How to hack Mega888 in Android phone &iPhone

How To Hack Mega888 In Android Phone & iPhone

The “How To Hack Mega888 App” topic is always a hot topic discussed among the Mega888 players online and offline.

If you search this topic on Google, you will find plenty of “How To Hack Mega888” articles available on different websites.

The hack methods have many different versions based on different websites.

Some “How To Hack Mega888” guides are not effective at all.

Therefore, we have compiled all the effective methods and important Mega888 tips which you should in order to achieve massive winning on the platform.


Common Hacking Mega888 Hacking Methods For Android Phone & iPhone

This section will share some of the commonly known hacking methods on the Mega888 app.

Even though these are just common methods, they still do come with a high success rate.

The minimum benefit you will get by using these methods is that you will be able to enjoy some free play in the Mega888 app.

Play In Slot Game During Midnight

The first method is to play the Mega888 slot games at midnight.

In fact, the best time slot to play the Mega888 slot games will be around 1 am – 3 am.

During this time slot, you will have a high winning chance to win the slot game.

The player winning odds in the game during this time slot is more than 55%.

Just play with full focus and you will get enjoy a fantastic winning journey in it.

This is because the Mega888 slot game winning odds for the platform will become lower due to fewer players playing the slot games during midnight.

Open Multiple Mega888 Accounts

This is another famous common hacking method.

This method is aimed to get unlimited Mega888 free credits.

Once you have multiple accounts under you, you can transfer all free credits from other accounts to one account.

By then, you will have a high amount of free credits. Therefore, you do not even need to use your own money to play the Mega888 games.

Furthermore, some of the Mega888 free credits can be claimed more than 1 time.

If you implement this method persistently, you will achieve the goal of playing Mega888 games with unlimited free credits.

Use Mega888 Trick Code

This method will always show up in Google search results when you try to find the “How To Hack Mega888 Guide” in Google.

Mega888 trick code is a common hack app that can be downloaded easily online.

This hack app will help to increase the player’s winning odds in all Mega888 games.

Besides, it will allow the players to cash out certain free credits from the game account.

This app is compatible with Mega888 Apk and Mega888 iOS versions.

The biggest downside of this app is that players cannot use it continuously for more than 3 hours.

Else, it will be highly likely to be detected by the Mega888 anti-hack system.

Focus On Mega888 Games Which Give High Winning Payout

The fourth method is more of a manual hacking method.

However, it is the easiest to implement in the entire “How To Hack Mega888” guide.

Basically, you just need to focus on those Mega888 games which give a high winning payout.

Some of the examples would be:

  • God Of Wealth Slot
  • Great Blue Slot
  • Fong Shen Slot

These games will allow you to achieve big wins with little betting funds required.

In fact, these games are the most classical slot games on the Mega888 platform.

The key to success for this method is self-persistence.


The Risk Of Using How To Hack Mega888 Guide

Risk Of Using The Common Hacking Methods

As these common methods are widely used by the Mega888 players, there is a certain level of risk of using these common hacking methods.

In fact, Mega888 anti-hacking system has been able to detect these hacking methods and react accordingly.

There are a few risks you need to bear when using any of these hacking methods:

  • Member Account Get Suspended

This is the first risk. Generally, your account will be suspended for 2 to 3 weeks if the system detects hacking activity in your account.

You will not be able to log in to your member account for 2 to 3 weeks time.

  • Permanent Ban On Member Account

The second risk is your account may be banned permanently.

This will happen when the system detects more than 1-time hacking activity in your member account.

Once your Mega888 account gets banned permanently, you are unable to appeal.

What you can do is open another new member account.

  • Account Credits Get Confiscated

The third risk will impact your personal finances.

Basically, Mega888 has the right to confiscate all the credits in your account when they found out you are trying to hack their account.

The credits include your betting fund and all the free credits given by Mega888 before.

Therefore, it is advisable to cash out your credits in the account regularly.

You should always avoid storing huge amounts of credits in the game account.

  • Lifetime Blacklist

This risk is the worst-case scenario.

Mega888 has the right to blacklist you in the Mega888 app for a lifetime.

This means that you are no longer allowed to play on the platform.

You are not even allowed to create any Mega888 member account on the platform.


