Mega888 Test ID Password 2021

Best Mega888 Test ID Password 2021 For Great Luck In Jackpot Winning

When you plan to start playing in the Mega888 test ID account, the first thing you need to sort out is the Mega888 test Id password and ID.

Without these 2 keys, you are unable to play in the test ID account. Last time, you need to go through a long process to get the Mega888 test ID password and ID from the Mega888 customer service.

The process has become much more convenient for the latest Mega888 app version.

Default Mega888 Test ID Password

If you want to get a Mega888 test ID account, you can find the test ID and password online. And the best thing is, it is free!

All you need to do is just make sure you have downloaded the Mega888 test ID app on your device.

After that, you can get the default Mega888 test ID password and ID online. Most of the time, you will get the following default ID and password:

Test ID: Test1000

Password: 1234

Generally, you can use the default Test ID and password above to log in to all test ID versions of Mega888.

This includes the Mega888 Apk Test ID account and Mega888 iOS Test ID account.

The Meaning Behind Default Mega888 Test ID Password

Even though the test ID password looks normal, actually there is a hidden meaning behind it.

According to Mega888 official, the “1234” stands for a progressive improvement in game-winning for all Mega888 players.

The “1234” was arranged in ascending sequence indicating that players can progressive win more games and more winning prizes in the Mega888 games.


Why Need To Change Mega888 Test ID Password

Why Do You Need To Change Your Mega888 Test ID Password?

When you get the Mega888 ID Test ID password and user ID, it is important to change the default password as soon as possible.

There are a few reasons for you to do so which are beneficial to you.

Prevent Test ID Account From Being Hacked

As you can get the test ID password and user ID easily online, it is insecure to use the default password and user ID.

Hackers can easily access your test ID account with the default ID and password.

The impact can be more serious if the hackers hack the credits in your test ID account.

The Mega888 official team can detect hacking activities easily in the test ID app. You may need to bear the consequences and be fully responsible for the hacking activities done by the hackers.

Just like the recent famous case of Namewee’s Youtube account being hacked by Russian hackers.

Hence, changing the default test ID password is extremely important to protect your asset and privacy.


Easy To Remember

Setting your own unique test ID password would be easier for you to remember in the future.

During this digital era, we do have many accounts and passwords in different apps or software.

Hence, it is important to set up a unique password that is easy to be remembered.

Prevent The Saved Password Issue

If you are using a laptop or desktop to play in the Mega888 test ID account, you need to be aware of this potential issue.

If you do not change the default test ID password, your laptop or desktop might auto-save the test ID password for you.

When your laptop or desktop is no longer under your ownership, the new owner can actually log in to your account using the saved password.

In this case, you will expose your test ID account to high hacking risk.

Bring Great Luck To Jackpot Winning

This is one of the most important reasons. In fact, many Mega888 players do not know this trick.

Changing the default password to your unique lucky password can actually increase your luck in winning the slot game jackpot.

It is not superstitious to do so. I personally did try this approach and it really increase my jackpot winning chances.

There are some lucky password creation methods shared in the latter part of this article.

These methods were used by some veteran Mega888 players and proven to work effectively by them!

How To Change Mega888 Test ID Password

After you have gone through the importance of changing the default test ID password, the next part is how to do it?

Well, just refer to the full step below and you will never go wrong with it:

  • After you have downloaded the Mega888 test ID app, open the app and log in to the account using the default password and ID
  • Click on the user setting in the top left corner and select “Change Password”
  • Change the password accordingly to your own password. Your password must contain a combination of alphabet letters and numbers.
  • After you have decided on your new password, click submit for password approval
  • Within 1 minute, your new password shall be approved
  • After that, log out of your test ID account and log in again to activate your new password. Your new password will be the new permanent password in the test ID account

An important note here is that do not share your new password with anyone as this is the top privacy info for you in the Mega888 game account.


Good Mega888 Password

How To Make Good Mega888 Test ID Password

Although it is not mentioned by the Mega888 official, there are some methods you can apply to create a good Mega888 test ID password.

These password creation methods can bring great luck to you in winning the Mega888 slot game jackpots.

Believe it or not, plenty of the veteran players already tried them and get to hit the jackpot prizes in their accounts.

We will share these methods below and you may try out which method works best for you.

Combination Of Player’s Name & Number 8

The first method is to create the test ID password using a combination of your name short form and the number 8.

For example, if your name is Michael Tan, you can form your new test ID password as Mtan888.

The number 8 indicates prosperity in Chinese saying.

This password combination will give great luck to you in Mega888 slot game playing.

With more numbers 8 in your password, you will get better luck in jackpot winning.

However, do not exceed the password length which is 15 characters.


Combination Of Your Family Member’s Name & Number 8

For the second method, you can create a new password with the combination of your family member’s name and the number 8.

This password combination can indicate a blessing to your family member to win in the Mega888 slot game jackpot.

This method works best if your family member is also a Mega888 player.


Combination Of Game Name And Your Lucky Number

If you wish to win the jackpot in a specific Mega888 slot game, then you may try the third method.

The third method is to create the password based on the specific slot game name and your lucky number.

For example, if you wish to win the jackpot in the Dolphin Reef slot and your lucky number is 6, your new password can be DolpR666.

This method can boost your luck in getting the jackpot in the Dolphin Reef slot.


Combination Of Player’s Name & The Amount Wished To Win

The fourth method is also a great way to increase your luck in winning the jackpot in the Mega888 games.

If you wish to win RM8,000 in the slot game, you can try to set your new password to MTan8000.

This way can set better luck for you to win the jackpot amount you wished in the slot game.


Mega888 Free Credit Reward For The Creative Mega888 Test ID Password Creation

Setting up a unique and creative password does not only increase your winning luck, you also can get free credits from Mega888!

At the beginning of 2022, Mega888 launched a Mega888 Free Credit For Best Password Campaign. This is a monthly campaign.

Under this campaign, players can get rewarded with Mega888 free credit by creating a creative Mega888 test ID password.

Due to the password being top privacy info for every player, the password will only be reviewed by the Mega888 management team.

From there, the management will decide on the most creative password winner in every month.

The winner will get RM500 Mega888 free credit directly transferred to their game account.


Criteria To Join This Campaign

  • You have become a Mega888 player for more than 3 months
  • Your customized Mega888 test ID password must have a minimum of 6 alphabet letters and 4 numbers
  • You have not won any Mega888 slot game jackpot before

Top Mega888 Games To Recommend After Setting New Mega888 Test ID Password

To further increase your jackpot winning luck in Mega888 slot games, you may try to play the following games after setting your new test id password:

  • Wu Kong Slot

Wukong Slot Game

  • Da Sheng Nao Hai

Da Sheng Nao Hai Game

  • God Of Wealth Slot

God Of Wealth Slot Game

These 3 Mega888 games can bring you further good luck in your jackpot-winning journey in all Mega888 slot games.

Although some players claim that this approach is still a myth, I have personally tried this approach and it works miraculously for me!

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