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Which Countries Are Legalized In Online Casino 2022?

“Gambling”, is a famous pastime activity with long history ago.

As human nature behavior like gambling, it was able to evolve progressively with human history.

Today gambling activity is available globally. There are many types of gambling games available.

The famous gambling games are such as Poker, Slot games, Sports Bet, Horse Betting & etc.

With the advance in technology, online gambling demand has been increasing over years.

With Covid-19 pandemic impact, the progress of online gambling development expedites even further.

Many online casino platforms have out-performed the traditional casino during pandemics.

The online casino industry always comes with complicated pros & cons.

Each country does have a different set of rules & regulations on gambling activities.

Here we have compiled a few latest info on the countries’ legalization level of gambling & casino operation:

Legal Online Casino 2022

Countries With Online Casino Legalized

United Sates:

Being the leader of democracy & freedom at international level, gambling is completely legal in US.

However, there are certain regulations on it.

One of them is that citizens cannot join online sports betting from other states.

If you reside in Texas, you cannot join sports bets in Kansas.

Besides, different states in US will have different gambling regulations as well:

  • New Jersey: any form of online gambling has been legalized in 2013
  • Texas: All online gambling platforms & activities are legalized
  • Oregon:  Online Sports Bet & Horse Bet are allowed
  • Michigan: Online Sports Bet & Horse Bet are legalized
  • California: Online poker legality still pending decision from state government
  • New York: Online live casinos are allowed but Sports Bet still pending legality from state government

While other states hold different regulations from those mentioned above.

Generally, every state government holds the authority to regulate online gambling laws.

Having said that, US residents still enjoy great freedom in playing online casino games.


Other than Kangaroos & Cricket Stadiums, you will get to spot plenty of casinos in Australia as well!

In Australia, gambling is legal in authorized casinos.

You will get to find some internationally famous casinos over there: Crown Melbourne, SkyCity Adelaide & etc.

It is also completely legal in online gambling. Online & offline gambling are common activities for Australians.

A local survey shows that approximately 80% of Australians do gamble.

However, there is a catch in it. All online casino platforms can only offer games that are permitted by the government.


Columbia is undoubtedly one of the most lenient countries in online gambling.

According to CNN report, it is one of the top 7 countries in online casino industry.

The Columbia government has played a big part in it.

The government set lenient laws to attract more players to join the local online casino platforms.

Players can join any local online casinos for free and at any time.

Also, the government allows citizens to join other countries’ online casinos.

This lenient law approach helps to breed out many pro-Columbia gamblers!


It is one of the competitive online casino players in Europe.

While other European countries do have certain regulations on online casinos, Finland is relatively lenient on that.

Generally, the local agencies will monopoly the online casino industry in Finland.

These local agencies generally have strong connections with the local government.

The citizens in Finland can join the local casino platforms without restrictions.

Currently, RAY, Veikkaus Oy, Fintoto Oy & PAF are the 3 leading agencies to offer online casino games to the citizens.


The leading online casino player in South American region.

The local government has played a big part in this by implementing straightforward regulations.

It is extremely easy to get an online gambling license in Peru.

Everyone can get the licenses as long as they adhere to several rules.

Foreign gambling operators can apply the same process to get a license as well.

Therefore, there are many international online casino brands available, such as Mega888, 918Kiss &, etc.


Countries With Online Casino Banned

These countries are generally in Asia or fall under Islamic countries.

Although the online casino is a hugely profitable industry, it is definitely against the teaching of Islam.

These countries have extremely strict laws & stiff penalties on online gambling activities:


In UAE, any kind of gambling is strictly prohibited. Be it online or land casino.

The local authority will even ban any form of online gambling ads.

If anyone involves in gambling, he will serve up 2 years or more in jail under local law.

The local government also prohibits any form of animal betting activities as well.

Horse racing, roaster fight & etc will solely serve as entertainment activities.


Generally, the Singapore government does not tolerate any form of gambling activity at all.

The country has banned strictly all forms of online gambling activities.

The government has set strict laws to prevent any form of gambling ads available in market.

There are only two gambling operators that have license to operate.

They are the Singapore Turf Club & The Singapore Pools.

The implementation of anti-gambling laws is very efficient in this country.

