Mega888 iOS 2022 Ultimate Hack Guide

The Ultimate Hack Guide For Mega888 iOS Version 2022

Mega888 iOS 2022 version was launched at the beginning of 2022 by Mega888 officials.

It is the latest version of Mega888 iOS which is compatible with all iOS devices.

It is the official Mega888 download version for all iOS devices.

As usual, this latest version is available for free download.

So long as you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download and play in this Mega888 iOS 2022 version.

Just like the other version, we have been able to find out all the possible hack methods for this latest version.

If you are interested to master all these hack methods, make sure you finish reading this article.

It will help you to achieve consistent and massive winning.



Mega888 iOS 2022 New Features

This latest version comes with a few new features which significantly enhance your gaming experience in the app.


Chat Room Function

In every Mega888 casino game, you will be able to find the new chat room feature in it.

This chat room function allows you to chat with other Mega888 players in the same game.

Basically, you can utilize this chat room to meet new friends and share your gaming experience with others.

Besides, you can also discuss game strategies with other players to win together in the game.

This chat room function can allow players to chat via voice chat and text typing.

The best part is this chat room function is totally free.

Once you have installed the Mega888 iOS 2022 version, this feature will be readily available in your game account.

Cryptocurrency Usage For Credit Top Up

Good news for all cryptocurrency holders, you can top up the credit in Mega888 iOS 2022 version by using cryptocurrency.

This definitely will provide better flexibility in credit top-up methods.

The platform accepts the following cryptocurrency at the moment:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Stellar
  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot

There is no extra transaction fee that will be charged for using cryptocurrency to top up the credits.

In fact, Mega888 officials did announce that the platform will accept NFT as well in the later stage.

This is definitely good news for players who have NFT and cryptocurrency.


Free New Games

The Mega888 iOS 2022 version also launches a few exclusive new games on the platform.

These games are only available on the Mega888 iOS 2022 platform, you are not able to find them in Mega888 Apk 2022 or other Mega888 versions app.

The new games are mainly slot games.

Besides, there are also exclusive welcome free credits available for the players to claim in these new games.

Players do not need to pay anything to claim these free credits.

However, they cannot use these free credits on other Mega888 games.

Furthermore, they cannot cash out these free credits or transfer these free credits to other accounts.


New Types Of Free Credits

Aside from exclusive new games, this latest version also offers new types of free credits for the players.

The new types of free credits are as follows:

  • Happy Hour Free Credit
  • Ladies Night Free Credit
  • Lucky Strike Free Credit

The best part is all these new free credits do not require players to place any deposit to claim.

Players can use these free credits to play any Mega888 games.

These free credits can be claimed more than 1 time as well.

This great feature has helped to reduce the financial burden of many players.

Moreover, players can have a better chance to win more in the Mega888 games.


Mega888 iOS 2022 Free Gifts & Winning Prizes

Free Gifts & Prizes Available In Mega888 iOS 2022

In this section, we will share out all the free gifts and winning prizes available in this latest version.

Compared to the previous version, there are more winning prizes and free gifts available in the new version.


Free Credits

This is the first type of free gift in the Mega888 iOS 2022 version.

Compared to the previous version, there are more types of free credits available in this version.

So long as you are a registered Mega888 player, you are eligible to claim these free credits to your game account.

Basically, you can claim these free credits through the Mega888 customer service or Mega888 agents.

As long as you have fulfilled the requirements, these free credits will be credited to your account immediately.

Bear in mind that, you are not allowed to cash out these free credits under normal situations.

You can only use them to play the Mega888 games.

Free Spins

Free spins are the freebies you can get in the slot game.

Generally, the free spins are available in all Mega888 slot games.

However, not all slot games offer the same quantity of slot games.

Hence, it is advisable to play in those slot games which offer more free spins to you.

These free spins can actually allow you to play more rounds of the game without using your own credits.

Besides, it will also increase your chance of hitting the jackpot in the slot game.


Free Demo Account In Mega888 iOS 2022

The third free gift you will get in this latest version is the free demo account.

This free demo account is also known as the Mega888 Test ID account.

It allows you to play the Mega888 games for free.

Basically, you do not need to top up any credit in the test ID account.

The credits in the test ID account will be reloaded automatically once finished.

Many players will use this test ID account as a platform to train their betting skills.

Besides, it can also help the players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay in any Mega888 game.

Just take note that you are not allowed to cash out the credits from this test ID account.

