2022 Pussy888 Free Download & Jackpot Winning Guide

2022 Pussy888 Free Download Guide & Secret Features For Jackpot Winning

Pussy888 online casino app is one of the latest online slot app available in Malaysia.

Ever since it launched, plenty of players feedback that the game varieties and app features are comparable to Mega888 official slot app.

One of the biggest attraction points of this online casino app is the Pussy888 free download feature.

This means that you can download the Pussy888 app for free.

This Pussy888 free download are applicable for iOS and Android devices.

So long you have an iPhone or Android phone, you will be able to download the app for free.


Why Pussy888 Platform Offer Pussy888 Free Download

If you look at the other online casino apps in the market, actually not all the apps will offer free download to the players.

Some top online casino platforms such as Mega888 app, does offer free Mega888 download.

In fact, some online casino apps will require players to pay a high amount of download fee.

However, this is not the case in Pussy888 app.

The app download is 100% free of charge.

In this section, we will unveil the reasons of Pussy888 for offering free download on the app.


Expand Its Player Base and Fanbase

The first reason is to expand the player base in the platform.

As the online casino industry is getting more competitive, it is very important for the online casino operators to grow their active player base as much as they can.

This is to ensure that they are still able to sustain the online casino business in this industry.

As a new online casino platform, it is a good move for Pussy888 to offer the Pussy888 free download app for all players.

It will further enhance the new players’ memory point on this app.

From there, this free download offer will help to attract more new players to join as member in the app.


Lighten Players’ Financial Burden

The second reason is for the sake of the players’ benefit.

By offering the app download for free to the new Pussy888 players, it will be a good help to lighten the Players’ financial burden.

In most of the online casino players’ mindset, they will always need to prepare a significant amount of financial budget when they want to play in the online casino app.

The financial budget normally used for online casino app download free, account registration fee and game credit top up.

In Pussy888, the app download and account registration are totally free of charge.

Basically, you only need to pay for the game credit top up to play in the game or deposit to claim certain free credits.


Become Competitive With Other Online Casino Apps

The third reason is to become competitive with other online casino apps in the market.

Some of the online casino apps such as Mega888 and XE88 offer many exclusive features in the app.

This has made the online casino industry become very competitive.

Hence, it is important for the Pussy888 app to offer free download for the players to maintain its competitiveness in the market.

Furthermore, Pussy888 app also offers plenty of great features in the app to attract more new players to play in the app.


Increase Pussy888 Branding Popularity In The Market

The fourth reason is to boost the branding of Pussy888 in the market.

As there are so many online casino apps available in the market, branding is important for online casino app to attract new players and sustain in the market.

Therefore, the free download approach is part of the effort for Pussy888 to increase its branding popularity in the market.


Where Can Get The Original Pussy888 Free Download Version

This is the next important questions for the players who would like to play in Pussy888 app.

Even though there are many channels to get the Pussy888 free download version, only a few can guarantee you to get the original version.

Besides, there are many fake Pussy888 free download version available, hence you need to beware of it as well.

  • App Store & Google Play Store

The first channel where you can get the original free download version is through App Store or Google Play Store.

This channel will offer the latest Pussy888 free download version for you to download.

Besides, it is the easiest and most convenient method to download the app through this channel.


  • Pussy888 Authorized Agents

The second method to get the original free download version is through the Pussy888 authorized agents.

If you are not a tech savvy, you can always use this method to ensure that you get the original version.

Just contact the Pussy888 agent and request for the original app download.

They will share you the download link accordingly.

If you are having issues to complete the app download, they can assist you on this issue as well.

Most importantly, you do not need to pay the agent any fee to get this app download.


  • Pussy888 Official Website

The third approach is to get the free download app in the Pussy888 official website.

Basically, you can get the original Pussy888 app download and the full download guide in the official website.

There are Pussy888 iOS and Pussy888 Apk versions available in the official website.

You just need to choose the version which compatible with your mobile device and follow the download guide to get the app downloaded to your device.


