How To Play Mega888 When No Electricity

How To Continue Play Mega888 When No Electricity In Your Place

Just a while ago, there are many areas in KL and Selangor are out of electricity supply suddenly.

Many commercial activities are forced to stop during this period of time due to this power outage incident.

For those who are active Mega888 game players, this incident will definitely affect your game-playing journey in the app as well.

Without further delay, let’s find out how you can continue to play smoothly in Mega888 when no electricity supply.


Methods To Continue Playing Mega888 When No Electricity Supply

Play With Mobile Device With Power Bank

The first effective method is to play the online casino app on your mobile device with a power bank connect to your mobile device.

In this case, you can continue to enjoy in the game play for longer period of time.

Generally, a fully charged power bank can allow you to play the Mega888 app in mobile device for at least half day time.

The Mega888 app will not consume too much electric power compared to other mobile apps.

Besides, it will not affect your game winning chance and game play experience by using this method.


Play With Back Up Power Supply

In some places, there are some back up electricity power supply available.

When the place is out of electricity supply from TNB Malaysia, the back up electricity power supply will kick in to ensure the place still have electricity.

You just need to look for these places, whereby you can continue to play the Mega888 app in these places.

These places are such as cyber cafes and libraries.

In fact, you can get the electricity supply in some of these places for free.

Hence, you do not need to worry that your device will run out of battery power when playing in Mega888 app.


Switch Mobile Device To Battery Saver Mode

The third effective method is to turn on the battery saver mode in your mobile device.

This will allow you to continue to play in the Mega888 app for longer period of time without constant electricity supply.

Do remember to play in the Mega888 slot game if you wish to play longer in the app.

This is simply because the Mega888 slot game will consume lesser battery power in your device compared to other types of online casino games.

Don’t worry, with this battery saver mode, you can play at least for another 3 to 4 hours in the app.


Why Suddenly No Electricity In KL & Selangor

The sudden blackout in Malaysia has raised many questions from the citizens.

Here are some of the potential root causes for this incident to happen:


Major Maintenance In Power Station

This is the common root cause for the power outage incident to happen.

Sometimes, major maintenance in power station is compulsory to take place in order to ensure the electricity supply is stable in the long run.


Explosion Accident In Power Station

The second potential root cause is the explosion accident occurred in the power station.

This rarely happens, however it will definitely cause blackout incident in many areas if it happens in the power station.

There are rumours being spread that there was explosion accident in PMU Yong Peng, electrical substation.

PMU Yong Peng Station Explosion


Current Electricity Supply Unable To Meet The Current Demand

The third potential root cause is the current electricity supply unable to meet the increasing demand.

This may cause temporarily power shortage and black out incident to happen.

However, this issue rarely happens and the operator are able to rectify this issue within 10 to 20 minutes if it happens.



FAQ On How To Continue Play Mega888 Without Electricity Supply

Can I still Claim Mega888 Bonus Or Free Credit?

Yes, you still can claim the Mega888 bonus or free credit from the Mega888 customer service team.

Despite, no electricity supply, the official Mega888 customer service team are still operating with the backup power supply in the place.

Can I Still Withdraw Or Deposit The Credit To My Account?

Yes, credit and cash transaction still can be done smoothly in the Mega888 official platform.

This is simply because the internet coverage in all areas is not affected.

Therefore, you still can withdraw or deposit credit to your account.

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