Judikiss88 Ewallet Unlimited Credit Hack Tips

Judikiss88 Ewallet Unlimited Credit Hack Tips | Official Game Tips

Are you an online gambler who’s never heard of Judikiss88 ewallet before? If the answer is yes, sit back and pay attention to this.

A growing online casino in Malaysia is offering free credits like no other. Hundreds and thousands of local players have testified that they can see quick returns in games.

Sounds interesting, right? If yes, continue reading as you’re in for some very useful tips on how to snag unlimited credits so you too can gamble like a pro.

Judikiss88 ewallet is a PAGCOR-licensed online casino that offers over 100 games in total with lightning-fast payouts and smooth and secure gameplay, thanks to its SSL certificate.

The selection of games ranges from 4D slots and live casinos to sportsbooks, card games, Mega888 slot games and many others.

But not many people are aware of the various methods to claim free credits so they can enjoy non-stop betting in this casino.

A lot of these credits can be claimed if you’re already putting real money into your account.

But it’s possible that you might forget to claim them.

So, here is the much-needed guide to help you claim those unlimited credits on Judikiss88 ewallet.

If you have been scratching your head up and down for some hacks and tricks to get you free credits, this is especially for you.

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claim unlimited credit on Judikiss88 ewalletHow to claim unlimited credit on Judikiss88 ewallet?

Judikiss88 ewallet offers a ton of promotions and rewards that guarantee unlimited credit for every player.

There are countless ways for you to get these credits. Here are some of the most common ways that you can secure unlimited credits into your account.

1) Welcome bonus

  • Newly registered players get a welcome bonus of 50% of their initial deposit
  • A minimum deposit of RM 30 is required to claim this offer
  • When you deposit RM30, you get an additional RM15 in your wallet

2) Daily bonus

  • New users are eligible for a 20% daily bonus with a minimum deposit of RM30
  • There is also the ‘Free 365 Days RM1’ offer – Get RM1 every day when you log into your account daily
  • Limited to one claim per day

3) Weekly bonus

  • Players who regularly make deposits are eligible for weekly bonuses
  • Invest a minimum deposit of RM30 for at least 30, 50 or 70 times
  • The claim is limited to once per week

4) Free share bonus

  • Get rewarded with up to RM10 when you share the game with others
  • Every single share is eligible for this bonus
  • The claim amount is random and it ranges from RM1-10

5) Free downline deposit

  • Players can also get a downline deposit of RM5 when they invite friends
  • Make a minimum deposit of RM10 to claim this offer

6) RM10 free RM37

  • Deposit RM10 into your account and get rewarded with RM37
  • Limited to one claim per day
  • Players can only claim the amount if they play certain games

7) Unlimited bonus

  • Get an unlimited bonus of 5% when you deposit RM10
  • 8% when you deposit RM100 and
  • 10% when you deposit RM300

pros and cons of Judikiss88 ewalletWhat are the pros and cons of Judikiss88 ewallet?

As there are loads of methods available to claim unlimited credits, you must know more about this casino game for a better understanding of how it works.

Being one of the emerging online casinos in Malaysia, Judikiss88 ewallet has several pros and cons that players should consider.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from the game.

1) Pros

  • Has a variety selection of Judikiss88 online casino games available
  • Valid gaming license from PAGCOR
  • Plenty of rewards and bonuses offered to players
  • Low minimum deposit with only RM5
  • 24/7 customer support to answer your queries
  • Accepts various payment methods such as e-wallets and online banking
  • Has a mobile app version for Android phones
  • Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly

2) Cons

  • Cluttered web design
  • Difficult navigation for new players
  • Online presence is relatively smaller than other casinos
  • Terms and conditions for some offers can be overwhelming


As you can see, despite some drawbacks, the pros of Judikiss88 ewallet clearly outweigh the cons. This means the game is indeed worth trying for most players including beginners.

There are many ways you can claim free credits to enjoy an unlimited gaming experience as mentioned above.

However, the tips shared in this guide are not exhaustive. So, remember to read through the full terms and conditions of each offer carefully before investing real money into the game.

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