What Are The Other Freebies You Can Get For Pussy888 Other Than Pussy888 Free Download App

Other than free download app, there are other freebies available in the Pussy888 app as well.

These freebies are the strong attraction points to the online casino players.

  • Pussy888 Free Spins

Basically, you can get the Pussy888 free spins in the slot games.

These are the attractive freebies available in all the Pussy888 slot games.

The free spins allow you to play the slot games without using your own game credits.

Besides, these free spins can actually increase your chance to hit the mini jackpots in the slot games.

  • Pussy888 Test ID Account

The second freebie you can get in the Pussy888 platform is the Pussy888 test ID account.

This test id account is available for all Pussy888 members for free.

You are able to get this test id account once you become the member in the app.

This test id account allows you to play in any Pussy888 games without using your own money.

Of course, you are not able to cash out the credits from this test id account.

In fact, many players will utilize this test id account as a training platform to brush up their betting skills in the game.

  • Pussy888 Free Credit

The third freebie is the most attractive freebie in the Pussy888 app, which is the free credits.

Pussy888 offers more than 20 types of free credits for the players to claim.

Some of the popular free credits are:

  • Pussy888 Welcome Free Credit
  • Festive Season Free Credit
  • Happy Hour Free Credit
  • Birthday Free Credit
  • Pussy888 Anniversary Free Credit

Some of these free credits do not require players to place any deposit to claim.

With these free credits available, it has helped the players to maximize their winnings in the game significantly.

  • Pussy888 Free Game Guide

This free game guide is extremely useful for the new players.

As there are many types of online casino games available in Pussy888 app, this free game guide serves as a useful guide for the new players to understand all the game play in different games.

It is available for free in each member account.


The Pussy888 Secret Features For Easy Jackpot Winning

This is another famous topic among the Pussy888 players.

In fact, Pussy888 app produces the most jackpot winners compare to other online casino platforms.

This is mainly due to the secret features in the app which makes the jackpot winning journey easier for the players.

In this section, we will unveil these secret features to you.


Certain Slot Games Offer More Bonus

This is the first secret feature in the Pussy888 app.

Some of the Pussy888 slot games offer more game bonuses in the game.

This has helped the player to get higher chance to hit the progressive jackpots and mini jackpots.

Furthermore, these game bonuses are extremely easy to obtain.


The Secret Functions Of Pussy888 Free Credits & Free Spins

The second secret feature is the secret functions of the free credits and free spins in the game.

When you play the slot games using Pussy888 free credit and free spins, your chance to hit the game jackpot will increase by at least 10%.

This feature has been tested and verified by many Pussy888 players.

Therefore, many Pussy888 players like to claim and accumulate the free credits in their accounts.

After accumulate the free credits to a certain amount, they will use it one shot to achieve multiple jackpot winnings in the game.


Slot Game With Many Mini Jackpots

If you are a regular slot game player, you will know that hitting the mini jackpots in slot game are much easier than hitting the grand jackpot.

In Pussy888 app, some of the slot games do offer many mini jackpots in the game.

This feature will enable the players to get higher chance to win the mini jackpots in the slot game.


Golden Winning Hour

In Pussy888 platform, there is a period of time which you can win the jackpots in the slot game easily.

Many players name this period of time as the Golden Winning Hour.

This period of time falls on the weekdays lunch time, specifically 1pm to 2pm.

During this period of time, the traffic in the app is lesser as well due to a lot of players will focus on their day job.

This is the time whereby you will have a higher chance to strike the jackpot in the slot game.


How To Avoid Getting The Fake Pussy888 Free Download Version

Just like any other famous online casino apps, there are fake Pussy888 free download versions in the market as well.

These fake download versions will lead you to a different online casino app after download.

Hence, it is important to know how to avoid getting these fake versions.

Here are some of the useful tips for you:

  • Consult the Pussy888 customer support team first if you are unsure which are the fake download versions.
  • Do not simply download the Pussy888 app from social media ads or random online casino websites.

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