Mega888 Online Game vs Mobile Legend

Mega888 Online Game VS Mobile Legend:  Work From Home Hottest Online Game Comparison

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us in recent years, our life routine has changed significantly.

Work from home has become a new norm for almost everyone.

While physical social activities have decreased significantly, our time spent on mobile phones has increased exponentially in the opposite.

Mobile online gaming is one of the most sought-after activities in our daily mobile usage.

Today let us handpick 2 most popular online games right now & compare them in different aspects. Mega888 online game vs Mobile Legends.

Note: Comparisons are done in a few fixed aspects which are deemed important for players’ overall gaming experience.

Mega888 Online Game & Mobile Legends Play Mode

Mega888 is an online casino game that offers players a great variety of interactive casino games.

Players can choose to play with AI bots or real players in live casino games.

In each game type, there are different game modes available for players to choose from.

For example, slot games are available in different themes.

From the most famous slot games such as Black Panther and Safari Heat to the easiest winning slot game: GOW, Mega888 has them all.

Players are also able to switch different games in Mega888 at any time.

This offers great flexibility for players & won’t get bored easily even after long hours of playing.

Mobile Legend is a direct online multiplayer battle game.

It allows 10 different players to battle on a specific battlefield. The 10 players will be divided into 2 teams with 5 players aside.

Players can pick any heroes available in the game to join the battle.

To achieve game victory, the team must take down the opposing team base.

There are 4 different gameplay modes available: Classic, Arcade, Brawl & Auto Battler.

All 4 gameplay modes share the same victory criteria. The difference between these game modes is mainly on the game regulations.

Editor’s Pick

In terms of gameplay mode variety, Mega888 online game offers more compared to Mobile Legend.

From different game varieties such as slot games, baccarat, blackjack & etc, each game also comes with different themes & game modes.

Players will get to enjoy different & distinctive gaming experiences in each game.

Winner: Mega888

Game Length

The game length in each Mega888 online game is different.

The shortest time length can be around 5 seconds such as slot games.

While some games’ length can go up to 20 minutes.

The games with longer game length are normally live casino games such as Texas Poker.

Players can choose the game to play based on their available free time.

This gives a great flexibility to players as they can play at any short break time or even during waiting time on any occasion.

Mobile Legend game length is pretty fixed at 10 minutes per game.

Before the game starts, it also requires a 10 seconds game waiting time.

The game length will still remain the same even if there are players who quit in the middle of the game.

The entire game set will be abolished if all players quit within the 10 minutes time frame.

In this case, players generally need to pre-plan their available free time to play.

Editor’s Pick

My personal preference will always go for games that offer flexible game length.

This is simply because I may be stuck in some unforeseen waiting time on different occasions.

Games with flexible time lengths will be the better choice to kill time during these occasions.

Winner: Mega888


When playing the Mega888 online game, there are different game benefits based on the feedback from the majority players.

The benefits can be classified in different aspects as below:

Stress Release From Work: Mega888 online games do offer plenty of relaxing games to players. Such games can offer a short escape for players from their daily stressful work.

Psychology Skill Enhance: This benefit particularly comes from players who are regular live casino players. According to their feedback, they can sharpen their psychology skills during the live casino gameplay with other players.

Part Time Earning: Both amateur & veteran players do admit that this game does generate some bonus income for them. It has even helped certain players to generate stable part-time income during this pandemic period.

For Mobile Legend wise, the benefits gained are in different aspects as below:

Meeting New Friends: Plenty of active players get to meet new friends through this game platform. Some of them even become close friends in life through numerous gameplay sessions together.

Strategy Planning: This benefit can be seen in the veteran players in this game. As there are different approaches to achieve victory, strategy planning is being utilized heavily in the game. Generally, a team with more agile strategies will have the higher winning chance.

Teamwork Training: As this is a team battle game, teamwork is extremely important. Players need to cooperate with people from different backgrounds & mindset to win the game battle. It is pretty common that a team with strong teamwork is able to defeat a team with high experience.

Editor’s Pick

Both games score with 3 benefits each & definitely a tight call in this case. As all benefits can be beneficial in our daily life, it will be a draw in this part.

 Winner: –


Money Spent / Earned

Mega888 requires players to have credits before they can start to play in any games.

Generally, players need to top up credits by following the correct steps first before they can play.

Instead of spending money to top up every time, there are also plenty of game free credits for players to claim.

This will lighten the financial burden of players in this game.

Players can then play &  win the game by winning different scores & bonus prizes in return.

Some veteran players can win even consistently after they mastered the game winning tips & tricks.

So this gaming platform actually provides ample chances for players to earn money in return other than providing gaming experience.

Mobile Legend is a free game app for download & play.

However, players can spend money in the game to upgrade their game character appearance.

The money spending generally ranged at RM100 – RM800.

Some rich players can even spend more than that just to let their game character look more cool.

For money earning channel in this game, it’s pretty limited.

You can only earn money if you are a professional player & eligible to join tournaments.

Editor’s Pick

My pick will definitely go for Mega888 as the money earned in return is much easier & less time required!

 Winner: Mega888

Mobile Casino Mega888 2022

Mega888 Online Game vs Mobile Legend Summary

Based on a few comparison aspects above, Mega888 online game wins hands down!

Having said that, both online games still did a great job in offering amazing gaming experience to players.

Especially during MCO & Work From Home period, where physical social activities are reduced significantly.

The mobile gaming availability in our Android & IOS smartphones is really a great helper to many of us to kill time while staying at home.

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