefit you in a different aspect.

Exclusive RM30 Sign up Bonus For Mega888 Apk new players

When you successfully register a new account in the Mega888 Apk 2022 version, you will be eligible to claim this exclusive sign-up bonus!

This bonus is only exclusively available for the Mega888 Apk 2022 version for new players.

The best part is you still get to claim the usual Mega888 welcome free credit!

After you get to register a new Mega888 Apk account, just contact customer service to claim it.

An important note here, you can only use this sign-up bonus in Mega888 slot games.

You are unable to apply this sign-up bonus on other types of Mega888 casino games.

New Exclusive Slot Games Only Available in Mega888 Apk 2022 Version

This is the second special feature of the Mega888 Apk 2022 Version.

Basically, you will get to play in some exclusive slot games which only available in this Apk version.

The exclusive slot games are:

  • Robin Hood
  • Fire Joker
  • Razor Shark
  • Rise Of Merlin
  • Lucky Wizard

These exclusive slot games do offer more than 50% winning odds for the players!

Exclusive Free Credits In Mega888 2022 Apk Version

For existing Mega888 Apk players, this is a strong reason for you to switch to the latest Apk version.

Once you downloaded this latest Apk version, you will be able to unlock the exclusive free credits right away.

Besides, you can use these free credits to play any Mega888 games.

The exclusive Mega888 2022 Apk version free credits are:

> Mega888 Apk Loyalty Free Credit

> Mega888 Apk Gold Level Free Credit

> Mega888 Apk Crazy Bundle Free Credit

Do keep in mind that you are unable to cash out these free credits after you have claimed them.

Faster Credit Withdrawal Process

The usual credit withdrawal process time in Mega888 is around 10 to 15 minutes.

In this latest Mega888 version, the withdrawal process time only takes less than 5 minutes!

This feature has given greater convenience and flexibility to the players in managing their betting fund.

This is because the credit withdrawal process is done by the new Mega888 customer service bot instead of humans.

Hence it has reduced the processing time significantly.

However, if you do not trust the Mega888 customer service bot to process your withdrawal, you can still request the human process.

Compatible with Mega888 Trick Code 2.0

This is another fantastic secret feature in the Mega888 2022 Apk version.

Mega888 Trick Code 2.0 is basically the latest Mega888 free credit hack app to hack for unlimited free credits in game account.

Based on the majority of feedback from the veteran players, the Mega888 Trick Code 2.0 app works quite well and is stable on this latest Apk version.

For those who wish to play Mega888 games without using their own money, don’t miss out on this secret feature in this latest Apk version!

However, there is still a certain level of risk in using this hack app on the latest Apk version.

Once you get caught by the Mega888 official using this hack app on the game account, your account may get banned permanently.

Exclusive Live Streaming On Premier League & Champions League Headline Matches

Sports betting games are another exciting casino game category offered on the Mega888 platform.

You will get the football match live streaming access in the Mega888 2022 Apk version. Sounds so cool, isn’t it?

Basically, these live stream matches will feature some of the most exciting European football league matches such as the English Premier League & UEFA Champions League.

Besides, you can watch the live stream football match while playing in the Mega888 slot game concurrently.

Furthermore, there is a chat room function in the live stream football match.

You can then interact and chat with other Mega888 members in the chat room while watching football together

Free Mega888 Test ID Account

When you switch to play in the Mega888 2022 Apk version, you will get a free Mega888 test ID account immediately.

It is actually a demo account on the Mega888 platform.

You can use the demo account to test and play all Mega888 games without needing to deposit any own money.

In fact, this Mega888 test ID account is a valuable asset for most players.

It can serve as a game testing platform and game skill training platform as well.

Just be reminded that all the credits in the test ID account are virtual credits.

Hence you are unable to cash out the credits in the test Id account.



How To Download Mega888 2022 Apk Version?

There are a few methods to download this latest Mega888 Apk version.

All these download methods are proven to work and are safe.

Method 1: Download From the Play Store

This is the fastest and most convenient method for Android phone users.

Just access your Play Store app and search for Mega888 2022 Apk

The search result will then display 1 app version for download.

Just proceed to download the app accordingly.

