Mega888 Agent

Mega888 Agent 2022

As the Mega888 platform has been growing at a lightning speed in recent years, the platform required more manpower to support the operation.

The demand for agent roles in this platform has increased correspondingly as well.

The Mega888 agent is not the in-house staff of Mega888.

In fact, you can choose to be a Mega888 agent on a full-time or part-time basis.

If you are a Mega888 player, you can become the agent as well.

The Roles of Mega888 Agent

There are a few roles and responsibilities as an agent.

Whether you are working as an agent full-time or part-time, the roles and responsibilities are the same.

Based on the experience of the currently active agents, the roles are pretty easy to handle.

Recruit New Member

The first responsibility is to recruit new players to join the platform.

You can recruit anyone to join as a member of the Mega888 platform.

For the new starter, you can always recruit your friend or family member to join the platform.

You will get paid for recruiting a new member.

The more people you get to recruit, the more you get to earn.

As the Mega888 platform is very famous in the market, it is not hard to recruit new members.

Setup Member Account For New Players

The second responsibility is to assist the new member in setting up the account.

As there are a few steps to follow to set up a new member account, not all new players are familiar with the steps.

Hence, you need to assist with this as much as you can.

It is also a good opportunity for you to build a good rapport with the new players as well.

Sometimes, you can even get some tips from the new player for helping them set up the new account.

Provide App Usage Guidance To New Players

This is the third role of the agent.

As there are many games and plenty of functions in the app, it is better for you to guide the new players on the app usage.

So that they can start playing the app as soon as possible.

Then, you can get paid when they win or lose in the game.

It also gives a good impression to the new players on your service and you can build a loyal member base under you.

Assist Player In Credit Withdrawal and Deposit

This is one of the most important roles for the agent.

Basically, the daily credit withdrawal and deposit transactions can be a lot if you have many active players under you.

You will need to assist them at your best level to complete the credit withdrawal and deposit in the shortest time.

Generally, one credit withdrawal or deposit process takes less than 10 minutes.

You need to try your best to maintain this process duration record so that you can get further rewards from Mega888.

Monitor Member Betting Activities In The App

The last responsibility is to monitor your players’ betting activities in the app.

You will need to ensure that your players do not violate the rules and regulations when playing in the app.

If you found out about suspicious activities done by your players, you need to report them to Mega888 customer service immediately.

How To Become Mega888 Agent

There are a few ways to register and become a Mega888 agent.

The first way is you can register to become an agent through the Mega888 Agent website.

You just need to fill up all the required info and submit it for review and approval.

The second way is through Mega888 customer service.

You can contact the customer service team and inform them of your interest to become an agent.

They will assist you accordingly in the registration process.

The third method is that you can email Mega888 to express your interest in becoming an agent.

The Benefits Of Becoming a Mega888 Agent

Earn Fast Money

The first benefit of becoming an agent is that you will be able to earn fast money.

Thanks to the fast payout scheme by Mega888 officials, you will get paid on weekly basis for the tasks you have accomplished.

If you are hardworking enough, getting five figures monthly pay is definitely possible!

 Get To Know Many Mega888 Game Secret Winning Tips

If you are a Mega888 player, this is another benefit you will get for becoming an agent.

Basically, you will get to know many game-secret winning tips from the Mega888 internal team.

These secret tips are highly effective and can help you to win more easily.

So in this way, you will get to earn even more from the platform.

 Stable Source Of Income

Becoming an agent also can build a stable source of income.

As the app has high popularity in the market, it is not hard to recruit new members and get them to play actively in the app.

Hence, your income as an agent can be pretty stable so long as you have a certain number of active players under you.

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