Mega888 2022 Version

Mega888 2022 Latest Version Winning & Hacking Guide

Mega888 is a well-time-honored online casino brand in Malaysia.

It has been in the Malaysian market for more than 10 years.

Besides, it has high popularity in the South East Asia countries.

The previous version of Mega888 was the SCR888 and 918Kiss.

This online casino brand was founded by a Malaysia IT engineer, Michael Tan.

In fact, Michael Tan has now become one of the Malaysian billionaires.

The very first version of Mega888 is a PC version.

After years of continuous evolution, the Mega888 2022 version is now available on Android and iOS devices.


Mega888 2022 VersionWhat’s New In Mega888 2022 Version

If you are a regular Mega888 player, you should have noticed there will be new features and new deals available every year for Mega888 versions.

The main purpose is to attract more new players to play this online casino platform and keep the regular members to continue playing it.

In Mega888 2022 version, there are a few new features added to the platform.

These new features have definitely brought the player’s gaming experience to a whole new level.

New Slot Games

As we all know that Mega888 is famous for a huge variety of slot games, the 2022 version has equipped with a few more new exciting slot games.

These new slot games are:

> Steam Tower Slot

> God Of Wealth 2 Slot

> Creepy Forest Slot

> White Queen Slot

> Wealth Of Zodiac Slot

> Beast Master Slot

Of course, these slot games do come with attractive grand jackpot prizes.

Besides, these new Mega888 slot games are easy to play and have fair winning odds for the players.

3D Visual Effects In Mega888 Games

In order to enhance the player’s gaming experience, Mega888 has upgraded the game visual effects to bring a higher level of gaming visual experience to the players.

The Mega888 game visuals effect is much more interactive and engaging compared to the previous version.

These visual effects upgrade also apply to Mega888 casino card games.

You will feel like playing in a real casino environment when you play the Mega888 2022 version card games.

The best part is that Mega888 did not incur any extra member fee or cost to the players for this feature upgrade.

Cryptocurrency Usage In Credit Withdrawal & DepositCryptocurrency Usage In Credit Withdrawal & Deposit

In the previous versions of Mega888, players can only use bank transfers to withdraw or deposit the game account credit.

However, this is not the case anymore in Mega888 2022 version.

You can actually withdraw or deposit the game account credit by using cryptocurrency.

The current cryptocurrency accepted by Mega888 are:

> Bitcoin

> Ethereum

> Litecoin

> Cardano

> Polkadot

> Stellar

Mega888 officials have announced that the platform will accept more types of cryptocurrency at the later stage of this year.

This new feature has provided great convenience for the player’s in-game credit deposit and withdrawal process.

There are fewer authentication steps needed for using cryptocurrency to deposit or withdraw the game credits.


Secret Winning Tips For Mega888 2022 Version

Just like the previous Mega888 versions, there are a few winning tips available in this version for the players to win even more.

In fact, these winning tips have been proven to work by plenty of the Mega888 veteran players.

However, do keep in mind that these winning tips are only applicable to Mega888 2022 version.

They do not work effectively in the Mega888 old versions.

Use Mega888 Free Credits To Win More

The first tip to win more in Mega888 2022 version is to apply Mega888 free credits to play the games.

As we all know that Mega888 offers many types of free credits for the players to claim.

Therefore, don’t waste this opportunity to get yourself to win more in the game.

Generally, there are a few types of free credits that can allow you to win more and easily in the game.

These free credits are:

> Birthday Free Credit

> Festive Season Free Credit

> Happy Hour Free Credit

These types of free credits will provide you with greater luck in winning any of the Mega888 games.

Besides, these free credits allow you to bet in the game without using your own money.

This will lessen your financial burden when playing Mega888 games.

Watch Mega888 Tutorial Videos On Youtube

This is another effective tip to allow you to achieve higher winning in the game.

There are many Mega888 game tutorial videos available on Youtube.

In fact, some of the game-winning tutorial videos are created by the Mega888 officials and Mega888 professional players.

Hence, the video source reliability and trust-worthy level are quite high.

You just need to spend some time and effort mastering the tips in the tutorial videos.

Then, apply these tips in your gameplay, and your winning chance will improve significantly.

I personally have tried this method by applying one of the tips in my slot gameplay.

After a few rounds of the game, I managed to hit the mini jackpot in the slot game which won me RM25,000 immediately!

Manage Your Betting Fund Well

This is a safer winning tip that allows you to achieve consistent winning.

Before you start playing Mega888, always set a fixed betting fund for yourself.

Do not continue to bet in Mega888 games when you have exceeded your betting fund.

In fact, you can also use the free credits to be part of your betting fund instead of using your own money every time.

Once you have made this tip as usual practice, your winning journey in Mega888 will begin from there!


Secret Hack Tips On Mega888 2022 Version

This is another current hot topic among the Mega888 members on the Mega888 2022 version.