Method 2: Download From Mega888 Website

The second method is you can find this app version on the Mega888 website for download.

On the Mega888 website, there will be a written download guide for you to refer to.

Just follow the download guide on the website and you will get this Mega888 Apk version on your mobile device in no time!

Method 3: Assistance From Mega888 Agent

If you don’t have time to download the app yourself, get the Mega888 agent to do it for you.

Most of the Mega888 agents are more than happy to assist you with the app download.

Don’t worry, they will not charge you any fee for this assistance.



Mega888 2022 Apk Version vs Mega888 2022 iOS VersionMega888 2022 Apk Version vs Mega888 2022 iOS Version

Other than the Mega888 2022 Apk version, Mega888 official did launch the Mega888 2022 iOS version as well.

The Mega888 2022 iOS version is catered for iPhone users.

Even though both are Mega888 online casino apps, there are a few differences between these 2 versions of the app.

Game Loading Speed & Credit Withdrawal Process Duration

These 2 versions have differences in game loading speed & credit withdrawal process duration.

Good news to Apk members, Mega888 2022 Apk version beats the iOS version in this part.

After a round of testing from different players, the Apk version has performed better in the game loading speed and credit withdrawal process duration.

This may be due to the implementation of the Mega888 bot in the latest Mega888 Apk version to speed up the app operation processing time.

Having said that, the latest Mega888 iOS version still performs better than the previous versions in these two aspects.

Different Exclusive Slot Games In Both Versions

This is the second major difference spotted in these 2 versions.

As the Apk version exclusive slot games have been mentioned above, let’s look at the exclusive slot games for the latest iOS version.

The exclusive slot games for the iOS version are:

  • Racing Rhino
  • Pirate Gold
  • Jack In A Pot
  • Star Burst
  • Happy Drums

As you can see, the number of exclusive games offered in both versions is the same.

Besides, the iOS version exclusive games also offer more than 50% winning odds to the players.

Different Exclusive Jackpot Prizes

Both versions do offer the same grand jackpot prizes in the app.

However, each version has its exclusive jackpot prizes.

At the moment, Mega888 2022 Apk version offers higher exclusive jackpot prizes compared to the iOS version.

The Apk version jackpot prizes range from RM30,000 to RM80,000, whereas the iOS version prizes range from RM20,000 to RM60,000.



General FAQ On Mega888 Apk 2022 VersionGeneral FAQ On Mega888 Apk 2022 Version

Why Is My Mega888 Apk App Unable To Open?

There are two factors in this issue:

  • Your mobile device operating system is not up to date.

Always ensure you have updated your mobile device operating system to the latest version

  • Your mobile device still contains Mega888 Apk old version.

Before you download the latest Mega888 Apk version, do ensure you have deleted the old version first.

Else, you will not be able to open the latest version app or the app might crash as well.

Can I Use Android Tablet To Download And Play The Latest Mega888 Apk Version?

Yes, the latest Mega888 Apk version is compatible with any Android tablet device as well.

Can I have more than 1 account In The Latest Mega888 Apk Version?

Generally, you can only have 1 member account in any Mega888 version.

This applies to the latest Mega888 Apk version as well.

However, if you wish to have more than 1 member account, you can always contact the Mega888 customer service.

You need to provide a valid reason for them to allow you to get another new member account.

Are Mega888 Old Apk Versions Still Valid To Download & Play?

Yes, you still can download and play the previous Mega888 Apk versions.

However, there are a few points here that you should think twice before going for the Mega888 old versions:

  • There will be no longer new games update and feature updates in the old versions.
  • The jackpot prizes in the old versions are lower than the latest version jackpot prizes.
  • There are no exclusive free credits for the claim in the old versions.
  • The player winning odds in the old versions are relatively lower as well.

What If My Mega888 Apk Account Got Hacked?

First of all, you need to report to the Mega888 customer service team immediately.

They will kick start the investigation accordingly.

If you are found to be not responsible for this incident, they will help you to create another new member account.

Besides, you will get the full credit amount compensation from Mega888.

This is given that your account is less than 1 year.

If your account has been more than 1 year, you will receive 50% compensation on the total hacked credit amount.

Anyhow, you should always set a complex and distinctive member ID and password to reduce the account being hacked risk.



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