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Malaysia Online Casino and Its History

Malaysia online casino is a common scene nowadays. Anyone with a mobile device can easily be accessible to online casino in Malaysia.

There are many gambling platforms and apps such as 12BET, BK8 and MEGA888.

The platforms and apps cover all ranges of betting from live casino, slots machines to sports bet and a lot more.

Now, let’s look at what happened before the rise of Malaysia Online Casino.

Malaysia Online Casino Mega888 2022

Introduction of Gambling in Malaysia

Gambling has existed around the world for centuries. This includes Malaysia too.

Way before the current Malaysia online casino trend, gambling used to be a common sight on the street.

In the early 20th century, Malaysia is a popular trading hub for many countries.

Furthermore, it is a strategic location for countries from the east and the west to meet.

Many countries travel via sea to trade spices, textiles and other commodities.

During this time, many immigrants from all over the world has arrived in Malaysia.

Some for short visits whereas some have relocated to stay permanently.

Naturally, this has created a community made up of different ethnics and backgrounds.

At the same time, they have brought different types of gambling mechanisms from their home country to share in Malaysia.

Gambling was able to help gather everyone from different culture and background.

Thus, this has helped with the communication and harmony in the society.

It has also helped with earning some quick cash be it as a job or as a hobby.

Unfortunately, there are some minority who tried to outsmart the others and tried to rigged the system.

This has caused unsatisfactory among the society. On the other hand, Malaysia is also a Muslim country which prohibits gambling.

Hence, the authorities had to intervene to control the situation. Malaysia has made gambling illegal and open betting is banned.

The Beginning of Gambling Industry

In the 1950s, gambling remained illegal in Malaysia. Lotteries, horse racing and slot machines in club houses however are allowed to operate.

This remained the same up until mid 1960s.

In 1965, the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong founded Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands Resort is a casino and theme park located in Pahang.

It is roughly 50km away from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

In 1971, the first ever legal casino in Malaysia – Casino de Genting was officially launched.

It is the first ever casino gambling license granted in the country. So, this marks the beginning of legal gambling industry in Malaysia.

Up to date in 2022, it still remains one of the most popular tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors.

People from all around the world visits the casino or for vacations.

The casino has games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette and many units of slot machines. It even has VIP rooms for high rollers!

Slot Machines

Despite having a land based casino in Malaysia, not everyone is able to travel to Genting on a regular basis.

The closest one can get their hands on gambling would be slot machines.

Slot machines are usually available in club houses. In order to enter a club house, one has to pay membership fees first.

However, not every individual is able to afford the hefty membership price.

Furthermore, not all areas will have club house too even if one has the money to pay.

During this time, many have set up illegal gambling den by setting up gambling machines.

Cyber cafes, snooker centres or residential units are usually being used as a decoy for the gambling activities.

This is basically to bring the Genting Casino experience to the audience by providing convenience by risking penalties and law enforcements.

The authorities have cracked down on the illegal activities.


Introduction of Malaysia Online Casino

The introduction of internet, desktops and mobile phones has changed our lives in many different ways.

It has definitely changed the way people gamble too. Before, everyone can only visit establishments to gamble.

Alternatively, they can gamble at home with friends or relatives.

With the development of technology, gambling online is the future. Gambling industry market leaders saw the gap and ventured into developing online casino games.

It is the same in Malaysia. It first started off with SCR888, followed by KISS918 and now MEGA888.

This has definitely brought a lot of convenience to gamblers.

Gambling can now take place anytime anywhere. You don’t need to wait for the right people and right time anymore.

As the saying goes, the right time is ‘Right Now’!

Malaysia Online Casino – Mega888 App

Mega888 app which is founded by Mr Michael Tan, offers many attractive slot games.

The most popular slot games are 5 Dragons, Fishing Star, Great88 and many more.

The slot games often give big payout, jackpots, free games and free angpows.

The games are very entertaining with high chances for winning. It is the hottest gambling app in Malaysia now.

Mega888 is easy to download. On top of that, the app itself is very safe and secure. The deposit process is also very simple.

Users can either use cash deposit machine or use online banking to transfer the funds.

The good thing about Mega888 app is you can control your own budget.

There is no lower limit nor upper. Hence, you don’t have to worry if your bet is too big or too small.

No one will judge you if your bet is small. Similarly, no one will feel pressured if your bet is too big.

Furthermore, you can control the pace of your game.

You are also able to enjoy gambling with the comfort at home.

This will help to keep your family safe by stay away from Covid-19 virus.

At the same time you are also contributing to the economy during hard times like this.

The best part of Mega888 app is you can actually use a trial account to explore the scene of Malaysia online casino.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the top 7 reasons to download Mega888 app today!


In summary, gambling has come a long way in our society.

Many people see it as a bad activity.

This is due to having little or no self control and discipline.

Little do they know, gambling has helped some to go through their darkest days.

Remember to strategize your game and calculate your risks.

Rest assured, you will be having a good time immersed in Mega888 app the market leader of Malaysia online casino. Play smart and enjoy!

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