2022 XE88 Apk Unlimited Jackpot Winning Tips

2022 Secret Tips To Win Unlimited Jackpots In XE88 Apk

XE88 Apk is the android version XE88 online casino app.

The XE88 Apk is available for download on the website or Google Play Store.

Just like the XE88 official version, all the XE88 games are available in the XE88 Apk version as well.

In recent years, the player base for the XE88 Apk version has been larger than the player base for the XE88 iOS version.

This is simply because the Android device is more suitable to play the XE88 slot games.


XE88 Apk Latest Features

In the 2022 XE Apk version, there are a few latest features available.

These new features have attracted more players to play in this version.

In fact, the number of XE88 Apk version players has overtaken the number of Pussy888 Apk version players.

This indicates that the XE88 Apk is experiencing a solid growth trend.

Besides, the XE88 Apk version has started to gain popularity in the South East Asia market.

This is mainly because XE88 Apk is a specialized slot game app which able to match the demand of the majority South East Asia online casino players.


New Slot Games

One of the new features in the latest version of the XE88 Apk version is more new slot games available in the app.

These new slot games are the most sought-after slot games in the global market right now.

Some of the new slot games available are such as Steam Tower & Star Slot.

Basically, you can get to play in these new slot games so long as you have a member account in the XE88 app.

Furthermore, you can get exclusive free spins in these new slot games in the latest XE88 Apk version.

This will help you to increase your chance to win the jackpots in the slot games.

Besides, these new slot games have many mini jackpots available for winning.

Hence, it is safe to say that you can win the mini jackpots relatively easier compared to other slot games.



The second new feature is available in the E-Wallet function in the app.

Basically, you can top up credit in the E-Wallet via bank transfer, credit card, Touch & Go Wallet & even Grab Pay.

In the previous Apk version, players can only top up their credits via bank transfer or credit card.

Hence, this E-Wallet feature has provided great flexibility for the players for credit top-up and managing their betting fund.

At a later stage, the E-Wallet may accept cryptocurrency as well.

This E-Wallet feature has also fastened the credit deposit and withdrawal process.

Players no longer need to go through the XE88 customer service team for the credit deposit and withdrawal process.


Monthly Lucky Draw

The third new feature is the lucky draw events in the XE88 Apk app.

This lucky draw is open to all XE88 Apk players.

Basically, this lucky draw is organized on monthly basis.

There are plenty of prizes to be won in this monthly lucky draw event.

The small prize starts from free credits while the grand prize can be IT gadgets such as iPhone 12 or other Android phones.

This new feature has attracted many new players to join this app.

However, each player can only submit 1 entry for this monthly lucky draw.

The winners of this lucky draw are picked randomly.

If you get to win the free credits from this lucky draw, you are not able to convert them to cash.

You can only use the free credits to play in the XE88 games.


More Types Of Free Credits Without Deposit

The latest XE88 Apk version does come with new types of free credits.

In total, this platform has more than 30 types of free credits.

It is the only online casino platform at the moment which able to offer more than 30 types of free credits.

The best part is that these new types of free credits do not require players to place any deposit to claim.

Therefore, many XE88 Apk players can actually play and win in the game without using their own money.

Some of the new XE88 free credits without a deposit required are:

  • High Roller Free Credit
  • XE88 Lucky Time Free Credit
  • Grab & Win Free Credit

These new free credits are available for a claim on a frequent basis.

If you are lucky enough, you can even claim the free credits for more than 1 time!


Play Now Pay Later Feature

This is another attractive feature in the latest version.

Basically, it allows you to play the games first without requiring you to top up the credits.

Once you have finished a few rounds of games, the app will notify you to top up the credits accordingly if required.

If you win in the games, you do not need to top up any credits.

This feature is only available in the latest XE88 online casino platform.

It has helped many players to lighten their financial burden when playing the games.

However, there is a credit limit for this feature.

Generally, you cannot exceed RM500 credit in your gameplay in order to enjoy this feature.

If you are not able to top up the required credits, your account will get suspended immediately.



Secret Tips To Win Unlimited Jackpots In XE88 Apk

There are a few proven secret tips to win the jackpots in this latest version app.

These tips are different from the previous version winning tips.

In fact, many veteran players have tried out these tips and proven work for them.


Focus To Play In Slot Games

The very first important tip is to play in the XE88 Apk slot games.

As there are many types of slot games available on the platform, just pick the one which you have the most interested to play in.

Generally, the XE88 slot games do come with a lot of mini jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Therefore, your chances to win these mini jackpots will be relatively higher as well.