Moreover, this demo account is also suitable for those who do not wish to bet with real money.

You can just play in the demo account as pure fun and entertainment.



Mini Jackpots

In Mega888 slot games, mini jackpots are one of the main attractions in the game.

Unlike the grand jackpots, it is usually easier to win the mini jackpot in the slot game.

The quantity of mini jackpots in the game is also more than the grand jackpots.

In fact, some experienced players will just aim for the mini jackpots when playing slot games.

Furthermore, these mini jackpot prize amounts are pretty lucrative as well.

Some of the mini jackpots can go up to 6 figures!



Grand Jackpots

Grand jackpots are the highest tier of winning prizes in the slot game.

Generally, it is extremely difficult to hit the grand jackpot in slot games.

You need a high level of betting skills plus luck to get a fair chance to hit the grand jackpot.

If you manage to hit 1 grand jackpot, you may have the chance to become a millionaire straight away.

In the playing history of Mega888, there are not more than 5 players have hit the grand jackpot in the slot game.

Having said that, hitting the grand jackpot is still an ultimate goal for most of the Mega888 players.


Winning Payout

Winning payout is the prize you will get when you win in the Mega888 game.

Basically, it will be given in a form of a credit to your game account.

You can then cash out these winning credits from your account.

The winning payout varies in each type of game on the Mega888 platform.

Generally, the most attractive winning payout you can get on the Mega888 platform will be from slot games and sports bets.



The Ultimate Hack Tips For Mega888 iOS 2022

This is the most important section of this article.

These hack tips have a high success rate and are mostly shared by the top winners on the Mega888 platform.

All the hack tips are applicable to the Mega888 iOS 2022 version.

You may have heard of some of these hack tips before in the previous version, however, they are still effective in the new version.


Use Mega888 Trick Code 2022

Mega888 Trick Code is an online hack app that specifically applies to the Mega888 app only.

This hack app is available online for free.

However, you need to be aware that some of the Mega888 Trick Code apps are not the original version.

Only the original version app can hack effectively on the Mega888 app.

Basically, you can get unlimited free credit supply in your game account by using this app.

You can then use these free credits to play any Mega888 games.

Even though you can’t cash out the free credits, you can cash out the winning credits in the game.


Build A Good Relationship With Mega888 Customer Service

This is also another effective method.

If you have a good rapport with the Mega888 customer service and agent, you will be able to claim the free credits from them unlimited times.

Basically, they can credit the free credit to you anytime.

Besides, they can even help you to cash out some of the free credits sometimes.

Furthermore, you will be able to get some secret winning tips from them occasionally.

This method does not require you to have good technical skills.

You just need to have the good soft skill to make this method works.


Get Online Casino Hack App From Dark Market

Dark Market is an online marketplace famous for selling all kinds of online casino hack apps.

There are many hack apps that are applicable on Mega888 iOS 2022 version.

Some of the hack apps can help you to win the slot game mini jackpots consistently.

However, most apps do not come cheap.

They are charged in USD generally.

Before you purchase any hacking app from there, make sure you have gone through the app review by other users.


Hire A Professional Hacker

This is the most powerful method you can apply to hack the app effectively.

There are plenty of professional hackers available in the market.

You just need to find the one which suits your budget.

Generally, they can help you to customize any hacking app to hack the Mega888 online casino.

However, this method comes with the highest cost compared to other methods.

If you are budget-constrained, you can try other methods first before applying this method.


Focus On Slot Game With A Lot Of Mini Jackpots

This method is the easiest method of all.

If you are a beginner at Mega888 games, it is recommended to use this method first.

As you play in the Mega888 slot games which have a lot of mini jackpots, you will have a fair chance to hit these jackpots.

You just need to focus when playing these slot games.

Persistence and self-discipline are the keys to making this method works.



How Much Can I Win In Mega888 iOS 2022 With The Hack Guide?

With the implementation of the methods shared above, you are likely to generate monthly 5 figures winning income consistently.

If you are able to combine the methods above and use them smartly, you can even generate monthly 6 figures winning income!

There is an important note here, you should not rely on 1 method for too long.

The Mega888 anti-hack system can detect it easily.


Mega888 iOS 2022 Hack Methods Risk

The Risks Of The Hack Guide

The hack guide above does come with a few risks.

In fact, you are not able to eliminate these risks totally.

The potential risks are:

  • Mega888 may suspend your member account for some time.
  • Mega888 may blacklist your member account permanently


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