Mega888 Test ID 2022

Mega888 Test ID 2022 Complete Guide With Unlimited Free Credits


What is Mega888 Test ID

Mega888 Test ID is an official demo account of Mega888 online casino platform.

This demo account was available to the market since 2016.

As the online casino industry is booming in Malaysia, the competition between online casino operators is getting stiffer.

Mega888 test ID account is a core highlight for Mega888 to compete with other online casino brands.

The access to Mega888 Test ID is open to everyone.

Even if you are not Mega888 player, you can get this test ID account as well.

This Test ID account is supported by Windows desktop,  Android & Mega888 iOS 14 download versions.

You can play with unlimited free credits in test ID account & no cash deposit is required for this account. In return, you are unable to withdraw any winnings from this account.

Furthermore, you can uninstall or delete this app account at any time without any charges incurred to you.


The Creator Of Mega8888 Test ID

As mentioned previously, Mega888 Test ID is an internal asset of Mega888. It was developed by the founder of Mega888, Michael Tan & his team. They have implemented advanced data science technology in the development. This is to ensure the test ID features are user-friendly and meet user expectations.

Why Michael Tan Develop Mega888 Test ID Account?

  • As the online casino market is getting more competitive, this will be a useful feature for Mega888 to attract potential new players. If potential players are comfortable with the test ID account experience, they are likely to become permanent Mega888 members
  • Test ID account is useful for new players to understand the Mega888 games. It will give better mental preparation for new players before they start playing with real money.
  • It is a useful new game testing platform for Mega888. In order to stay competitive in market, Mega888 will launch new games to the market consistently. Before a new game is launched in the official version, it will be available in the test ID account first. From there, players can test out the new game and provide feedback to Mega888 for better game optimization.
  • Many players do utilize this account as a training platform to upgrade their game-playing skills. As Mega888 will organize annual casino tournament, a test ID account is normally the training platform for the participants.

In summary, Michael Tan & his team have done a great job in this test ID account development. They have created win-win situations for all parties through this development.



How To Download & Register Mega888 Test ID

1) First of all, you can go to Google and type “MEGA888 Test ID Download“ to find the download sites.

2) The first few sites in the Google 1st search page results can link you to the official download site.

3) There are Windows, Android & iOS versions, download the app according to your device type.

4) After download, access the app and register a new test ID account

5) The general test ID account login info is:

Username: test1 – test10000.

Password: Aa1234

6) If you are unable to log in with the username & password above, contact your agent or customer support team immediately.

In fact, you can also get your agent or customer service team assistance to do the whole download & registration process.

Once you are able to log in to the test ID account, you can start playing with unlimited free credits available.


2022 Mega888 Test ID Functions & Features

The latest test ID is available for download, let’s find out what’s the latest features available here:

  • The account comes with unlimited free credits. In the previous version, you will need to inform the customer service to top up free credits to your account once you have finished up all the credits. The latest version is no longer needed on that. The credits in the account will be refilled automatically once finished.
  • You are able to play all games in Mega888 just like the normal account. Besides all slot games, also including live casino games & sports bet games.
  • All games come with a tutorial guide. You can access the tutorial guide to understand the game mechanics, rules and jackpot prizes as well!
  • All game themes are updated with the latest themes.

Mega888 Benefits

Benefits Of Mega888 Test ID

There are plenty of benefits to playing in the test ID account, whether you are Mega888 member or not:

  • You get the freedom to test out all Mega888 games in the account.
  • No monetary cost is needed to play in this account. It is absolutely FREE!
  • If you want to increase your winning chances in the game, you can sharpen your winning skills here.
  • It is a useful platform for you to learn all the game mechanics & rules before start playing.
  • You feel no pressure when playing in test ID account. In fact, many casual players play on this platform as a pastime activity.


Why I can’t log in to my Mega888 Test ID Account?

Under normal circumstances, the Test ID account is pretty stable in performance.

The failure to login into the account may be due to following issues:

Your Internet Connection Is Unstable On Your Device

Always ensure your internet connection is stable when you open test ID account.

It requires a stable connection to load and run the entire app.

There Are Debts In Your Mega888 Member Account

If you haven’t cleared your debt to Mega888, you might have an issue accessing the test ID account.

Do make sure that you have cleared off your debt in your account if there is any.

Your Account Has Been Banned Before

This applies to any test ID account or member account you have before.

If you have this past record, do contact customer service to sort it out for you.