Besides, the XE88 slot games have more favorable player winning odds compared to other types of casino games.

Furthermore, you do not need to have a huge betting fund to play in the slot games.

The XE88 slot games are a perfect platform for those who wish to use small bets to achieve big winnings.


Play This App During Weekdays Midnight

The second tip was proven by plenty of XE88 top winners.

Generally, you will stand a higher winning chance when you play the app on weekdays at midnight.

In fact, you will have more than a 50% winning chance in most of the games during this period of time.

This is also the time when less active players play on the platform.

Plenty of the players who apply this method have been able to achieve a winning streak in the game easily.

Furthermore, this tip is suitable for beginners in online casinos as it does not require any technical skills.


Use Free Spins In The Slot Game To Play

This is another great secret tip to help you to win unlimited jackpots in the XE88 Apk version.

Basically, the free spins in the XE88 slot games are pretty easy to get.

You just need to fully utilize these free spins to play in the game.

It will increase your chance to hit the jackpots in slot games.

In fact, if you are able to accumulate the free spins in the slot games, you can win even more jackpots consistently in the games.

Even if you are unable to hit the jackpots in the slot game, the free spins can still help you to win some money in the game without using your own money.

However, these free spins can only be used in the same slot game.


Watch Tutorial Videos On Youtube

The fourth tip will require you to have good self-discipline to implement it.

You can watch the slot game tutorial videos on Youtube to master the jackpot-winning skills.

These videos are extremely useful for you to get the important jackpot-winning skills.

Most of the tutorial videos are created by the XE88 top slot game-winners.

However, you need to watch many of these tutorial videos in order to master the skills at a solid level.

Besides, you can drop a comment under the video if you have any questions regarding the tutorial video.

They are more than happy to answer your question most of the time.

Moreover, some of them are generous to share some of their free credits with your account!


Apply Martingale Strategy In The Game

This is another useful tip for you to win the jackpots easily in the slot game.

When you play in the slot game always start with a small bet.

Once you lose in the game, double up your bet in the next round of the game.

In this case, you will get to win and cover your previous loss in just 1 round of the game.

If you get to hit the jackpot, you can even get more winnings.

However, this method will require practice and can’t apply regularly.

You need to apply it at the right time.

Hence, this tip is more suitable for veteran slot game players.



FAQ On XE88 Apk

XE88 Apk Download Compatible With Which Android Device?

Yes, the XE88 Apk download is compatible with all types of Android devices.

You can download this app for all types of Android phones and tablets.

You just need to ensure that you have sufficient memory space for the app download on your Android device.


Does XE88 Apk Have Exclusive Free Credits?

Yes, according to XE88 officials, they will launch the XE88 Apk Exclusive Free Credits in the second half of 2022.

This free credit is only available for the XE88 Apk players.

The exclusive free credit amount starts from 3 digits and every player can only claim one time for this free credit.

This free credit cannot be transferred to other accounts.


 Why I Can’t Open My XE88 Apk app?

There are a few root causes for this issue.

The first root cause is that your device is not connected to the internet.

The second root cause is that your phone operating system is not updated to the latest version.

Thirdly, your account has been suspended by the XE88 officials.

To solve the first root cause, you need to ensure that your device is connected to the internet when opening the app.

For the second root cause, you can update your device operating system to the latest version, then open the app again.

In terms of the third root cause, you need to liaise with the XE88 customer support team to solve it accordingly.



Why Some Players Will Face Losing Streak in XE88 Apk?

There are a few common factors to cause you to experience a losing streak in the XE88 games.

If you don’t get to identify these factors, you will suffer a huge financial loss in playing the games.


Too Greedy

The first common factor is always being too greedy to win in the game.

You should always set a winning target in every game session.

Once achieved the winning target, stop playing immediately.

If you get greedy to win more, it is highly likely that you will start experiencing a losing streak in the game.


Lack Of Focus In Game Playing

This is another common factor to causes a losing streak in the game.

When you are not focused on playing the game, you are likely to use the wrong betting strategy and will lose easily.

Hence, you need to have a high focus level when playing the XE88 games.

You may try to play the game in a quiet and isolated space so that you can focus easily in playing the game.


Lack Of Game Practice

This is the third root cause.

Basically, you need to conduct practice regularly to minimize your losing chance in the game.

In terms of practice platform, you can always utilize the free XE88 Test ID account to practice in any XE88 games

Once you have gained enough practice, you are unlikely to experience a losing streak in your games.

Besides, you can turn losing into a winning streak easily when you have sufficient and consistent practice.




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