2022 Mega888 iOS Version Winning Tips

The Secret Winning Tips In 2022 Mega888 iOS Version

Mega888 is a famous online casino app in Malaysia, even in the South East Asia region.

It has millions of active players in this app.

There are 3 types of versions for this online casino app.

They are the Mega888 Windows, Mega888 Apk & Mega888 iOS.

Among the 3 versions, the Mega888 iOS version is the most popular version currently.

It is compatible with all Apple devices including all models of iPhone and iPad.


History Of Mega888 iOS Version

When Mega888 has launched in the market 10 years ago, it has only the Mega888 Windows version.

This version is compatible with all desktops and laptops.

As the smartphone user population increases over the years, Mega888 Apk was launched subsequently.

The Mega888 Apk is compatible with all Android phones.

In recent years, the Apple smartphone’s popularity has grown significantly in the Malaysian market.

Hence, Mega888 has launched the Mega888 iOS version to cater to the iPhone player market.

Basically, Mega888 iOS and Mega888 Apk share a similar download and registration process.

You just need to have an Android phone or iPhone with a stable internet connection to complete the download and registration process.



Exclusive Features In Mega888 iOS Version

There are a few exclusive features in the iOS version which makes it become the most popular version compared to the other two versions.

Generally,  these features are only available in the Mega888 iOS version.

Exclusive iOS Mega888 Free Credits

Mega888 online casino platform is very generous in offering different varieties of free credits to the players.

The players are able to use these free credits to play in all the Mega888 games.

For iOS version players, they can even claim the exclusive iOS Mega888 free credits!

In fact, this free credit amount is around 3 digits.

The best part is that the iOS version players do not need to place any deposit to claim this free credit.

The main purpose of Mega888 to offer this free credit is to encourage more players to play in the iOS version.

This exclusive Mega888 free credit does not have an expiry date to claim.

As long you are a registered iOS version member, you are eligible to claim this free credit.

However, you are not allowed to claim this free credit more than 1 time in the same account.

Besides, you are not able to cash out this free credit from your account.

Exclusive Mega888 Slot Games In iOS Version

Mega888 is famous for offering a huge variety of slot games in the app.

There are more than 250 types of slot games available in the app.

If you are a slot game fan, Mega888 is definitely the best choice for you.

For Mega888 iOS version players, you can even get to play more slot games.

There are a few slot games that are exclusively available in the iOS version.

These slot games are:

  • Golden Tour Slot
  • Ghost Rider Slot
  • Funky Monkey Slot

These slot games offer more mini jackpots than other Mega888 slot games.

Therefore, you would get to hear sometimes that some Mega888 iOS version players get to win numerous jackpots in a short period of time.

Annual Private Gathering Event

This is an annual event organized by Mega888 officials for iOS version players to join only.

In this private gathering event, you will get to meet other Mega888 iOS version players.

There will be a free flow of food and drinks at the event.

Besides, Mega888 also launch the lucky draw session at the event.

It is a good opportunity for the players to socialize with each other and fosters the relationships between the players.

Furthermore, each player can bring along 1 friend to join this private event.

For Mega888 Apk version players, there will be an exclusive event for them as well.


Winning Tips In Mega888 iOS Slot Game

Secret Winning Tips For Slot Game In Mega888 iOS Version

Mega888 slot games are the most famous game category on the platform.

As there are more than 250 different slot games available, this means that there are tonnes of game jackpots to be won.

Hence, the winning tips to increase the winning chance in slot games have become a hot topic among the players.

The following tips are some of the most effective winning tips to increase your winning odds in the slot game.

Play With Free Credits

As Mega888 offers many types of free credits, you can utilize these free credits to bet in slot games.

Even if you lose in the game, it will not impact your own betting fund.

In fact, you can accumulate the free credits in your account and play the slot game by solely using free credits only.

This method can help you to win in the slot game without requiring you to put in any own money.

It will ensure you leave the game without losing any own money.

Apply Game Bot

In order to achieve consistent winning in the slot game, you can try out this method.

When you apply a game bot to play on behalf of you, you do not need to spend too much time and effort to play in the game.

The game bot can actually achieve relatively high winning odds in the game consistently.

In the long run, you will be able to achieve consistent winning in the slot game.

However, you need to choose the right game bot to use.

There are some entry-level game bots that can be detected easily by the Mega888 anti-hack system.

Start With Small Betting Fund

The third tip is pretty direct and easy to implement.

