Mega888 Agent Login Complete Guide & How To Become Agent

Mega888 Agent Login Complete Guide & How To Become Agent

Online casino has become more and more popular in the Malaysia gambling market with the change in human behavior in the past few years.

The number of people gambling in the nation has increased especially younger players, the virtual casino has become more acceptable as this pool of players is emphasizing flexibility, convenience, and high privacy.

With easy accessibility, more players will treat casino gaming as a channel to earn side income.

An online casino platform is no longer a place for entertainment gambling, but also a way to build a side business.

There are plenty of established and trustable Malaysia online casinos like Mega888 Malaysia, Evo888 Malaysia, Pussy888 2022, and many more.

Today, let’s focus on and talk about Mega888 online casino.


Mega8What is Mega888?

Mega888 is one of the most reputable and well-known online casinos in Malaysia, Singapore, as well as Thailand.

The platform is offering the best online slot gaming experience with a wide range of slot games that players will never get bored with it.

The platform is giving the members an impressive visual and audio experience with wonderful images and an easy navigational interface.

Apart from that, the platform is also rewarding its members with decent and attractive bonuses and rebates.


What is an online casino agent?

An online casino agent is responsible to guide the platform users on which games suit the players’ expectations and can win real money.

Some of the casino agents can give the members exclusive insider tips to increase their odds of winning.

Those who are interested to become an agent can pick and choose an online casino that they preferred and enroll to be an official agent.

The role of an agent is to be the in-between person of the gambling platform and the potential members as well as to work on platform marketing and brand name boosting, just like a standalone marketer.

An agent can start by influencing the friends around their social circle.

Some of them rely heavily on their social media platform and share their gambling knowledge to attract more potential players.

The agent will need to constantly stay connected with their customers and follow up on their gaming status.

This is able to make the customers stay connected to the gaming and share their problems and concerns as well as seek a good solution.


Why do people look for an online casino agent?

There are players that are comfortable enjoying their gambling journey through online casino platforms on their own, with their personal details but not all.

Some of the players might have concerns that we do not know.

By getting assistance from a trustable online casino agent in their gambling, it is able to help to:

  • Ease their process of identity verification
  • Ensure no important information is overlooked during transactions
  • Obtain support when there are issues during the gaming process
  • Have a zero-worry transaction process in depositing and withdrawal


choose to be a Mega888 user agentWhy choose to be a Mega888 user agent?

If you are a gambling enthusiast, you might have dreamt about starting an online casino business whereby you can enjoy gambling and at the same time, earn some extra money.

Some people categorized this as a work from home job in this new era.

When people are looking for an agent, normally they will look for one that is credible, trustable, and experienced in the gambling industry.

It is important for the agent to partner with an established online casino and Mega888 is one of them.

It is easy to justify why Mega888 is the best for you to join as an agent simply because of the trustworthiness and the established brand name of this platform in the market, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

Mega888 take care of its agents and ensure that they receive fair rewards for their effort.

Especially for those gamers that are surrounded by friends that love slots gaming.

You can invite them to be agents together and start earning extra income.

It is always good to have a group of friends that aim for the same result.


How to become a Mega888 agent with a Mega888 agent login?

In Mega888, the platform is constantly hiring potential agents to help in expanding its market coverage and branding expansion.

People can join as Mega888 user agent by just buying the game points from an authorized distributor for the online casino business and you will be able to connect to the necessary access through the Mega888 agent login.

There are no additional fees required to pay apart from purchasing the game points from the authorized agency.

Once they finished utilizing all the purchase game points, they only need to repurchase again according to the amount that they are able to afford.

A mega login agent is also the owner of your kiosk. It is just like you are owning a business and you need to expand your potential business market accordingly.

The kiosk ID is free and comes with a mega agent link.

Nothing to worry about what is the next step and how you can help your customers.

All the agents will provide tutorials on how to open player IDs and enter the required game points for the player.

The investments for game points are as below:

  • RM 180 – 500 points
  • RM 300 – 1000 points
  • RM 550 – 2000 points
  • RM 2500 – 10000 points

When the agent is crediting the game points to the player, RM 1 is basically equivalent to 1 point.

This means that by investing RM 180, you will get RM 500 value worth of game points to be sold out to your players that registered under your mega agent link.


function of the Mega888 agent loginWhat is the function of the Mega888 agent login?

With your agent link login, you will have the access to the information and tools that are required to help your customers.

Whenever you have approached a new customer to join as part of the Mega888 community, you will be able to use all these provided tools and materials to assist the customers professionally.

When the customer deposits money into their account, the agent will need to assign them the game point.

All these actions will take place with your Mega888 agent login account.


What are the benefits of Mega888 agent login?

Mega888 supplies the agent with the game credit and will not be taking any additional profits from the agent.

When the player wins when you are washing players’ credits, it will enter your kiosk automatically.

These are some of the benefits that the agent will be enjoying: –

  • Own an own business in the gambling industry with only small start-up capital
  • Chances to get special bonuses
  • Guides and insider tips
  • Opportunity to learn and polish gambling skills
  • Simple and convenient transactions and withdrawals



If you are a constant player or slots gaming enthusiast, you can earn extra income by not only success in the game, but also to bring success to other players. Start being an entrepreneur with an affordable investment.

Becoming an agent will help you to be better in your gaming journey.

It also allows you to gain a profile by marketing yourself and the online casino brand to the market.

It is a good side income channel as you can access it regardless of location, with lesser stress and higher privacy.

Furthermore, it is highly flexible and manageable.

An online casino agent must be an outspoken and sociable person.

This will bring many benefits to you and ease your journey to stay engaged with the customers.

However, if you are an introvert, no worries. You can start slow and grow big once you are getting more confident and comfortable with what you are doing.

Start earning more apart from gambling, be a Mega888 agent today!

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