Download XE88 2022 Tips For Jackpot Win

The Secret Tips To Download XE88 & Win Slot Game Jackpot Right Away

XE88 is an online casino app which can be played in desktop and mobile devices.

Basically, it supports in all kinds of iOS and Android devices.

Due to the high popularity of this online casino app, there are different methods to download XE88 original app.

Most importantly, the XE88 app download is free of charge.

Once you have downloaded the XE88 app, you can play in all the XE88 games.

There are different categories of online casino games available in the XE88 app:

  • Slot Games
  • Live Casino Games
  • Card Games
  • Sports Bet
  • Lottery Bet
  • Roulette & Sicbo


Usual Methods To Download XE88 Original Version

As mentioned above, there are few ways to get download XE88 app for free.

  • App Store & Google Play Store

The first usual method is to download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can find the App Store or Google Play Store in your mobile device.

Basically, you just need to search latest XE88 version in the App Store or Play Store.

Then you can click on the download button to start the app download immediately.

  • XE88 Authorized Websites

The second method is to download XE88 app in the XE88 authorized websites.

There are plenty of XE88 authorized websites in Google.

You just need to search on “Download XE88 Original App” in the Google Search.

Generally, the first two pages in the Google search results are the XE88 authorized websites.

Besides, every XE88 authorized websites do provide download guide and instructions.

You just need to follow the full instructions and you will never go wrong with it.


Secret Tips To Download XE88 App & Win The Slot Game Jackpot

Beside using the usual methods to download XE88 app for free, there are some secret ways to get the better download benefits for the app as well.

If you are able to use these methods to download the app, you can easily hit the XE88 mini jackpot in the slot game right away.

These secret tips are not commonly available online.

In fact, only a small bunch of experienced XE88 players know these tips.


  • Darknet Market Place

The first secret tip is to get the XE88 download app from the Darknet Market Place.

The Darknet is a famous international marketplace for all kinds of hacked apps trading.

You can get the hacked version of XE88 download app in this marketplace.

However, you will need to prepare some fund to pay for the hacked version of XE88.

Once you get to complete the purchase and download XE88 hacked version from Darknet, you will get to strike the mini jackpot in the slot game during the start of the game.

In fact, this XE88 hacked version can allow you to have higher winning chance in other types of XE88 games as well.


  • XE88 Agent

The second secret tip is to get the special XE88 download version from the XE88 agent.

This special XE88 download version is unlike the usual version which can be obtained from App Store or XE88 Authorized websites.

Once you get to download XE88 special version, you can get higher chance to strike the mini jackpots in the slot games.

This XE88 special version is not the hacked version of XE88 app.

It is still considered the original version of XE88 app.


  • Download The App During Weekend Midnight

The third tip is to download XE88 app during weekend midnight period.

In this approach, you will still able to download the original XE88 app.

After you have downloaded the app, you need to register an account and start playing in the slot game immediately.

During the first few rounds of the game, you are likely to win a mini jackpot in the game.

This is actually a loophole in the original XE88 app.

You should utilize it as soon as possible before the XE88 backend team fix this loophole.


  • Download Mega888 App First Then Download XE88 App

The fourth trick is to download the Mega888 App first then only download XE88 app.

If you already have the Mega888 slot app in your device, you can skip the first step.

This is a secret trick that not many players know.

The success rate for this trick to win you a mini jackpot in the XE88 slot game is pretty high.

Besides, you will get to enjoy two best slot apps at the same time in your device.



The Things To Look Out When Download XE88 Slot App

When you download XE88 slot app, you need to aware of a few things to ensure smooth download.

  • Internet Connection

Firstly, you need to ensure that your device is connected to stable internet connection before start download.

This is to ensure that you are able to complete the download smoothly and short period of time.

If your internet connection is not stable, we do not recommend you to download the XE88 app first.

When your device has a stable internet connection, you can complete the entire app download in less than 3 minutes time.


  • Device Storage Space

The second point you need to look into is the device storage space.

You need to ensure that your mobile device has at least 500mb free space before download XE88 app.

Else, you will not be able to complete the app download in your mobile device.

In fact, it is better that you can have at least 2GB free space to cater for the XE88 app.

This is because the app will take up more storage spaces at the later stage to store your game account data.

Try to clear up some apps if your device storage space is less than 500MB.


  • Fake XE88 Slot Version

The third point you should be aware is the fake XE88 slot version.

In fact, there are many fake XE88 versions available for download in online.

Some of these fake versions are easily available in the social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.

These fake XE88 versions do come with plenty of disadvantages for the players:

  • Slow pay out to players
  • Less games in the app
  • No free spins and free credits for claim in the app

Hence, you should avoid to play in the fake 88 versions in all cases.


  • XE88 iOS Or XE88 Apk

The fourth thing you need to look out for is the right app version for download.

There are XE88 iOS and XE88 Apk download versions in most of the download platforms.

If you are iPhone user, then you need to select the XE88 iOS download version.

Whereas the Android phone user will need to select the XE88 Apk download version.


  • Tips To Increase XE88 Game Winning Chance

The fifth point is to get the XE88 game tips to increase your game winning chance before download.

In most of the cases, players will only start to look for game winning tips after download and start playing in the app.

Sometimes it is a little too late as you may have lost in the first few rounds in the game.

Hence, it is advisable to obtain some game winning tips first before you download and start playing in the XE88 app.


How To Download XE88 When In Oversea

When you are in oversea, you still get to download XE88 app for free.

However, there are a few different steps you need to implement when you download the app from oversea.

  • Firstly, you need to switch the DNS code in your device to the Malaysia DNS code.
  • After that you can connect your device to the oversea internet connection.
  • Next you can switch the app download language to English or Malay.
  • Lastly, you can proceed to download the app as usual.


How To Start Playing In XE88 Games When You Have No Betting Budget

If you do not have betting budget but still interested to play in the XE88 app, there are a few tricks to help you to achieve it.

In fact, some of these tricks can win you some fast cash without using your own money!


Download XE88 App & Claim The XE88 Welcome Free Credits

After you have registered a member account in the app, you can claim the XE88 Welcome Free Credits immediately.

The amount of the free credits varies from RM50 to RM200.

You can then apply these free credits to play in any XE88 games without requiring any betting fund from your side.

The best recommendation is to play in the XE88 slot game by using these free credits.

This is simply because the betting amount require in the slot games are relatively lower, however you will stand a chance to win massively by hitting the game jackpot.


Request XE88 Agent To Give You Free Credits

If you are close with the XE88 agent, you can actually apply this method to play for free in the XE88 app.

Generally, all the XE88 agents do have a certain amount of XE88 free credits to give out.

However, it is up to them on who to give out the free credits.

Therefore, if you have a good rapport with the agents, you can get these free credits easily.

Once you have won in the game, you can return these free credits to the agent accordingly together with some tips if possible.


Play In XE88 Test ID account

The third method to allow you to play in the XE88 platform for free is to play in the XE88 test id account.

Basically, you will be able to get a XE88 test id account for free after you have become the XE88 member.

There are unlimited XE88 free credits in the test id account.

Hence, you can play in any XE88 games in the test id account by using the unlimited free credits.

However, you are not able to cash out the winning credits or the free credits from the test id account.

In fact, many experienced players will treat the test id account as a training ground to upgrade their playing skills.


Borrow credits From XE88 Customer Service

This is the last resort if all the methods above do not work for you.

You can secretly contact the XE88 customer service to borrow some game credits from them to play in the XE88 app.

However, you need to make sure that you are able to return the credits to them within the given time frame.

Else, your account will be suspended immediately.

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