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2022 Latest Malaysia Online Casinos Expert Review

This article will highlight the latest tips by performing Malaysia Online Casinos review.

Firstly, in Malaysia, gambling culture is rather significant.

It is a lucrative industry with annual turnover of estimated at close to RM1 billion nationwide.

That is with only around 25%-30% of the total population is allowed to gamble legally.

Imagine if all the population can gamble!

Also, Malaysians love to gamble all year round.

Especially during festive seasons like Chinese New Year.

On top of that, some rare occasions like funeral also you will be able to witness gambling sessions.

Hence, if you’re interested to know more about gambling culture, you can read more about Malaysia’s gambling history.

Normally, Malaysians either visit Genting casino or legal gambling dens

Some will visit friends’/relatives’ houses to have a few good hands.

However, most people have started the latest technology trend which is online casino.

So, let’s start with comparing the pros and cons for gambling at different settings.

Places to gamble in Malaysia

Based on survey conducted on our website, below are the

Genting Highlands Casino:


  • Great casino atmosphere
  • Real feel of casino table, cards and slot machines
  • Professional card distributors,
  • Massive game varieties


  • Location could be too far for some people
  • Crowded during festive seasons
  • High minimum bets
  • Low payout

Legal Gambling Den (Cruise/Local Clubs):


  • Able to compete against other seasoned players
  • Gain real life experience and exposures
  • Casual and relaxed
  • Friendly environment


  • Rigid time slot (subject to opening hours)
  • Player availability
  • Less properly regulated

Friends’/Relatives’ House:


  • Good activity for family bonding
  • Train the brain for fast calculations
  • Prevent Alzheimer’s disease


  • Bad influence and role model to younger generations
  • Not everyone is interested to participate
  • Dispute between family members

Online Casinos:


  • Can be accessed anywhere & anytime
  • Can be played with or without other players
  • Any budget is welcomed
  • Many different varieties of games
  • High payout
  • Frequent bonuses


  • Basically – NONE!

There are basically no cons found for Malaysia online casinos.

So, let’s zoom in and analyze why online casino is the latest craze for Malaysians in recent years!

Malaysia Online Casinos

There are different types of online casinos in Malaysia.

Some are more complete however some are more focused in certain sectors.

So, depending on which game you enjoy playing, you can pick the right online casino accordingly.

Today, for Malaysia online casinos, we will segregate them into 2 categories.

The categories are online casino platform and slot machine apps.

Malaysia Online Casinos Platforms

Online casino platforms are more comprehensive compared to slot machine apps.

It usually has live table casinos, sports bets, slots machines and other games.

So, players who use online casino platforms are more focused on sports bets and live table casinos.

Also, Malaysians are huge fans of sports, especially football and badminton tournaments.

During football seasons, Malaysian will have many punters.

On a weekly basis they will gamble to bet on their favourite teams.

As a result. there will be higher betting when big teams clash.

Furthermore, they can also enjoy more bonus when there are major tournaments.

During FIFA World Cup, Champions League and Thomas Cup or Uber Cup for badminton, there are usually increase in punters due to big bonuses.

Hence, apart from being able to earn extra bucks, it also makes the game more exciting when watching.

On the other hand, slot games are less popular on online casino platforms.

Players will only look for slot machine games when they have extra credit or when they are bored.

Malaysia Online Casinos Platforms Review

Following on, we will review some of the most famous Malaysia online casinos platforms which are safe and stable.


Review: 4.9/5.0


  • Welcome Bonus
  • Crypto Lucky Draw
  • VIP Bonus
  • Daily Unlimited Cash Rebate

Payment Options:

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT
  • e-Wallet payment
  • Bank transfers

Customer Service:

  • 24/7 standby service agents
  • Website live chat
  • WeChat
  • Email
  • Telephone


  • Huge selection of games
  • Generous bonus
  • Easy to use
  • Website and mobile friendly


  • Less attractive betting odds
  • High transaction rates for cryptocurrencies



Review: 4.8/5.0


  • New Player Bonus
  • Daily Deposit Bonus
  • Sunday Bonus
  • Birthday Bonanza

Payment Options:

  • e-Wallet payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card and
  • Cash deposit machine

Customer Service:

  • Reachable on social media accounts
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Emails.


  • Highest Withdrawal Limit
  • Safe and Stable
  • Nice gameplay and aesthetics


  • Lack of cryptocurrencies payment method



Review: 4.6/5.0


  • Affiliate Bonus
  • Agent Bonus
  • Top Up Bonus
  • Birthday Bonus

Payment Options:

  • e-Wallet payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card
  • Cash deposit machine

Customer Service:

  • WeChat
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Skype


  • Highest average payout percentage compared to other apps at 96%!


  • Lag due to unstable server hosting
  • Not as many agents to service compared to other online casinos



Review: 4.2/5.0


  • VIP Top Up Bonus
  • Horse Racing Bonus
  • Football Festival Bonus
  • Slots Bonus

Payment Options:

  • e-Wallet payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card
  • Cash deposit machine

Customer Service:

  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Live Chat
  • WeChat


  • Well established
  • Easy to use sports bet platform
  • Offers the best odds among all


  • No telephone option for customer service
  • Needs a facelift for the website and mobile app


Generally, Malaysia online casinos platforms are quite competitive.

So, you can choose whichever recommended one above that you are comfortable with.

Finally, just enjoy the bonus as well as games offered within.

Mega888 Sports Bet

Malaysia Slot Machine Apps

For the next category, we will be reviewing top 3 slot machine apps in Malaysia.

Generally, slot machine apps focus more on slot machine games.

Also, it also offers some table casino games.

However, for sports bet it is still pending to release.


