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Mega888 Online – Best Online Investment Channels During Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted our lives from different aspects. We are forced to adapt to plenty of new norms SOP and practices.

Work from home has become a new norm for the majority of us. While our time to stay home has become longer, investment has become a common activity.

There are plenty of online investment channels & platforms nowadays such as Mega888 Online.

All these different platforms come with different Returns Of Investment & risk levels.

Now, let’s have a quick summary of each investment platform & tool on the advantages.

Share Trading

The first common investment platform is share trading. Share trading is always been a popular & most sought-after investment tool in the market.

There are many types of shares available in the market. During MCO period, certain industries’ shares made a great rise in share value.

For example, the pharmaceutical & medical equipment manufacturing industry shares performed with flying colors.

Plenty of investors made great returns during that period of time. They are able to gain 10 times or even more in the ROI within a few months.

This investment result is absolutely fantastic.

Tips In Share Trading

Despite global economy was suffering from the impact of pandemic, some people still manage to grow their wealth.

However, some investors did suffer huge losses in share market investment. Hence, we need to manage our risk well in share trading.

The rule of thumb is always not to allocate all our available funds in share trading investment alone.

Do not be greedy in share trading ROI is also a vital mindset for us in share trading.

We can generate stable passive income from it so long we are able to manage the risk in this investment platform.

Tips to increase ROI in share trading investment:

  • Stay active in research and analysis in company share performance news
  • Diversify investment fund to different types of shares
  • Discipline on share trading frequency
  • Set a fixed fund for share trading and do not go beyond the amount
  • Stay alert on the latest industry trend in market

Cryptocurrency Investing

In 21st century, cryptocurrency appeared to be the in-trend topic on global scale.

Many economic analysts claimed that cryptocurrencies will become significant market disruptors in world economy.

There are many types of cryptocurrencies available in the market, such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) & etc.

While cryptocurrency was acknowledged by majority of the countries in world, it has become a famous investment channel at a later stage.

Although the currency value fluctuation is higher than share market. Many investors still have high confidence in cryptocurrency investment.

There was plenty of news on cryptocurrencies investors became millionaires within short period of time.

The return of investment they made was even higher than the ROI from pharmaceutical share market.

In 2021 & 2022, cryptocurrency trading has evolved to offer more types of investment channels.

NFT Trend

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is one of the latest cryptocurrency investment channels.

It allows investors to invest in digital art & digital media products. The ability to provide public certificates of authenticity in this channel has provided high perceived investment values for investors.

NFT has benefited many freelance artists and media creators. It offers a new channel of income source for them.

They are able to sell their digital arts or media products via NFT without worrying about digital piracy issues.

Meanwhile, they can gain royalty fees when the buyer sells the art to the next buyer.

With this trading mechanism, they are able to get a continuous passive income.

Some freelance artists have grown this channel as their full-time career.

Their creative effort and products are being well paid off in this channel.

It creates a sustainable investment value for their products.

Tips to increase ROI in cryptocurrency investment:

  • Monitor closely on the cryptocurrency news from different online news sources, such as CNN, Wall Street Journal & etc
  • Diversify investment fund to different types of cryptocurrency
  • Apply AI bot to assist on cryptocurrency trading
  • Practice to trade cryptocurrency in some training platforms
  • Try out money mining in cryptocurrency
  • Make it to become a long term investment plan & follow strictly based on the plan

Property Investment

Many older generations strongly believed that property investment is the safest investment channel.

It is easier to invest compared to share market & cryptocurrency. The technical skills required in this investment channel is less complicated.

However, the investment fund required in property investment is much higher compared to other types of investment.

For fresh graduates or investors with limited funds, it is not advisable to go for this investment immediately.

You need to have a certain amount of funds together with backup fund as well for emergency issues in property investment.

It takes a longer time to obtain the ROI in property investment.

When measuring your ROI rate in this channel, you need to include property tax fees & miscellaneous fees. These fees will reduce your ROI rate in property investment.

Property Rental

Another property investment approach that investors can apply is to rent out their property after purchase.

They will be able to get stable rental income to cover monthly investment funds in property.

This method will help to reduce the investment burden from investors.

In some situations, the rental rate can provide extra earnings to investors on monthly basis.

Some investors will invest a certain portion to renovate the property.

Property with renovation will provide a higher rental rate in return.

Another approach is to renovate the property so that investors can rent to multiple tenants.

This approach normally applies to residential property.

Tips to increase ROI in property investment:

  • Renovate your property before sell-off or rent out
  • Look for freehold property instead of leasehold property
  • Look for auction property units, the units are always below the market price
  • Ensure you have sufficient holding power for property value to increase over time
  • Conduct research to find out potential areas with township development
  • Rent out your property after purchase & analyze your target customers for rental

Saving Plan Investment

This investment channel is commonly available in the market. It is a convenient and low-risk investment channel for everyone.

You can find this investment channel available in financial institutions, insurance company & banks.

