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How To Quit Gambling From Malaysia Online Casino

Gambling is a common game activity with a long history.

Ever since humans entered civilization, gambling activity was introduced by then.

Today, gambling still remains a common activity among us.

The most common platforms for gambling activity are casinos & online casino apps.

Due to the rise of online casinos in Malaysia, we can gamble conveniently at any time and anywhere.

In fact, Malaysia gambling activity is pretty common as well.

This has also brought up a negative impact on some of us.

It is a gambling addiction. The effect of gambling addiction can become permanent if we did not take an effort to fix it.


The Root Cause Of Gambling Addiction

Even though Malaysian gambling activity is pretty common, different people will gamble differently in style.

Addiction to gambling is mainly due to being unable to control your gambling focus and betting fund.

There are few detailed root causes that can cause gambling addiction.

Lack Of Self Discipline

It is normal to bet in casino games. As long as, you are able to control your time spent in-game and bet budget, you are good to go ahead.

However, if you lack self-discipline, you will not follow strictly the playing time and betting budget set.

This will lead to gambling addiction eventually. In fact, self-discipline is an important trait for everyone.

With strong self-discipline, you will stand a higher chance to achieve success in life.

Greed In Game-Winning

Sometimes, winning in casino games gives you a strong excitement and a sense of achievement.

It will also give you the confidence to raise your bet in the next game.

This is where the potential danger comes in. It will build up your greediness to win more in casino games.

If you do not stop playing and continue to raise bets in the game, you will lose eventually.

Once you lose in the game, your greediness will drive you to continue betting in the next game.

Subsequently, you are likely to encounter a losing streak in your game.

Lack Of Personal Finance Control In Playing Casino Games

This is a very common root cause of online casino gambling addiction.

In online casino platforms such as Mega888, you do not need high betting capital to start playing.

For example, when you spend RM10 to play in Mega888 slot game, you would not feel burden on your finances.

Even if you lose the RM10, you will still be able to fork out another RM10 to continue in the next game.

Without setting a financial limit in your betting budget, you will easily bet a lot in one game regardless of winning or losing.

Stress From Work & Family Problems

Nowadays, facing stress in our workplace or even in the family is a common problem for most of us.

There are many ways to release this stress. Spending some time betting on casino games can be a good way.

However, if we over-rely on gambling activity to release our stress, then problems will arise.

Over relying on gambling activity will increase your time spent betting. Gradually, it will lead to gambling addiction one day.


Gambling Bad Effect

Malaysia Gambling Addiction Negative Impacts

Gambling addiction can cause a lot of negative impacts on a personal level. Some of the impacts can even lead to serious life issues.

Lost Passion In Career

When you are addicted to playing casino games, you would spend less focus on your work or career.

Most of the time you spent will be mainly on betting in casino games.

Eventually, it will affect your career growth.

If you do not realize that gambling addiction is affecting your work, things may get worse. In the worst-case scenario, you may even lose your job in the end.

Root Cause Of Family Problem

If you are the parent in family, gambling addiction will cause serious issues for your family.

First of all, you would not have sufficient time to spend with your children & wife.

This will create the feeling of being neglected by them.

If you continue to be addicted to those Malaysia gambling platforms, it may even lead to marriage divorce and home violence cases.

The biggest victim in these cases is always your children.

They will lose the best role model in life and family love which is vital for their growth.

Personal Financial Problem

Malaysia gambling activity often involves money betting in casino games.

Most of the time, players who lose in a game will continue to bet with the hope to win back the money lost.

However, most of the time, the betting outcome will become the opposite.

He is likely to lose in the next game and the following game.

In this case, you are burning up your own money at a fast speed.

If you did not control this situation, you will face personal financial problems soon.

Money betting is unlike investment where there are fund management & investment analysis can be done.

Money betting in casino games is mainly dependent on pure luck. The risk level is significantly higher than other investment risks.

Impact On Social Networking

Spending too much time gambling will make you lose friends as well! As you spend too much focus and time on casino games, you would not have time for your friends. This is extremely unhealthy for your social circle in long run. You will even lose the tendency and interest to meet new friends. Life without friends will be very tough and challenging.

Mental Health Issue

It is a known fact that gambling addiction can actually cause mental health issues.

