2022 XE88 Free Credit No Deposit Review

Is XE88 Free Credit No Deposit 2022 Really Exist? Or Scam?

The online casino free credit is always a great attraction point for the players.

Generally, those online casino platforms will have a large player base when they offer a lot of free credits to the players.

The XE88 is one of these online casino platforms.

In fact, XE88 online casino app offers more than 30 types of XE88 free credits for the players to claim.

If you are a regular XE88, you may even get to hear that there is XE88 free credit no deposit required available for claim.

In this article, we will debunk this free credit myth.



Which Channels Get To See The XE88 Free Credit No Deposit Ads?

Due to the high popularity of XE88 slot app, you will get to see the XE88 free credit no deposit ads in many types of channels.

Some of the channels are even the authorized XE88 advertising channels!


Social Media

Nowadays, everyone of us owns at least a social media account, be it Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter.

When you access to your social media account news feed, you will get to see the XE88 free credit no deposit ads frequently.

The ads format is either in graphics or short videos.

Sometimes, you will even get to see some KOLs appear in the ads as well.

However, these ads source does not necessarily come from the XE88 officials.

Sometimes, XE88 agents will create these ads to attract more new members to join in the XE88 platform.


Whatsapp & Telegram Group Ads

If you are an active online casino player, the Whatsapp or Telegram online casino groups shall not be strange to you.

Most of the time, you will get to see this XE88 free credit no deposit ads in these Whatsapp or Telegram groups.

These ads are mainly shared by the XE88 agents as well.

This is simply because this channel is an effective channel for the agents to recruit new XE88 players.

These groups are generally consisting of online casino players from different platforms.

Besides, you may get to see the Mega888 free credit ads and other online casino platform ads in these Whatsapp & Telegram groups.

Most of the time, once you have clicked into these ads, you will be re-directed to account registration instead of claiming the XE88 free credit no deposit.


XE88 Websites

You will get to find many XE88 download sites or registration sites available through Google search.

In some of these XE88 websites, you may get to see the XE88 free credit no deposit ads being showcased in the website banner section.

In fact, some of these websites are even the XE88 authorized websites.

Some ads will offer until 3 digits XE88 free credit for claim without requiring deposit.

In this case, you need to think twice before you decide to claim it.

This is because these free credit ads may not come from the Mega888 officials.

Furthermore, the online casino platform may be making a loss if it offers 3 digits free credits to the players on upfront.

XE88 Free Credit No Deposit Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads

The fourth common channel you will get to see the XE88 free credit no deposit ads is in the Youtube ads.

Generally, these video ads duration is in 10 to 15 seconds.

Most of the time, you will get to see some sexy casino girls promote this XE88 free credit in the videos.

Once you clicked the link to claim this free credit, you will be directed to the XE88 websites which offer different types of free credits for claim.

These Youtube ads are more trustable compared to the channels above.

Most of the XE88 video ads in Youtube are mainly created by the XE88 officials instead of the agents.


Online Betting Forum

This is another common platform where you get to see this XE88 free credit ads.

Generally, you will get to see the ads in two parts of the online betting forums.

The first part is at the column banner section in the forum.

These ads banners are mainly from the XE88 officials.

The second part is at the forum post content.

These post contents are mainly generated by the XE88 agents.



How To Get This XE88 Free Credit No Deposit

After a few rounds of verification with the XE88 officials, this XE88 free credit no deposit campaign does exist.

In this campaign, players do not need to place any deposit to claim the XE88 free credit.

However, you need to complete the full steps below  to be eligible to get this XE88 free credit.


1. Download The 2022 XE88 App

The first step is that you need to download the latest XE88 app to your device first.

You can download the app from App Store or from XE88 download sites.

If you are iPhone user, remember to select the XE88 iOS version for download.

Whereas Android phone user will need to select the XE88 Apk version for download.

Do make sure that you have at least 500MB storage space available in your device for this app.

XE88 Account Registration 2022

2. Register A XE88 Member Account

After you have completed the app download, you will need to proceed to register a XE88 member account.

Do provide all the relevant information correctly during the account registration.

Submit to XE88 customer service for your account registration approval.


3. Claim The XE88 Welcome Bonus

The next step is to claim the XE88 welcome bonus.

Once you become a registered XE88 member, you are eligible to claim the XE88 Welcome Bonus.