The ROI gained in this investment fund generally serves as retiring fund and education fund for the next generation.

You do not need advanced trading skills to kick-start this investment.

All you need to do is select the right saving plan which fits your monthly investment budget and sign up for it.

The ROI is fixed at a progressive annual interest rate. Some saving plans do offer extra dividend payout.

The main disadvantage in this investment channel is that the return is hard to hedge against inflation.

While this investment provides a better return rate compared to fixed deposit interest rate in banks.

The annual interest rate can remain flat for a few years continuously.

However, investing in a saving plan always comes with an extra benefit.

The extra benefit is MEDICAL EXPENSES COVERAGE! This is why the majority of investors will still allocate partial investment funds for saving plans.

As medical expenses are increasing annually, this investment approach will help to reduce our burden on medical expenses.

Tips to increase ROI in saving plan investment:

  • Go for a saving plan from well-established financial institutions
  • Look for a saving plan which offers progressive annual interest rate increment
  • Purchase saving plan which comes with medical expenses coverage

Online Casino Playing In Mega888 Online

Mega888 Online

Many would say that this approach is more for entertainment or pastime purposes.

However, based on the latest finding from Global Casino Association (GCA), the players winning rate in online casinos such as Mega888 Online has increased in recent years.

The players winning rates in online casinos have somehow been higher than the positive investment gain rate in stock and cryptocurrency trading.

This is really unbelievable! As the player winning rate increased progressively in recent years, online casino platform has been perceived as an investment channel for passive income generation.

Plenty of veteran players have become “professional investors” in online casino platforms.

This investment platform offers flexible method to “invest”.

You can set any amount of investment fund and start your investment at any time.

Once you have gained your expected ROI, you can quit the investment immediately.

Many famous online casinos such as Mega888 Online, ECLBET & etc have applied AI technology to generate a fair & consistent winning rate for players.

This has allowed players to analyze accurately their risk % of losing in the game.

Once they are able to master the game-winning trend %, it can turn out to be a “safe investment” channel for them.

Tips to increase ROI in online casino investment:

  • Play in well-established online casino platforms, such as: 918Kiss, Mega888 Online & etc
  • Diversify your fund in different games as different games will offer different winning probabilities
  • Research and master on some top tips shared by professional players such as Paul Phua
  • Focus on slot games such as Safari Heat if you are not an expert in gambling
  • Practice more in free credit account before starting playing with your own fund

Does Investment Guarantee Future Financial Freedom?

I believed that this question is always the top concern for us when comes to investment. It is everyone’s desired goal to achieve financial freedom in life.

Well, I would say not everyone will be  100% guaranteed to get a financial freedom life.

We can definitely enhance our chance to achieve financial freedom with the right strategies in investment.

Diversify Your Investment

Diversifying your investment to different channels will definitely diversify your risk.

It is extremely important when you plan to set your ultimate investment goal is to get financial freedom.

Investment is always a long journey with different ROI gained along the journey.

If we able to lower the investment risk in our investment portfolio, we will be able to generate a more stable ROI.

Set A Realistic Financial Freedom Goal

Goal setting is extremely important in investment.

We need to understand that we do not need to be billionaire tycoons in the market such as Warren Buffet for a financial freedom life.

Everyone’s financial freedom life is heavily depending on their preferred lifestyle when they decide to retire.

Another important aspect of financial freedom life is that there will be continuous passive income.

Therefore we always need to set a fund amount for retirement and passive income amount after retirement.

A realistic goal will also keep you away from working in life forever.

Stay Discipline & Persistent In Investing

There is no way to achieve financial freedom if we are not persistent and disciplined in our investment journey.

To said is easier to be done, many of us will tend to give up when we make a loss in investment.

It requires a discipline and strong mindset to continue in investment no matter what challenges occur.

For most of us, investment is always a roller coaster journey. Never giving up is the important key to overcoming this roller coaster journey.

Upgrade Investment Knowledge Consistently

There is no fixed winning formula in investment.

If you have multiple investment portfolios, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest news and investment trend consistently.

Investment news is available on various online platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & etc.

With adequate & updated investment knowledge, you will stand a higher chance to reap higher ROI.

Besides, looking for investment news online, you can upgrade your knowledge by joining investment discussion groups.

It is an effective platform for knowledge sharing and updates.

You get to learn the past experience from other investors and avoid the mistake made by others.

When Is The Right Time For Online Investment Such As In Mega888 Online Platform

The answer is always “Right Now” when you have your fund ready & the right mindset.

As there are various types of investment channels such as Mega888 Online available conveniently in the market.

You can kick-start your investment in Mega888 Online anytime.

There is no fixed best time to kick-start your investment journey.

When you have your investment fund allocation and adequate knowledge in investment, you have a fair chance of positive investment ROI.

Your wealth growth from investment is on an accumulative basis. It does not happen overnight, so better to start now than be never.

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