If you are new to slot games, you should always start with the small betting fund.

This is also another good thing about playing the slot game.

You can actually play the slot game with a very low amount of betting funds.

Once you have managed to master the game trend, you can then increase your betting fund progressively.

This method will allow you to win the slot game in a more secure method.

Play The Slot Game At Specific Time Slot

This tip in fact is widely shared among the Mega888 slot game players.

During a certain time slot, you will stand a higher winning chance in the slot game.

For the Mega888 iOS version, it is best to play the slot games on Saturday and Sunday at midnight.

The player winning chance in the game during this period of time will be more than 50%.

Meanwhile, you should avoid playing in the slot game every Friday night.

This is the time when the player’s winning chance is at the lowest level.

You are very likely to experience a losing streak in the game during this period of time.

Focus On Slot Games With More Mini Jackpots

If you are a regular slot game player, you will know the importance of mini jackpots in the game.

As the grand jackpots in the slot game are very limited, players will tend to focus on the mini jackpot winning.

Hence, you should always look for slot games that offer more mini jackpots to win.

From there, you will have higher probabilities to hit the mini jackpot in the game.


Winning Tips In Mega888 iOS Casino Card Game

Secret Winning Tips For Casino Card Game In Mega888 iOS Version

If you are a casino card game lover, you must not miss out on this section.

We will share tips from professional Mega888 card game players on how to win consistently in the card game.

Of course, there are other types of Mega888 game-winning tips available on this blog site.

Play With Multi-players

When you play the Mega888 casino card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat &, etc., you should always play together with other players.

Try to avoid playing alone in the game room. You will stand a slim chance to win against the host.

When you play together with other players in the game, it will reduce the host’s winning odds of the game.

From there, you will stand a higher chance to win the host in the game.

Practice On Mega888 Test ID

This tip can help you to enhance your betting skill in the game and subsequently increase your game-winning chance.

The Mega888 test ID is a free demo account from Mega888.

Basically, you can play any Mega888 games for free in the test ID account.

It is free to get the Mega888 test ID account & login password for both APK & iOS app versions as well.

In fact, many veteran players have utilized this platform as a training ground for them to improve their betting skills.

Besides, you can play with other players in the test ID account to learn their betting skills of each other.

Watch Mega888 Casino Card Game Tutorial On Youtube

This is another useful tip to increase your winning chance in the Mega888 casino card game.

There are plenty of casino card game tutorial videos available on Youtube.

You can just select those videos with a high number of views and comments to watch.

These videos will showcase to you the secret strategies to apply in the card game to increase your winning chance against the host.


Mega888 Best Practice

The Best Practices To Play In Mega888 iOS Version

Here are some best practices for you when playing in the Mega888 iOS version.

These best practices can benefit you in different aspects.

Play With Full Focus

The first best practice is pretty simple and straightforward. However, it requires a high level of discipline and persistence.

Basically, you need to play the slot game with full focus.

Do not get distracted and multi-task when playing in the slot game.

This will allow you able to observe the game trend and perform accurate game analysis.

Thus, your game-winning chance will increase relatively.

Fix Betting Budget Before Play

This is the second useful best practice you can apply in slot games.

When you have fixed a budget to play in the slot game, you will not suffer a huge loss in the game.

Once you have reached your betting budget limit, you need to stop playing the game immediately.

This will help you to avoid encountering a losing streak in the game.

It will help you to save up bullets to bet in the next session of the game.

Play In A Bright Environment

When you play in the Mega888 games, always play in a bright environment.

This is because you will generally spend at least a few hours playing the app.

Hence, you need to ensure your eyesight is comfortable when playing in the app.


Mega888 iOS FAQ

General FAQ On Mega888 iOS Version

Can I cash out the free credit from the Mega888 iOS version?

No, you are not able to cash out the free credit from your Mega888 account.

Besides, you are not able to transfer the free credit to another member’s account as well.


How long does it take to deposit or withdraw credit from Mega888 iOS Version?

Generally, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete a credit deposit or withdrawal process.

The process requires Mega888 customer service to review and approve accordingly.

Sometimes, it may take up to half an hour to complete the process due to high traffic volume.


Why am I unable to install the Mega888 iOS on my iPhone?

As the iOS version is compatible with all iPhone models, there is only one root cause for it.

Your phone operating system is not up to date.

You need to ensure that your iPhone has updated to the latest version of the operating system before installing the Mega888 app.

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