Is Mega888 Test ID Free Play A Scam

Is Mega888 Test ID Free Play A Scam?

Mega888 Test ID account is a demo account offered by Mega888 to all players.

It is a demo account that allows you to play all Mega888 games.

Recently, there are many ads on Facebook & Instagram showcasing the Mega888 Test ID Free Play campaign.

Meanwhile, some players did complain that the ad’s message does not seem to be valid.

The players were led to an online casino website and need to top up money before can start to play. So is Mega888 Test ID Free Play A Scam?


Mega888 Official Feedback On Mega888 Test ID Free Play

Mega888 official team has just released a statement on their website stating that the Mega888 Test ID Free Play is not a scam.

The test ID account allows players to play any Mega888 games without any deposit needed.

However, the credit won in the test ID account cannot be cashed out by the player.

Besides, the free credit in the Mega888 test ID account will auto-reload.

This means that players do not need to worry about the test ID free play account credits will finish up.

Free Play Requirement

The requirements are pretty simple. You can find the following requirements here in order to get a Mega888 Test ID Free Play account:

  • Joined as Mega888 member
  • Downloaded the Mega888 test ID app
  • Member account did not ban by Mega888 before

Mega888 test ID Free RM50 Campaign

This is one of the ad campaigns which you will see on Facebook frequently.

In fact, it is not offered by the Mega888 official. Most of these ad campaigns turned out to be scams.

Many other gambling operators use this ad campaign to attract players to join their platforms.

Most of the time, you will be directed to another online casino website after you click the ad.

Then, you will need to sign up for an account and place a deposit before you can start to play the game.

How To Avoid Being Scammed By These Fake Campaigns

When you see these ad campaigns in your Facebook news feed, just click the report button.

Then state your reason for reporting these ad campaigns.

The Facebook customer service team will review your report accordingly.

They will find out about these ad campaign creator accounts and ban their account and ads.

After that, you will see lesser these ads in your Facebook news feed section.

Mega888 RM10 Free Credit Claim

Mega888 Test ID Free RM10 Campaign

This campaign is offered by the Mega888 official. It is not a scam.

In fact, many players get to claim RM10 free credit in their member accounts under this campaign.

Just ensure you claim this free credit from Mega888 official customer service team will do.

How to claim Mega888 test ID free RM10 Free Credit

The steps to claim the RM10 are available here. Just follow the full step and the RM10 free credit is yours!

  • Register a Mega888 Test ID account. Make sure you get the login ID and password for your Test ID account
  • Activate your Mega888 Test ID account by completing 3 rounds of the slot games. You can play in any Mega888 slot game and complete 3 rounds in the slot game.
  • Screenshot your game record and submit it to Mega888 customer service for review
  • Once they approve your submission, RM10 free credit will be credited to your member account

It is very simple and straightforward.

This is also the usual promotion mechanics from Mega888, allowing players to claim free credits easily.

In fact, there are many more types of free credits available on the Mega888 platform.

The mechanics to claim these free credits are pretty similar as well.

Being the top online casino platform in Malaysia, Mega888 is very generous and lenient in giving out free credits to all the players.


Mega888 test id tips

Latest  Mega888 Test ID Tips

When you play in the Mega888 Test ID free play version, it is common that you wish to achieve higher winning chances in the games.

This will help to boost your confidence in your real gameplay in Mega888.

Here are some of the tips to increase your winning chances in the Mega888 test ID free play account.

Focus In Slot Game

There are many types of online casino games available Mega888 platform.

If you want to have a higher winning chance in the Mega888 games, you can focus on playing the slot games.

Generally, all the Mega888 slot games offer fair winning odds to the players.

In fact, these following slot games have even high winning odds for the players and can achieve mini jackpots easily:

  • Panther Moon
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Golden Monkey
  • Lucky Duck
  • Snow World

Generally, you will get to see these slot games once you log in to the Mega888 test ID account.

Play At Midnight

This is the second tip you can try to achieve more winning in the Mega888 test ID account.

This is apparently a “loophole” discovered by some of the Mega888 players.

During midnight, your winning chances in most of the Mega888 games can increase by 10% to 15%.

Stay Focus

This is an important tip when you wish to win more in Mega888 games.

You need to stay focused and keep your mind calm when playing the Mega888 games.

It will allow you to analyze the game situation clearly and make the right move in the gameplay.

It would be best if you are able to play the game with full focus and without external distraction.

Try to play the game in a quiet space in order to build your focus on the game.

Other Online Casino Demo Account Disadvantages

Other than Mega888, some other online casino platforms do provide demo accounts as well.

After trying out some of the online casino demo accounts, we found a few disadvantageous features.

This also makes the Mega888 test ID free play account stand out from other demo accounts.

Credit Top Up

Some of the online casinos’ demo accounts will require you to top up credit with real money before can start to play in the account.

In this case, it has no significant difference from the usual member account.

Some demo accounts will provide free play for the first few rounds of the game.

After that, the app will pop up a notification to inform you to top up some credit in the demo account.

If you reject to top up, you will not be able to play any games in the demo account.

Many Ads Pop Up During Game  Play

Some online casinos will allow their demo account to showcase ads.

It is in fact pretty common to showcase ads in the demo account platform as these online casinos will get paid for that.

However, it can be pretty annoying from a player’s point of view.

These ads will pop up during your gameplay in the demo account and will interrupt your gameplay.

You will need to close the ads manually. This will definitely affect the overall gaming experience in the demo account.

Limited Game Selection

Many online casino demo accounts do not provide the full range of casino games, unlike the Mega888 test ID free play account.

Compared to a normal member account, generally, you will get less than 50% of the games available in the demo account.

The main intention behind this is they do not want you to utilize the demo account to practice in all casino games in order to increase your skills and winning chances in the games.

Hence, this is why the Mega888 test ID free play account has high popularity in the market with all its user benefit features.

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