Generally, if you have passed their latest status check, this issue can be solved in 1 working day.

Incorrect Personal Info When Registering For Test ID Account

Once the internal audit team detected this issue,  you will be blocked from logging in to the test ID account.

You need to contact customer service or agent to help you rectify this issue.

You will need to provide the correct info to them for rectification.

Generally, the entire process will take up to 3 to 5 working days.

Hence, always make sure you provide the correct info when registering for the test ID account.


You Have Another Device Log In To The Account At The Same Time

This test ID account only allows 1 device to log in at the same time.

Therefore you can log in to the account by using either your mobile phone or laptop only.


The App Is Undergoing Server Maintenance

This situation rarely happens, as you will get notified beforehand normally.

However, it is undeniable that ad-hoc maintenance may happen if there is a major red flag issue detected in the app.

Mega888 Hacked 2022

Mega888 Test ID Hacked Version

If you Google this term, you will find a lot of sites offering the test ID hacked version available for download.

However, it turns out that the majority of these versions are scams.

Some of these versions will claim that you can get free money from the hacked version account.

Beware of these false claims.

You will be a victim of the following issues if you simply download & play one of these versions:

  • They can obtain your personal info and sell it to illegal groups for scam activities
  • Mega888 team will ban your official member account if they detected you using the hacked version. This ban can be permanent without any appeal allowed. Your credits in the account will be confiscated.
  • These hacked versions may contain trojan and viruses which can damage your device operating system. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to get a new device.

Can I have more than 1 Mega888 Test ID Account?

The answer is no at the moment. Mega888 has made this announcement on the official website that each player will only be entitled to 1 test ID account. There are valid reasons behind why they insist to do so:

Player Database Control

As the platform popularity is growing on rising stars, there are tons of new players registering on normal & test ID accounts every day.

In order to control the player database efficiently and minimize duplicate accounts, each player is only allowed to register for 1 official account & 1 test ID account.

Fake Account Control

The second reason for this approach is to reduce the fake accounts in the player database.

Too many fake accounts will lead to drop in-game reputation and loss of genuine players.

Therefore, the official team is taking this matter seriously in order to maintain quality & sustainable gaming environment for its members.


Backend Operation Efficiency

This approach will ensure the operational efficiency of the backend team is maintained at a healthy level.

Don’t be surprised that data cleaning & maintenance work will take up a large amount of working time.

Hence keeping the player database in control at a manageable level is extremely important.


Can I play the Test ID Account In Oversea?

With the latest 2022 test ID account available now, it allows you to play it anywhere in Asia.

When you are in other Asia countries, just connect to the respective local connection & you are good to go!

If you are in the US or Europe region, you will need to connect to local VPN first before accessing to app login.


Can The Test ID Account Be Hacked?

So far the Test ID Account was never been hacked before.

This should thankfully to the advance & tight security system in the app.

Mega888 has invested a huge sum of fees & manpower to build the app security system.

The official team prioritizes on app security heavily as this is the foundation of their brand reputation & trustworthiness.

If any players were founded out attempting to hack the app, their account will be banned permanently.

They are also unable to create another new account on Mega888 platform anymore.

Mega888 Test ID 2.0

Mega888 Test ID 2.0 In Future

So far there is no official news on the potential launch of the 2.0 version at the moment.

However, there are speculations in some member social media groups & forums on the launch of the 2.0 version with more new functions:

Social Chat Function

This potential new function will definitely be a great tool for networking in the app.

We can get to socialize and interact with other players in the app at any time. This will foster the Mega888 members’ community relationship. With this potential function available, it will provide a stepping stone for Mega888 to become a multi-purpose super app in future.

Winning Odds Showcase In The Game

If this function turns out to be true, it would be great news for every member.

This function will allow us to have a better gauge of our chances to win in the game.

It will also help to minimize the losing streak cases in our gameplay.

The introduction of this function will definitely grow Mega888 popularity and fan base to a new level.

3D Game Design

These potential new features will greatly enhance the player gaming experience.

The slot games in Mega888 are mostly in 2D game themes at the moment.

With the implementation of 3D game effects, it will become a huge plus point for the game attractiveness.


Final Verdict On Mega888 Test ID Account

In a nutshell, we believe that this account can benefit you in different aspects whether you are a Mega888 player or not.

The important thing is to find a playing method & platform which works best for you.

Lastly, just remember to have fun responsibly no matter which account or platform you choose to play in.


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