Expert Level On How To Hack Mega888

How To Hack Mega888 Using Secret Expert Methods

This section will share the more advanced and expert-level hacking methods.

These hacking methods are not widely used by the Mega888 players yet.

In fact, the risk of using these methods would be much lower as well.

So far, the success rate for these hacking methods is more than 90%.

Hire A Professional Hacker

If you have the budget to hack the Mega888 app, you can use this method.

There are actually plenty of professional hackers out there who are capable to hack the Mega888 app.

In fact, some of them are the creators of the “How To Hack Mega888” guide.

You just need to find them online and state your hacking requirements to them.

Generally, their hacking service fee is quite high.

However, you will be able to enjoy a lot of hacking customization from them.

It is safe to say that the amount you invest in the hacker hiring will be definitely worth it when you see the return on investment later.

Get Help From Mega888 Customer Service & Agent

This is the second secret method that you can apply.

The Mega888 customer service and agent do know the hacking tips on the Mega888 platform.

You can actually get these hacking tips from them.

Their hacking tips in fact are highly effective.

Therefore, you should always build a good rapport with them.

This will help you to get these hacking tips easily from them.

Most of them are very willing to share these tips given that you have a good relationship with them.

Advance Casino Hack App From Dark Market

The Dark Market is an online marketplace famous for hack apps selling.

You will be able to find the hack app which can be used to hack the Mega888 app there.

These hack apps are developed by professional hackers and do come with warranty a well.

Furthermore, these hack apps are not being detected easily by the Mega888 anti-hack system.

Unlike the Mega888 trick code app, these hack apps from Black Market are more advanced.

Besides, these apps can be used to hack on other online casino platforms as well.

Install Game Bot

If you are a tech-savvy person, you can apply this method to hack the Mega888 app.

You can develop a game bot and apply it to the Mega888 app.

This game bot can help you to play the Mega888 games and secure a higher winning chance in the game for you.

In this case, you will be able to win money from the app within 24 hours by using the game bot.


Mega888 Hacked Version

Mega888 Hacked Version: Mega888Slot

The Mega888slot is a hacked version of the Mega888 app.

This hacked version was developed by a group of Mega888 veteran players.

This hacked version is suitable for those who do not know how to implement any of the hacking methods mentioned above.

This Mega888slot is mentioned in some of the “How To Hack Mega888” guides as well.

Basically, you can enjoy the following features in this hacked version:

  • Cash-out free credits from your member account or transfer credits to another member account.
  • Enjoy more than 50% of players’ winning odds in all Mega888 slot games.
  • You will be able to hit the mini jackpots easily in the slot games.

However, there is one important note that you need to know about this hacked version.

It is not developed by the Mega888 officials, hence the winning payout does not come from Mega888.

In this case, the winning payout in the hacked version will not be as high as the original version.


Which Are The Best Games To Hack?

In Mega888, slot games are the most popular type of casino games on the platform.

At the same time, you are able to hack the slot games at a relatively easier level.

If you decide to hack the Mega888 slot games, there are two slot games recommended for you.

They are the Steam Tower Slot and Highway Kings Slot.

These two slot games have a very high winning payout and plenty of mini jackpots.

Once you are able to hack either one of them, you will get to win these massive winnings in your account.


Anti Hacking System

How Does Mega888 Anti-Hacking System Works

Mega888 anti-hacking system is the system implemented by Mega888 to detect different types of hacking activities in the players’ accounts.

Generally, Mega888 will upgrade this system consistently in order to detect as many types of hacking activities as possible.

This is to ensure that Mega888 does not suffer a huge loss due to hacking activities done by some players.

So far, the anti-hacking system is able to detect the potential activities through the following situations in a player’s account:

  • A sudden huge increase of free credits in player’s account
  • Players able to hit numerous slot game jackpots in a short period of time
  • Player’s winning rate in any Mega888 games has more than 70%



Can Other Online Casino Platforms Be Hacked?

The answer is definitely yes. Every online casino has the possibility to be hacked.

However, it is a known fact that these online casino platforms will constantly upgrade their anti-hacking system to minimize the risk of being hacked.

Use What Method To Hack Other Other Online Casino?

Generally, there are two popular and effective methods to hack most online casino platforms:

  • Implementation of the game bot in the game account
  • Hire a professional hacker to hack a specific online casino member account






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