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Top 5 Reasons To Become Mega888 Agent

In every online casino business, an agent plays a very important role in it.

Most of the online casino platforms such as Mega888 often offer Win-Win Situation for the Mega888 agent.

Generally, the agent can be on a full-time or part-time basis. It offers great flexibility in terms of working time.

When comes to choosing an online casino platform to become an agent, you should take a few points into consideration:

  • Platform Popularity & Trustworthy Level
  • Pay & Incentive Offer Package
  • Incentive Payout Time
  • Agent Job Scope
  • Working Time Flexibility

Not many online casinos out there can offer an all-rounded attractive agent package that includes all 5 points above.

Fortunately, you still can find Mega888 online casinos that can fit all the criteria above.

Mega888 Agent is one of the most sought-after online casino agent jobs in the market. It has a very structural & systematic system when comes to agent hiring.

Mega888 Agent Malaysia

Why Become Mega888 Agent

In recent years, many people lost their stable jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic.

With the current Malaysia economic situation, it is not easy to find a good income job as well.

What if I tell you now becoming Mega888 Agent can give you a stable & good income? Isn’t it sound attractive?

Don’t worry, this is not a scam. It is in fact a reality.

During MCO period in 2020 & 2021, many people have joined to become Mega888 agents.

Many of them are still making good money on it until now. Some well-doing agents were even promoted to become master agents in a short time.

And the best part is, you do not need to work hard like the property & insurance agents to earn big bucks!

Now let’s go through the top 5 reasons why many people join as Mega888 agents:

Low Startup Cost & Good Side Business Income

Many Mega888 agents do not treat the agent job like a normal working job.

They treat this role as a side business or a start-up business.

This is because Mega888 does not offer only fixed pay to the agents.

When you work as Mega888 agent, you get paid by player recruitment & player win/loss revenue.

There is no fixed pay in this part. The more new players you get to recruit, the more you earn.

To start becoming an agent, you just need to pay RM180 as an agent registration fee.

This is very affordable in terms of the cost required for starting a new business.

Stable & Well-Trusted PlatformStable & Well-Trusted Platform

This is another strong reason for you to join as Mega888 agent.

Mega888 is a time-honored online casino brand in the market. It’s brand popularity and player base cover entire Malaysia and other South East Asia countries.

With such high achievement in branding, it is extremely easy for you to recruit new players.

Many online gamblers are familiar with the name Mega888.

You do not need to spend huge effort to convince potential players to join this platform.

In fact, some players may even help you in new player recruitment by using word of mouth.

Easy Access To Secret Winning Tips

When you become a Mega888 agent, you will get the chance to know the Mega888 internal team people.

These people know very well about the Mega888 platform operation and secret winning tips in games.

These secret winning tips will be valuable for you when you play the games.

Some of the tips are proven to give you high winning odds in casino games.

Furthermore, you can also share these tips with your players to be credited as an additional service to them.

Get To Test & Play Pre-launch Games

As Mega888 will launch new casino games regularly, agents will get to test out the games before launch.

Besides, you do not need to pay a single cent if you lose in the new game during the game testing period.

So as a Mega888 agent, you will definitely get to expose and play a lot of the latest casino games.

How To Become Mega888 Agent

It is pretty easy to become a Mega888 Agent.

In general, companies will take several factors into account in the review process, namely capability, reliability, trustworthiness, as well as diligence.

Once a person has passed the above review, he will officially become a Mega888 casino agent & can start promoting this online casino game business.

Where To Register As Mega888 Agent

Just drop them an email that is available on their website.

Or you can approach the customer service through Whatsapp or Live Chat to get them help on this.

Usually, the registration and review time is pretty fast.

It only takes 3 -4 days for the entire registration and review process unless there are some accidental hiccups.

Mega888 Kiosk Agent Register

Once you become a registered agent, the next step will be setting up your account in Mega888 Kiosk.

It is a system that allows agents to enter & manage their game player details.

The Mega888 Kiosk is easy for agents to operate and able to solve everything. You just need to chat directly with the customer service team via Whatsapp or live chat.

Make the first deposit to the Mega888 local account which will be provided by MEGA888 Customer Service.

Your kiosk account will be created by the MEGA888 customer service team accordingly.

Mega888 Fake Version

Mega888 Agent In Fake Mega888 Platforms

Due to the high popularity of Mega888, there are many fake Mega888 versions out there.

So when you register as a Mega888 agent, make sure you register in the Mega888 original platform.

These fake versions were reported many times as scamming the agents’ registration fees.

If you are still unsure which is the original platform for registration, send us your inquiry here or leave a comment below.

We will share the original registration link accordingly.


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