This welcome bonus serves as a token of appreciation from XE88 to thank you for joining the platform.

You can use this welcome bonus to play in any XE88 games.


4. Place Deposit of RM100 min and play in the XE88 games

This is an important step that you need to complete in order to be able claim the XE88 free credit with no deposit required.

You need to place at least RM100 or above in your XE88 game account and play in XE88 games.

You can choose to play in any XE88 games.

It is fine if you do not get to use up the RM100 credit completely in your game account.


5. Win At Least 5 Rounds In Any XE88 Games

This is the final step before you can claim this XE88 free credit.

It is also the most challenging step in the entire process.

You will need to win at least 5 rounds of game.

It can be any XE88 games.

If you are experienced online casino player, this step shouldn’t be too hard for you to complete.

In fact, you may choose to play the XE88 slot games if you are a new online casino player.

This is simply because the XE88 slot games are relatively easy to win compared to other types of XE88 online casino games.



Why XE88 Offer XE88 Free Credit No Deposit To Players?

There are a few reasons that the XE88 platform do offer such a great free credit deal to the players.

In fact, this XE88 free credit no deposit campaign is one of the main attractions that have attracted many new players to play in the platform.


Attract New Players To Join

The first reason is definitely to attract more players to join the platform.

In comparison of other top online casino platforms such as Mega888 and ECL Bet, XE88 player base is still relatively small.

Hence, it is pretty logical that the XE88 officials will need to apply some attractive marketing gimmicks to attract more new players to join.


Expand Market Share In The Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry is in fact a good profit industry.

The competition in this industry are getting stiffer as more new online casino brands are emerging in the market.

Being the top new brand in the market, XE88 would definitely plan to expand its market share in the online casino industry.


Switch Mega888 Players To Become XE88 Players

Mega888 slot app is definitely the strong competitor for XE88.

Both of these online casino apps do famous for offering huge variety of slot games in the platform.

Therefore, one of the reasons is definitely to convert the Mega888 players to become XE88 players.

This is also due to Mega888 does not offer free credits without deposit required for the players.


Reduce XE88 Players’ Financial Burden

This is another important reason for XE88 to offer this free credit in the platform.

Basically, it can help to reduce the players’ financial burden when playing in the XE88 games.

Besides, it can help the platform to build a loyal player base.


Other Online Casino Free Credit No Deposit Promotion T&C

Generally, not many online casino platforms will offer free credit without deposit to the players.

This is because it will cause a loss in profit for the platform if no proper control on this promotion offers.

A minority of online casino platforms will offer this type of free credits to player with certain terms and conditions.


Only Eligible For The VIP Member

In this case, only the VIP player in the platform can claim the free credit without deposit.

While majority of the normal players are not able to claim this free credit.


Achieve 50% Winning Rate Or More In Games

This is the second common requirement to get the free credit without deposit in other online casino platforms.

In most of the cases, it is a very challenging requirement to meet.

Most of the online casino platforms offer 30% plus winning odds for the players in the games.

In order to have a 50% winning chance in the game, the player require to have high level of betting skills plus luck as well.

By looking at the 2 requirements above, it is obvious that XE88 offers a much easier requirements for the players to meet in order to claim the XE88 free credit no deposit.



Can You Hack This XE88 Free Credit No Deposit?

There are few ways you may try to hack this XE88 free credit.

However, these few ways do not guarantee 100% success rate.

There are definitely risks you need to bare if it fails.


Hack Tips From XE88 Customer Service

If you have a good rapport with the XE88 customer service staff, you can try to get the free credit hack tips from them.

Generally, they only share these tips to those who are close with them.

Hence, having a good relationship with them are the important first step for you to get these hack tips.


Use XE88 Hacked Version App To Get XE88 Free Credit No Deposit

The second method is to play in the XE88 hacked version.

In this hacked version, you can claim the XE88 free credit without deposit required.

You can get the hacked version easily from Darknet marketplace.


Failed To Hack XE88 Free Credit No Deposit

What Happen If Fail To Hack The XE88 Free Credit No Deposit?

As mentioned above, there are certain risks which you will need to bare if fail to hack the free credit.

Firstly, XE88 officials will suspend your account for at least 1 month.

If you get caught on hacking on the free credit for more than 1 time, your member account will be banned permanently.

The platform will confiscate all the credits in your game account as well.


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