2022 XE88 Free Credit Without Deposit

How To Claim XE88 Free Credit Without Placing Deposit

If you are a regular player of the XE88 online casino platform, you must be familiar with the XE88 free credit.

The XE88 online casino platform is famous for offering generous XE88 free credits to the players.

Many XE88 players get to win tons of winnings and jackpot prizes mainly due to a large number of free credits they get to claim from the platform.

The best part is that XE88 is still continuing to launch new types of free credits periodically for all players to claim.

The main objective of XE88 to do so is to attract more new players and retain the existing active players on the platform.


Why XE88 Free Credit Important

Why XE88 Free Credit Is Important

There are a few reasons on the XE88 free credit is important for the players.

It is a very vital tool for the players when playing in the XE88 games.

Most of the players will try their best to claim the XE88 free credits as much as they can.

In fact, if you do not have any free credits in your account, your winning journey in the XE88 platform will be much tougher.


Play Game Without Using Own Money

This is the first important reason.

With free credit, you do not need to use your own money to play the XE88 games.

Even if you lose in the game, your betting budget will not be impacted because of using the free credits.

This will lighten your financial burden significantly in playing the XE88 games.

This also makes playing in XE88 can be a safe form of investment.

With the utilization of free credit, you just need to spend time and effort to earn the return on investment.


Win More In XE88 Games

This is also another important reason for the players to use free credits to play the game.

With the help of XE88 free credit, you can achieve higher winning in your game.

In this case, you do not need to use your own money as well.

You can basically increase bets in the game by using the free credit so that your winning return can be relatively higher.

You can use these free credits in any type of XE88 game available on the platform.


Increase Jackpot Winning Chances

The utilization of free credits can also help you to increase the chance to hit the jackpot prizes in slot games.

This is simply because the free credits can be converted into free spins in the slot games.

The more free spins you get in the game, the higher chance you get to hit the game jackpot.

Many players love to use free credits to play slot games for jackpot-winning purposes.


Able To Cash Out

Under certain special circumstances, you may even get to cash out the XE88 free credits!

These are absolutely free money for you.

Some of the special circumstances are such as:

  • You managed to hack your XE88 account.
  • You are the VIP member of the XE88 online casino platform.
  • XE88 officials grant you special permission to cash out the XE88 free credits.


Game Practice Purpose

Free credits are also a useful tool for you to practice in any XE88 games.

If you are not familiar with any XE88 game, it is better to practice in the game with free credits first before playing with your own money.

In this case, you won’t feel stressed when losing the game.

Plenty of veteran players have utilized the free credits regularly to practice and improve their betting skills in the game.


how to claim xe88 free credit

How To Claim XE88 Free Credit Without Deposit

This is always the hottest topic among the XE88 players.

If get to claim the free credit without any deposit is required to indicate that we do not need to invest anything to get the free credits.

There are a few effective tips over here to allow you to be able to claim the free credit without a deposit.


Build Good Rapport With XE88 Customer Service

The first tip to claim the free credit without a deposit required will need your soft skill utilization.

Basically, you need to build a good relationship with the XE88 customer service.

This is simply because they are the ones in charge of your free credit claim approval process.

Hence, if you have a good rapport with them you will get a higher chance to claim any free credits on the platform without a deposit required.

Furthermore, building a good rapport with the customer service can also benefit you in other aspects.

You will get to know some latest secret winning tips for the XE88 games from them.

These winning tips are hard to be found online.

However, you may need to tip them sometimes when they help you to get the free credits without a deposit required.


Claim On Certain Free Credits Without Deposit Required

As there are more than 30 types of free credits available on the platform, some of the free credits do not require any deposit.

Some of these free credits are:

  • Welcome Free Credit
  • High Roller Free Credit
  • Festive Season Free Credit

In fact, some of the free credits do allow you to claim more than 1 time.

Therefore, you should spend some effort and time to claim as much as possible if you wish to win big on the platform.

However, you are not allowed to cash out these free credits or transfer the free credits to other accounts.

Once you get caught cashing out the free credits, your account will get suspended immediately.


 Become VIP Member

The third effective tip is to become the XE88 VIP member.

Once you become a VIP member of the platform, you can claim most of the free credits without a deposit required.

Besides, you will also get to claim the exclusive VIP free credits which are worth 4 digits!

There are a few ways to become a platform VIP member:

  • Exclusive invitation from XE88.
  • Consistently play on the platform for 6 months and hit at least RM50,000 credit top-up in your account.
  • Manage to hit 1 grand jackpot in any of the XE88 slot games.


Claim The Free Credit During Midnight

This is another great tip that you can try out.

Based on some players’ feedback, you may get to claim the free credit without a deposit required during the midnight period.

This is simply because there will be less manpower in operation during the midnight period.

It is also the current loophole found in the XE88 online casino platform.

It is better for you to try out this method as soon as possible before the XE88 officials rectify this loophole.



Types Of XE88 Free Credits Available

As there are over 30 types of free credits available platform, we will choose a few most popular types of XE88 free credits to share in this section.


Welcome Free Credit

This is the first type of free credit that you can claim on the platform.

Once you have registered an XE88 member account, you can claim this free credit from customer service immediately.

If they approve your claim, this free credit will be auto-credited to your account right away.

This free credit is very useful for the new players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay at the initial stage.


High Roller Free Credit

This is another famous type of free credit available in the XE88 app.

When you bet in the game with a high amount consistently, this free credit will be available to you for a claim.

You can use this free credit to further increase your bet in order to achieve higher winning.

The best part is that this free credit does not require you to place any deposit.

However, there is a negative point to this free credit.

You can only use this free credit in the same game.

Once you switched to another game, you can no longer use this free credit anymore.


Festive Season Free Credit

Festive season free credit is another popular free credit in XE88.

Basically, you will get to claim these free credits on the platform during the Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hari Raya & New Year period.

Compare to other types of free credits, the festive season free credit is more lucrative.

However, these free credits do have a fixed quota and are claimed based on a first come first serve basis.

If you are late, you may not be able to claim these free credits.


XE88 Anniversary Free Credit

This is a special type of free credit available on the platform.

It is available for a claim every year in June.

June is the anniversary month of the XE88 online casino platform.

Basically, the amount of this free credit will vary every year.

However, based on the last two years’ trend, the free credit amount is increasing every year.


Unlimited XE88 Free Credits

The Unlimited XE88 Free Credit

In XE88, there is a method to get the unlimited XE free credit supply.

It is in the XE88 test id account.

There is unlimited free credit available in the test id account.

Basically, you do not need to top up any credit in this account.

The credit will be auto-reloaded when finish.

However, you need to register to become an XE88 member first in order to get to play in this account.

The unlimited free credit can be used in any game in this account.


XE88 Free Credit vs Mega888 Free Credit

Now, we will compare the XE88 free credit with another famous slot game platform free credit, the Mega888 free credit.

For your information, Mega888 free credit has been available in the market for more than 10 years.

In fact, the Mega888 is a well-known slot game app in Malaysia.


Free Credit Payout Speed

At the moment, both platforms will take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete the free credit claim process.

For XE88, it is very fast as this is still a relatively new platform.


Highest Amount Of Free Credit

For this part, XE88 will definitely beat Mega888.

The highest XE88 free credit amount can go up to 4 digits, while the highest Mega888 free credit amount is at 3 digits.

This is simply because XE88 is still aggressive in recruiting new players and gaining higher popularity for its platform.

Besides, XE88 also offers more types of free credits compared to the Mega888 app.



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