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Secret Tips To Become Mega888 VIP | Unlimited Bonuses

Nowadays, many online casino platforms have launched VIP member accounts for their players.

The objective is mainly to serve as an appreciation token for the players who have played actively on the platforms.

Different from the normal account, a VIP account normally comes with exclusive benefits and features.

This account also helps to retain the active and loyal players in the online casino platforms.

Among so many VIP accounts available on different platforms, the Mega888 VIP account is the most sought-after one.

Mega888 VIP account was available since 2019. Many players agreed that this account does come with many attractive benefits.

Mega888 VIP Exclusive Benefits

Many Mega888 players feel honored to become Mega888 VIP Members.

There are a lot of exclusive benefits available for the VIP members.

In fact, most of these benefits are not available on other online casino platforms.

Exclusive Mega888 VIP Free Credit

If you are an active Mega888 player, you will know how generous Mega888 new version is in giving out different types of free credits.

However, there is one type of free credit that normal Mega888 players can’t claim. It is the Mega888 VIP Free Credit.

Only players who have VIP accounts are able to claim this free credit.

The free credit value is also significantly higher than other types of free credits.

The best part is, that you do not need to deposit or top up your account to get this free credit.

Exclusive Jackpot & Bonus In Slot Games

We know that Mega888 online casino is famous for a large variety of slot games.

If you are the Mega888 VIP member, you will get to unlock and win certain exclusive jackpots and bonuses in some slot games.

You are unable to win these jackpots and bonuses if your account is a normal account.

The winning prize amount for these VIP exclusive jackpots can go up to 7 figures!

Invitation To Play In Mega888 Annual Tournament

In order to further grow Mega888 branding in other regions, Mega888 has organized Mega888 Tournament annually.

This tournament allows the Malaysia professional players to compete with other pros from other regions.

If you are a VIP member of Mega888, you will get an exclusive invitation to join the tournament.

Based on the feedback from last year’s participants, it was a great experience to play in the tournament.

Furthermore, they can get to know new friends from other regions as well.

Higher Preset Game Winning Odds In Slot Game

As you know playing on online casino platforms, your winning odds in game are pretty set in most of the time.

To be honest, the player winning odds is lower than 50% in most of the games.

However, that’s a different story if you are a Mega888 VIP member.

The VIP account player winning odds in games has been preset to be higher.

Generally, the winning odds for VIP players fall around 60%.

This is a great feature for the members to be able to win more on the platform.

Higher Free Credits Amount In Festive Season

During festive seasons such as Chinese New Year & Christmas, Mega888 will give out free credits to all players.

The free credits amount is pretty standard and fixed for all the normal members.

If you have a VIP account, you will get higher amount of festive season free credit.

These festive season free credit amount for VIPs is generally 2 times more than the normal member free credit amount.

Private Serve From Dedicated Account Manager

When you are a VIP member, Mega888 will allocate an account manager to serve you personally.

You can get the account manager to help you with all your request, including:

  • Cash deposit & withdrawal
  • Free credit claim
  • Account info update
  • Jackpot prize redemption
  • Account related issue

How To Get The Mega888 VIP Account

If you check out the Mega888 official site, it only stated that VIP account registration is only on an invitation basis only.

However, there are actually some proven ways to get your account promoted to VIP account.

You just need to full fill the following criteria:

1) Join As Mega888 Player For More Than 3 Months

This is the very first criteria. The 3 months period is so-called a probation period for every member.

Once you have joined the platform for more than 3 months, the first criteria are met.

2) Monthly Deposit Of RM10,000 & Above For 3 Consecutive Months

This is the second criteria. You need to deposit at least RM10,000 and above every month and utilize the deposit in Mega888 games.

If you have a tight betting budget to achieve this requirement, you can get a few friends to share the deposit pay in 1 account.

There is another benefit to this approach. You will get more free credits amount as well from other free credit promotions.

3) Hit At Least One Progressive Or Mini Jackpot In Slot Game

The third criteria will be that you need to get at least 1 mini or progressive jackpot in your gameplay.

This is actually to testify to your game-playing skill. This applies to any slot games on Mega888 platform.

Referral By Another Mega888 VIP Member

This is one of the fastest shortcuts to becoming VIP member.

If you get to know any of the current Mega888 VIP members, don’t hesitate to get their help on this.

The VIP account application through this method is 100% proven work.

VIP Benefits & Features

VIP Account Special Features

The VIP account does come with a few exclusive features.

These features can benefit you in different aspects and enhance your gaming experience greatly.

1) Able To Play Multiple Games At The Same Time

In a normal account, you can only play one game at a time.

This is a different case when comes to VIP accounts. You can play multiple games at the same time.

This feature will provide you with a great advantage if you are achieving winning streaks in multiple games.

By applying this feature, you will be able to win massive winnings in a short time.

2) Faster Deposit & Withdrawal Processing Time

Normally you need to few hours for the deposit and withdrawal processes in your account.