Malaysia Slot Machine Apps Review

Our admin team has performed some reviews and surveys as below:


Review: 5.0/5.0


  • VIP Top Up Bonus
  • 150% Welcome Bonus
  • 50% Daily Reload Bonus and Rebate

Payment Options:

  • e-Wallet payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card
  • Cash deposit machine
  • Overdraft Credit (VIPs Only)

Customer Service:

  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Phone Call
  • Email


  • Most popular slot machine online casino app in South East Asia
  • Easy to install, especially Mega888 apk installation.
  • Easy to win
  • Fast withdrawal


  • No cons. All users are 100% happy and satisfied.



Review: 4.7/5.0


  • 50% Welcome Bonus
  • 50% Daily Bonus

Payment Options:

  • e-wallet payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card
  • Cash deposit machine

Customer Service:

  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Call
  • SMS
  • Live Chat
  • WeChat


  • Very fun fish shooting games
  • User friendly game interface.


  • Security is slightly weaker compared to Mega888
  • Will often face down time during maintenance



Review: 4.3/5.0


  • 75% Welcome Bonus
  • 40% Daily Bonus

Payment Options:

  • e-Wallet payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card
  • Cash deposit machine

Customer Service:

  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Live Chat
  • WeChat


  • Will often have special promotions
  • Easy to withdraw winnings


  • Lesser games available compared to Mega888
  • Less attractive interface


Finally. after comparing the reviews, Mega888 is the clear winner among its competitors.


Malaysia Online Casinos Findings

As a conclusion, Manu888 is the best option for Malaysia online casinos platform category.

Similarly, Mega888 is the market leader for slot machine app.

Mega888 is the safest, most stable and offers the fastest withdrawal duration.

Furthermore, this is proven by its stronghold in numerous South East Asian

Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia prefer Mega888 over other brands.

Mega888 is very reliable and offers many exciting games.

This is a major contributing factor to become so popular.

Hence, find out more about Mega888’s history and information here.

Why Mega888? Malaysia Online Casinos Leader!

Mega888 has already established in the market for close to a decade.

Also, Mega888 is the best Malaysia online casinos app.

It is known for being the most stable and safest app.

Moreover, the bugs and issues for Mega888 are fixed by its professional team on a timely basis.

Most importantly, the app security is top notch.

The gameplay is very fast and smooth.

Furthermore, there are many interesting games.

For example, the games like Shoot Fish, Baccarat, Blackjack, Fortune 88 and many more.

Players are entitled to receive many types of bonuses.

For instance, new player bonus, affiliate bonus, ang pow bonus, top up bonus and other attractive payout.

Other than that, there are also referral bonus, birthday and Mega888 anniversary bonus.

The more you play, the bigger the jackpots and payout will be.

Hence, you should be patient and have faith.

Good things come to those who wait!

Also, if you are looking for a solid strategy, here are some tips to win big.

Ways to download Mega888

There are a few methods to download Mega888:

  • APK Download
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Copy File
  • Infrared Transfer
  • Google Drive

It is vital to get the original app and get the best gaming experience.

Otherwise, you will risk facing scams and losing money.

If you want to learn more about download in details, refer to our Mega888 original download guide.

So, get the original app and play with peace of mind!

Malaysia Online Casinos Future Outlook

According to speculations, Mega888 will have new features.

The new features will release in Q42022.

Furthermore, apparently there will be a PC version.

Hence, it will provide a wholesome experience for all users.

Users can enjoy using it on mobile and on PC.

So, they can select whichever device of their choice.

This flexibility has been requested by many players.

Also, the play data and history are stored on cloud.

Hence, players will be able to enjoy a seamless experience.

They are able to continue playing on other devices easily.

All credits and records will be properly synced.

Most importantly, all Mega888 customers get to play anywhere anytime comfortably.

Furthermore, it also gives convenience to the loyal customer.

They get to play anywhere anytime at their own comfort.

Also, Mega888 promised that there will be more payout in the new release!

Stay tuned to get your hands on the fun games!


Malaysia Online Casinos Fixed Deposit

Mega888 will be releasing a fixed deposit feature as well.

This is the first ever feature for Malaysia online casinos.

So, all the winnings or credit can be placed inside Mega888 fixed deposit.

Furthermore, the interest rates are promised to be higher than commercial banks.

The interest generated can be converted in either cash or cryptocurrencies.

Players have the choice to select which they prefer.

As we know, crypto currency will be the next big thing in the digital world.

Besides, there are also rumors that only cryptocurrencies will be accepted for future credit top up.

This is going to be so exciting for Malaysia online casinos scene!

Mega888 Metaverse

Malaysia Online Casinos Metaverse

The latest buzzword in the digital world is metaverse.

Metaverse has a lot of possibilities and opportunities.

Hence, Mega888 is definitely aiming to tap into that universe.

There will be more investments and interactions within the metaverse world.

Furthermore, players can invest by purchasing their own property with their winnings.

Also, they will be able to hang out with one another within the metaverse.

So, we should all choose the pioneer and ride on the wave!

It is a definitely a very exciting feature to look forward to!


Malaysia Online Casinos Agent

Mega888 offers lucrative incentive for its agents.

You will be able to earn the best commission.

Other brands are not giving commissions that generously

Also, you will be able to get EPF, SOCSO and EIS!

Most importantly. this will definitely contribute to your future life plans.

When you purchase property, these perks will be beneficial.

Banks will assess your financial background before approving loans.

Hence, you do not need to worry when purchasing properties.

You can buy your dream house and dream cars easily.



In conclusion, Mega888 is the market leader in Malaysia online casinos.

If you want to win, you must choose the safest and the best!

So, start today and be in charge of your fortune with Mega888!


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