2022 Panther Moon Slot Ultimate Winning Tips

2022 Panther Moon Slot Ultimate Winning Tips

There is certainly no losing when one comes to the Panther Moon Slot Game.

It is considered one of the user-friendly and easy-to-win simple online slot games that players of all budgets, ages, and skill sets can enjoy.

Similar to Fairy Garden Slot, it is one of the slot games in Malaysia that you can entertain yourself with.

In addition to that, there are also spin-stakes to suit all budgets all thanks to the variety of line and line-bet combinations.

You definitely do not want to miss out on this good opportunity whereby you can play while earning attractive prizes.

Introduction to Panther Moon Slot 

In general, Panther Moon Slot is considered one of the leading top slot games and attractive online betting in the entertainment industry.

It has been established in the year 2009.

It is a popular live online casino game among people of all ages that features elusive felines, especially those who are into animals.

This slot game popularity is comparable with the God of Wealth Slot Game which available in Mega888 ios 14 download version.

The attractive and intriguing Panther Moon Slot is also one of the hot-selling slot games which you don’t want to miss!

People from all around the world can enjoy playing this game in the comfort of their homes anytime they want.

As they can help in hunting down butterflies, flowers, and panthers while earning attractive and amazing prizes.

It is suitable to be played on laptops and desktops.

As it serves in a higher resolution with amazing sound effects. The larger screens of laptops and desktops will help in accentuating the illustration of the game especially the beauty and realism of black panthers.

You will feel like being on a real-world safari in the night jungle.

In addition to that, it also provides a calm and collected background of moonlit landscape to play slots.

There are also some fun animations such as the rotation of panthers. It also has amazing sound effects such as the roaring of panthers.

Not only through laptops and desktops, it is also compatible with mobile phone devices. Such as Android & iOS devices, HTML5, iPad, and iPod as long as having a secure 4G/5G Internet connection.

How to Play Panther Moon Slot
How to Play Panther Moon Slot

How to Play Panther Moon Slot

There are easy guide steps on how to play Panther Moon Slot which one can look into:

1) Start the game in manual mode by pressing the button for inscription spin.

2) To speed up the game animation, press the turbo mode key.

3) To run a series of spins without own’s intervention, press the automatic control mode after pressing the Auto Play button.

How to Win Big Prizes in Panther Moon Slot 

In order to win big attractive prizes about 900,000 additional coins, the grand prize, one needs to find all five of the felines and are placed in a straight row.

Aside from that, one can also win other smaller prizes once they are able to find flowers and butterflies across the row as well.

While Wild Black Panthers can help one to win loads more prizes.

Scattered Moons are present to locate and also play a vital role in triggering big instant wins.

Especially for those who would like to go all in as well as a Free Games Bonus which pays out all prizes at triple the base game value.

In summary, the types of prizes are based on the details below:

a) Lining of poker symbols = 12,500 coins

b) Lining of beautiful brightly colored flowers = 25,000 coins

c) Lining of beautiful brightly colored butterflies = 40,000 coins

d) Lining of panther = 900,000 coins

Substitution for all base game symbols is also applicable as it helps to create even more amazing and attractive prizes, which can be doubled up.

On the other hand, the Moon, which is the game’s scatter symbol also pays attractive prizes of up to 450,000 coins for successfully spinning all 5 on a played line.

Whilst 3 or more Moons will also trigger the Free Games bonus of 15 Free games that have high chances of being tripled.

In order to double the prize, one can also predict whether the card will be black or red. Doubling the prize can be up to five times.

With the guideline provided, we do know that there are certainly so many alternatives to winning prizes!

The theoretical run percentage of the Panther Moon Slot is about the percentage of 95.17.

It is best to increase the line progressively until the moment when at least 3 scatters appear on the reels.

Symbol            Coefficients

Wild                 10, 250, 2500, 10 000

Scatter              2, 5, 20, 500

Owl                  2, 25, 125, 750

Fox                   2, 25, 125, 750

Blue flower      15, 75, 250

Red flower       15, 75, 250

Butterfly          20, 100, 500

A                      10, 40, 150

K                      10, 40, 150

Q                      5, 30, 125

J                       5, 25, 100

10                    5, 25, 100

9                      2, 5, 25, 100

Tips for Higher Chances of Winning in Panther Moon Slot

Here are some of the tips for higher chances of winning in the Panther Moon Slot which might come in handy:

1) Kickstart with an affordable bet preferably in a minimal amount.

2) Increase the bet as progression is taking place.

3) Activate fully the online gambling feature if only you are on a winning streak.

4) Engage low-pay symbols, especially during risk game modes.

Benefits of Playing In Panther Moon Slot
Benefits of Playing In Panther Moon Slot

Benefits of Playing In This Slot Game

Playing this slot game is certainly very beneficial to many people. First and foremost, panther moon slot games provide the opportunity for people to earn attractive prizes while playing them in the comfort of their homes or anywhere that is easy to access anytime twenty-four hours a day.

Moreover, by playing this slot game, one can help to reduce their stress from studying or even working.

Playing Panther Moon Slot Game is one of the best ways to destress oneself easily in the most convenient mode.

It helps in evoking the feeling of victory and a sense of achievement after winning something while having the ability to play it in a peaceful manner.

In addition to that, by playing Panther Moon Slot Game, one can also help in improving his/her motor skills such as having the ability to react quickly aside from eye-hand coordination.

This will certainly help in improving their health in long term continuously.


In a nutshell, big wins will come along the way if you able to follow the strategies of Panther Moon Slot Game above.

You do not want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime wonderful opportunity to boost your winnings!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start playing Panther Moon Slot Game as more prizes await you!

Quickly sign up, make a deposit and start playing it at the end of your fingertips!

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