As you are too focused on the casino game, your emotion will be controlled by the game outcome.

In a long run, it will cause depression and anxiety. This mental health effect may stay permanently even you have stopped gambling!

By that time, you will need to seek help from medical specialist and take medication to control it.

Lose Confidence In Life

This is the most serious impact of gambling addiction.

Once you lose confidence in life due to gambling addiction, you will have the risk of living a failed life for the rest of your life.


How To Stop Gambling

How To Quit Gambling From Casino Malaysia Platforms

If you find that your gambling behavior and frequency are leading you to gambling addiction, do consider quitting gambling.

In fact it is not that difficult to quit gambling given that you do it in the right way.

There are a few proven & useful ways below for you to take as reference.

Millions of gamblers have tried these methods and proven work in quitting gambling.

Reduce Playing Time Progressively

If you are a gambling lover, it is hard for you to stop gambling immediately.

Instead of forcing yourself to quit immediately, you can start to reduce the playing time.

Set a progressive target for yourself. For example, reduce 30 minutes of playing time in an online casino by every week.

In few months’ time, you will realize that you are no longer addicted to gambling on online casino platforms.

There is one rule in this method. You need to be disciplined and persistent to follow the target set by you. Do not give up halfway.

Look For Other Past Time Activities As Replacement

Most gambling addiction cases, always started off as gambling as a pastime activity.

Hence, you can always look for other activities which interest you to spend as past time activities.

There are a lot of healthy pastime activities which you can consider as replacements such as sports, cooking & etc.

Once you start to join other activities, your main focus will no longer be gambling.

Sooner, gambling will be no longer be an important or must-have activity for you.

Play In Mega888 Test ID

Don’t get wrong, it is a free play platform from Mega888.

If you love to play casino games a lot, consider applying this method.

It does not require you to use real money to play in this test play platform.

Meanwhile, you still get to enjoy the thrill of the gameplay. Even if you lose in the game, it would not hurt your finances.

Hangout More With Friends & Family

This method will bring you other benefits as well.

Find a common interest activity with your friends and family.

Then carry out this activity with them regularly. This will help you to divert the focus from betting in casino games.

Besides, it will also help you build stronger bonding & relationship with your friends and family.

Do keep in mind that they are the important people in your life.

Hence you should spend more time treasuring the good moments with them.

Force Yourself To Commit To Saving & Investment

Many gamblers tend to use their pocket money to gamble.

Instead to spend pocket money on casino games, allocate them to savings and investment.

Hence, you would not have extra money to bet on any Malaysia gambling platforms.

This method works well for those who always have a lot of pocket money for spending.

Gambling Responsibly

How To Gamble Responsibly

If you can’t quit gambling or choose not to quit gambling, there is an alternative approach. You can gamble responsibly.

There are few methods to gamble responsibly. So long as you gamble responsibly, you are unlikely to be addicted to gambling.

Fix A Time To Play & Never Exceed The Playing Time

Instead of spending long hours betting on casino games, you can always set a fixed time in a day or a week to play.

Once the time is up, stop playing immediately. This will help you to ensure gambling is not taking up all your time and focus.

Set A Betting Budget Every Time

Setting a fixed betting budget every time will ensure you will not overbet in games.

Hence, you will not get hurt badly in your finances.

Besides, setting a fixed budget will also help you to enhance your game management efficiently.

Sometimes, it may even help you to get more winning in return.

Government Rule On Betting

Why Are Malaysia Gambling Activities Still Allowed By Government?

This is a very good question. In fact, gambling is allowed under certain rules and regulations.

Malaysia gambling casinos & online casinos need to have casino license in order to operate casino businesses.

There are two solid reasons that gambling is still allowed by the government.

  • Tax Contribution

Tax contribution from businesses is an important source of income for the government to develop the country.

The legal & famous casinos and online casinos have contributed a significant amount of tax payments to the government.

  • Job Opportunity

It is a known fact that a casino business will create many job opportunities.

Just look at Genting Casino, it has more than 10,000 staff working in the casino.

Furthermore, it also helps to create job & business opportunities in commercial industries.

For example, there are many commercial outlets and eateries around Genting Casino.

Instead of prohibiting gambling activity completely, gamblers should take more responsibility and effort to gamble responsibly.

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