One thing we can confirm here is that the hacking methods used for previous Mega888 versions of hacking are not applicable anymore.

Once you use any of the old methods to try to hack the latest version, your account will be banned immediately and permanently.

This is because Mega888 has upgraded its anti-hacking system in the 2022 version.

This anti-hacking system is able to detect the old hacking methods easily.

For example, the Mega888 Trick Code app is no longer effective anymore in hacking the Mega888 account to get unlimited free credit.

However, there are still loopholes in the latest version of the anti-hacking system.

Therefore, you may still try the 2 following hacking methods in your Mega888 account.

Play Certain Slot Game At Specific Time Slot

This is a new Mega888 hacking method introduced by a Mega888 veteran player, Adrian.

He has discovered that your winning chance will become 100% when you play a certain slot game at a specific time slot.

No matter, how much credit you bet in the game, you will still be able to win the game during the specific time slot.

Furthermore, you will have a higher chance to hit the slot game jackpot as well!

Here are some of the slot games and the specific time slots to play them:

  • First Slot Game: Ocean King, time slot: every Sunday 2am -3am
  • Second Slot Game: Highway Kings, time slot: every Wednesday 10pm -10.30pm
  • Third Slot Game: Native Indian, time slot: every Friday 5am -5.30am

So far the success rate for this hacking method is 100%!

However, do not get greedy when you achieve consistent winning in these games during these specific time slots.

Once the time slot passed, avoid continuing to play in the game.

There will be a high chance that you will start to lose in the game and lead to a losing streak if you do not stop.

Download Mega888 Trick Code 2.0

This is the second effective hacking method for this Mega888 2022 version.

The Mega888 Trick Code 2.0 is different from the Mega888 Trick Code.

It is the upgraded version of Mega888 Trick Code with more advanced hacking features in the app.

This Mega888 Trick Code 2.0 is only applicable on Mega888 2022 version.

It can help you to hack unlimited free credit in your account and hit a mini jackpot consistently in slot games.

However, it is advisable not to use this hack app for the whole day.

The best usage time length would be 1 hour or less.

Else, the hack app might be detected by the Mega888 anti-hacking system bot.

Then, your account will get suspended or banned immediately.


Download The Latest Mega888 2022 VersionWhere To Download The Latest Mega888 2022 Version?

There are a few ways you can download this latest Mega888 version.

Before you download, do ensure that you are connected to a stable WIFI.

Method 1: Google Search

You can input “Mega888 2022 Version” in the Google search bar.

Basically, you can download this app from the websites which appeared on the first page of Google search results.

They are the authorized Mega888 websites that offer the official Mega888 2022 version download.

When you visit these websites, you will get to see there are two download versions available for the Mega888 2022 app.

These two download versions are the Mega888 Apk 2022 which is for Android device download and Mega888 iOS 2022 which is for iOS device download.

Just make sure you choose the download version which is compatible with your device for the download.

Method 2: Look For Mega888 Agent

If you get to know any Mega888 agent, you can get them to assist you to download this latest version.

If you are not tech-savvy, this method would be a better option for you.

Basically, the Mega888 agent will help you to download and activate the app for you.

The best part is this method is totally free of charge as well.


How To Register In Latest Mega888 2022 Version

You can follow the full steps below to register a new account in Mega888 2022 version.

  • Open the app and click the first-time login button
  • Fill in all the relevant info which include login ID, password, birthday, bank info & cryptocurrency account info (if any)
  • After filling up all the info, click submit
  • The Mega888 customer service team will then review your submission.
  • Once they approve your submission, you will be informed via an SMS message
  • After that, deposit RM10 or more to your game account to activate the account
  • You can then start to play in the Mega888 2022 version app

The steps above are applicable for both Android & iOS device players.

There is an important note over here, do ensure that you provide your correct birthday info when registering your new account.

This will help you to be eligible to claim the Mega888 Birthday Free Credit during your birthday every year.


General Mega888 2022 FAQ

Does Mega888 2022 Have A Free Demo Account?

Yes, it is actually the Mega888 2022 Test ID account. You can get this demo account once you successfully registered a new member account.

This demo account is free of charge and you do not need to deposit any credit in the account to play the games.

There are free credits readily available in your Mega888 2022 test id account.

However, you are unable to cash out the free credits or transfer the free credits from the test ID account.

Instead, you can only use these free credits to play any games in the test ID account.


Can You Play Mega888 2022 When In Oversea?

Yes, just like CQ9 mobile slot, you can play the Mega888 2022 version anywhere you like.

There is no firewall oversea to block or restrict Mega888 app usage at the moment.


Can You Have A Few Versions Of Mega888 App In One Mobile Device?

You can download a few versions of the Mega888 app on your mobile device.

However, the app will crash when you open any one of these versions of the app on your device.

Hence, it is advisable to have just one version of the Mega888 app on your mobile device.

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