Mega888 Test ID 2021 vs Test ID 2022

Mega888 Test ID 2021 vs Mega888 Test ID 2022 | Honest Comparison

If you are an active online casino player, you will get to know plenty of online casinos that will offer test play platforms to players.

Among so many online casino test play platforms, Mega888 Test ID is one of the most sought-after platforms.

It is the free play platform offered by Mega888 Malaysia. In fact, the Mega888 Test ID 2021 version received a great response from the majority of the players.

It allows players to play all Mega888 games free of charge.

The Creator OF Mega888 Test ID 2021

The creator of Mega888 Test ID 2021 is the founder of Mega888, Michael Tan. This test ID was created by him in 2019 when 918Kisss was re-branded to Mega888.

The 918Kiss online casino did not have a test play platform for the players. Hence, many players did feedback to the 918Kiss official to launch a test play version.

After discussing with his management team, Michael Tan decided to lead his team to develop the test play platform.

After a few months of development, the Mega888 first version of the test play platform, Mega888 Test ID 2019 launched in the market.


Mega888 Test ID Features

Mega888 Test ID 2021 Special Features

In order to make the Mega888 Test ID more attractive to the players, the Mega888 official will launch a new version of the test ID annually.

In 2021, the test ID version received great response and usage frequency from the players.

This is due to the 2021 version being equipped with some special features which greatly beneficial to the players.

Partial Credit Transfer To Player’s Account

2021 has been a tough year for Malaysia’s economy due to Covid-19 MCO.

The Mega888 official had utilized the Mega888 Test ID platform to perform a Corporate Social Responsibility activity to help the players and the public.

When you have a Mega888 Test ID 2021 account, you can transfer partial credits from the test ID account to your game account.

Once transferred to your game account, you can use the credit to play all Mega888 games. Besides, you can also cash out the credits.

How To Transfer Mega888 Test ID 2021 Version Credits

As the credits in the test ID account are free of charge, you can only transfer partial credits to your game account.

Generally, you can only transfer a maximum of 50% of the test ID credits to your account.

Here are the steps to transfer the 2021 version test ID credits to your game account:

  • Check your test ID credit amount. The minimum credit amount needs to be at least 100 in order to be able to proceed to transfer.
  • Select the credit transfer and fill in the required info (credit transfer amount, account ID & etc).
  • Then submit to customer service.
  • Once the customer service side approved the credit transfer, you will receive a verification link in your test ID account.
  • Click on the verification link to verify the credit transfer. Then you will receive the credit in your game account immediately.

Chat Room Function

The 2021 test ID version also comes with a chat room function. You can start any game topic in the chat room and interact with other Mega888 players.

It also has served as a useful tool for the players to expand their social circle during the MCO period.

Besides, it is also a great platform for the players to exchange betting strategies info and the latest Mega888 tips sharing.

Mega888 Test ID 2021 vs 2022

In 2022, Mega888 officially launched the Mega888 Test ID 2022 version in the first quarter of the year.

Compared to 2021, there are a few differences spotted in the latest version.

More Slot Games Updated

As Mega888 will launch new games in the app every year, the 2022 test ID version has more new games compared to the 2021 version.

The new Mega888 games available in the 2022 test ID version are:

  • Dragon Strike Slot
  • Steam Tower Slot
  • Monkey Story Slot
  • Sea Captain Slot
  • Lucky Duck Slot
  • Boy King Slot
  • Lost Island Slot
  • King Derby Slot

Credit Transfer To Another Account

In the 2022 test ID version, the credit transfer function is no longer available.

This is due to the Malaysian government’s decision to enter the endermic phase in 2022 and MCO will no longer be required.

Hence, this credit transfer function which is considered a Corporate Social Responsibility activity has been taken off.

Game Interface Upgrade

Another significant difference spotted in the 2022 test ID version is the game interface upgrade.

Most of the slot games’ interfaces come with more 3D effects. These 3D effects will provide a more enhanced visual gaming experience for the players.

Which Test ID Version Is Easier To Hack?

The definite answer is the Mega888 Test ID 2021 version. There is a secret fact behind this answer.

It is simply because Mega888 officials purposely lowered the security system level to make it easier for the hack.

The reason behind this is that Mega888 officials hope to help the economy indirectly which is impacted seriously due to MCO.

How To Hack Mega888 Test ID 2021?

The most effective method is to apply Mega888 Trick Code to perform account hacking.