If you have a VIP account, deposit and withdrawal processes can be done within less than 30 minutes.

This feature gives you better flexibility in your betting fund management.

Furthermore, you will get instant updates from your dedicated account manager during the deposit or withdrawal process.

3) Able To Cash Out Free Credits From Mega888 VIP Account

This only can be done in VIP account. When you successfully claimed any free credits in Mega888, you can choose to cash out or remain in the account.

Mega888 Login 2022

Mega888 VIP Account Login Guide

Just like the normal account, you need to access the Mega888 app on your device first before logging in.

After that, just follow the steps below to log in to your VIP account.

  • Fill in your Account ID & Password
  • Fill in your specific VIP ID
  • Place your thumbprint for verification

After that, you should be able to log in to your VIP account.

As you can see, the VIP account login comes with more security steps. This is to ensure that your VIP account is not being hacked easily.

There are another 2 important notes when you log in to the VIP account:

  • Do ensure your mobile device is updated with the latest operating system
  • Make sure you have deleted all Mega888 old version apps (918Kiss & SCR888)

Criteria To Renew Mega888 VIP Account

The Mega888 VIP account needs to be renewed on yearly basis. Basically, you need to meet the following criteria in order to be able to get the account renewal.

  • The yearly total deposit must be above RM125,000
  • You need to maintain an average of 20% winning rate in the Mega888 slot games
  • You must remain active in this account by doing weekly login
Mega888 VIP Player Tommy Yap

Mega888 VIP Player Made Fortune In Mega888 To Cover His Marriage Cost

This is famous news among all the Mega888 VIP members.

The respective VIP member who made this achievement is Tommy Yap.

Currently, he is still an active Mega888 VIP member.

Tommy Yap Background

Tommy is just a normal working adult in KL before he becomes a VIP member in Mega888.

He has a girlfriend which has been through 8 years of relationship with him.

They were planning to marry in 2021.

However, Tommy lost his full-time job in 2020 due to MCO.

During that moment, he has lost his stable income stream and still does not have sufficient funds for his dream marriage.

How Tommy Discover Mega888 & Made A Fortune From It

One day, Tommy come across Mega888 ads in his Facebook news feed. Out of curiosity, he accesses the official Mega888 website.

After reading all the players’ reviews and researching the app’s background, he decided to give it a try.

He deposited RM1,000 to kick start in Mega888 game playing.

Due to his decent past experience in casino card games, Tommy gets to achieve his winning streak in Mega888 baccarat after a few days of playing.

He also utilizes the Mega888 welcome bonus wisely to help him achieve higher winnings.

Achieve RM800,000 Winnings After 3 Months & Successfully Become Mega888 VIP Member

Since then, Tommy spend at least 8 hours a day on Mega888 app.

Besides, he also constantly research on latest betting strategies and tips to win more in Mega888 games.

In the meantime, he also learns to play the Mega888 slot games.

With the combination of consistent effort and talent, he gets to achieve an accumulated winning of RM800,000 after 3 months!

His girlfriend was extremely surprised that how her boyfriend can achieve that.

The best part is that they get to carry out their marriage in 2021 without worrying about the marriage cost.

After 3 months, Tommy was being offered to become a VIP member in Mega888.

He was extremely grateful for it.

From his point of view, his life could have been tougher if he did not come across  Mega888 platform during that time.

Tommy’s Advice For The New Players In Mega888

Today, Tommy is still an active VIP member in Mega888 with continuous high game-winning records.

Besides, he also shares his experience and guides often the new joiners in Mega888.

One of his useful pieces of advice was when you decided to play in Mega888, be focused and persistent in it.

This is because the platform provides fair winning odds to the players. If you are persistent enough, you will still achieve winning in the long run.

Besides, it will help you to avoid losing streak in the Mega888 game as well.

2022 Version

Mega888 2022 VIP Latest Version

The Mega888 2022 VIP version was just available a few months ago.

Compared to previous versions, there are few features that have been upgraded in this new version.

More 3D Effects In Slot Games

In the latest VIP version, you will find more 3D effects implemented in the gameplay.

These effects create a more engaging gaming experience for the players.

Some of the slot games which come with new 3D effects are Dolphin Reef, Pokemon, Panther Moon & etc.

Monthly Reward For Top Active Mega888 VIP Member

This is a new reward scheme for the Mega888 VIP members.

Every month, the Mega888 team will select the 3 most active VIP members and send them a reward.

The rewards so far received by the winners were electronic gadgets, such as PS5, Nintendo Switch & iPad.

Mega888 VVIP Account In The Future

There is no official news so far from Mega888 on the launch of VVIP account in the future.

However, according to a reliable source from Mega888 internal team, the management team is planning to launch this top privilege account this coming year.

The main reason to launch this account from  Mega888 management team is to provide a token of appreciation to the active & loyal VIP members.

If this news turns out to be true, it will definitely bring Mega888 branding and business to a greater height.

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