This app allows you to transfer the credit from the test ID account to another account without limitation.

Here are the steps to hack the test ID account using Mega888 Trick Code:

  • Install the Mega888 Trick Code app on your mobile device
  • Open the Mega888 Trick Code app and turn on the hack setting
  • Then key in the amount which you wish to transfer out from the test ID account
  • Open your Mega888 app and log In to your account
  • Perform the credit transfer process in your test ID account (remember to key in the same transfer credit amount with the Trick Code credit transfer amount)
  • The credits will then be auto-transferred to another account
  • Once the transfer completes, do remember to switch off the Mega888 Trick Code app. This is due to the Mega888 official may be able to detect you are using a hack app.

The Mega888 TestID User Growth Over The Years

Ever since the Mega888 test ID launched in 2019, the number of test ID users has been increasing every year.

In fact, there is a massive growth in the test ID user base in 2021.

This is simply because many players were able to utilize the 2021 test ID account version to generate some stable side income during MCO.

Be it using the Mega888 Trick code or transferring the credit to another account, it has become an important income stream for some people who lost their jobs.

The chart below shows the Mega888 test ID user base increase every year.

Mega888 Test ID User Base By Year Chart

In 2022, we can foresee that Mega888 will still remain one of the most sought-after online casino platforms among online casino players.

Can Play Multiplayer In Mega888 Test ID Game?

The good news is YES! You can actually play with other Mega888 players in the test ID account.

This multiplayer feature is available in all the Mega888 card games.

Besides, you can also use the chat function to interact with other players during the gameplay.

When you interact with other players during the gameplay, always be friendly to others.

If any players use vulgar words or tries to harass other players in chat, his account can be suspended immediately.

This is to ensure every player is able to enjoy the game and interact with others comfortably.

Mega888 Test ID Apk Version Problems

Mega888 Test ID Apk 2021 Problems & Solutions

Despite the Mega888 Test ID 2021 & 2022 versions offering plenty of great features, there are some problems found in the test id Apk version.

If you are playing the Mega888 test id account with an Android phone, you need to take note of this.

We have also shared the possible solutions to fix these problems or reduce their impact of these problems.

Slow Game Loading Speed

This problem happens in the Apk version sometimes. Under normal circumstances, you will get to load every game within 1 to 2 seconds.

However, it may take up to 5 to 6 seconds loading time if you are using an Android phone.

This can be annoying sometimes as it will reduce your gaming excitement.


Connect your Android phone to a stable WIFI instead of using your phone’s own internet data.

This will help to reduce this issue and will help to ensure your gameplay speed is at an optimum level as well.

Certain Games Unable To Access At Certain Period Of Time

This issue will happen to Android phone players, especially during nighttime.

The worse part is those games are the most popular Mega888 games such as Dolphin Reef Slot & Wu Kong Slot.

You may try to log in again to your game account, however, it would not solve this issue most of the time.


Ensure that your Android phone operating system is updated to the latest version.

This is often the root cause of the issue. Besides, you can switch on the auto operating system update for your mobile device, to ensure it is always updated with the latest version.

Free Credit Won’t Auto Reload Sometimes

Generally, the test ID account free credit will auto-reload once finished up.

Some Android phone players may encounter that the free credits in their account are not being auto-reload sometimes.


If this issue happens regularly, do contact the Mega888 customer service immediately.

They will assist you to rectify this issue by resetting your game account. Don’t worry, your game record and asset will still remain after the reset process.

Mega888 Test ID Lucky Draw

Mega888 Test ID Lucky Draw Campaign

This Mega888 Test ID Lucky Draw campaign is ongoing on monthly basis. The requirements to enter this lucky draw campaign are as below:

  • Log in to your test ID account a minimum 3 times every week for 1 month
  • Complete at least 5 rounds of the game in each login session.
  • Achieve at least 1 mini jackpot in the slot game within 1 month’s time

Then you can screenshot your gaming record to the customer service team.

They will process your lucky draw participation accordingly. The monthly Mega888 lucky draw prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: 1 x Macbook Pro
  • Second Prize: iPhone 13
  • Third Prize: Apple iWatch

Even if you are not a gambler, you still stand a chance to get a reward by playing on the Mega888 platform.

The best part is you can join this campaign every month despite you having won any of these prizes before.

This is also why the Mega888 player base is growing consistently regardless of any economic situation in Malaysia.

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