Also, Singaporeans are very supportive of any forms of laws and policies from their government.

North Korea

In North Korea, government has the absolute power over everything.

The government implements tight control on the lives of its people.

As expected, local law authority strictly prohibits all types of gambling activities.

If any citizens involve in gambling, the local law authority will implement strict punishment.

However, this does not apply to tourists. When tourists visit the country, they can gamble in 1 local casino in Pyongyang.


The Cambodians have been known for their gambling addictions for a long time.

This issue has impacted their country’s economy as well.

To prevent this issue from further deteriorating, the government decided to ban gambling in 1996.

Ever since then, the gambling industry in Cambodia dropped to the lowest point.

When the online casino trend started to grow globally, Cambodia did not join this trend as well.


Countries Partially Legal In Online Casino


People in Thailand are permitted to play online horse racing bet.

However, other online gambling activities are strictly prohibited.

Another rule is that they are not allowed to withdraw their deposit & winning bet online.

This is why they will come to landed casinos to collect their horse racing bet winnings.

Despite other online gambling activities being prohibited, there are still plenty of underground gambling operators.

They will generally launch the pirated version of famous online casino brands, such as Mega888 to the market.


In Malaysia, gambling operators require limited authorized licenses from local authority to operate casino.

Gambling operators without licenses are illegal. In terms of online casinos, it is still a “Grey Area” at the moment.

Players still get to play in plenty of famous online casino platforms, such as BK8, ECLBET, Mega888 & etc.

Different from its neighbor Thailand, players can withdraw their deposits & winnings online.

Some platforms also offer e-wallet features for players to deposit & withdraw money conveniently.

This feature has attracted more players to download these apps & play on mobile.

economy growth 2022

Contribution Of Online Casino Industry To Country Economy

It is undeniable that the growth of online casino industry has benefited the country’s economy in certain aspects.

This is also the main reason that these countries’ governments allow online casinos to operate with certain regulations implemented.

Here are some of the contributions from online casinos:

Job Opportunities:

As a new booming industry, the emergence of online casinos has created many job opportunities for the public.

This effect becomes more significant during MCO period.

Majority of the retail industries were impacted badly due to social distancing & work from home regulations.

In opposite, the online casino industry grow tremendously in terms of pool of players & employees.

This is simply because online casino employees can work from home & players can play at home.

Tax Contribution:

As we all know that online casino industry is a hugely profitable industry, the tax contribution also significantly higher.

Based on a report from Global Casino Association (GCA), the tax contribution from online casino industry to a country are an average of 20%.

This amount is tremendously high. In general, tax contribution amount to a country has a direct relationship with the country’s economic growth.

If online casino industry continues to grow, the tax contribution will be higher from this industry.

With higher tax amounts received, government will have more fund allocation for country development.

This scenario can be seen in some well-developed countries, such as US & UK.

The online casino industry in these 2 countries is growing in parallel with the country’s economic growth.

New Occupation:

This is another significant benefit for the country and its citizens.

The growth of online casino industry has helped to breed out plenty of full-time online players.

Normally they are very skillful and knowledgeable in online casino games.

Some players did expand their career to online casino education & skill teaching.


Negative Impacts From Online Gambling Industry

While online gambling industry did help on country’s economic growth, it also bring negative impacts.

This is also why some countries insist to ban online gambling completely.

Especially in some countries with lenient laws & regulations.

Without proper regulations on the growth of online gambling, it will very likely cause social problems.

Mental Disorder

High addiction to online gambling will likely cause behavior disorder.

When gamblers were not playing online casino games, they will experience depression, stress & anxiety.

This will cause them to be powerless to stop or reduce online gambling frequency.

Family Issue

Online gambling addiction can lead to social problems such as family violence.

This issue will likely occur when the player has no self-discipline in playing online casino games.

When gamblers get too addicted, their full-time career & family time will be compromised.


Just like the negative impact of gambling, it will cause bankruptcy cases to arise.

According to a social report in 2022, online gambling caused 15% of the total bankruptcy cases.

This shows that online gambling can be a double edge sword to the economy.

With tax contribution from the industry, it will help significantly in country development.

However, it will cause individual citizens to expose to the risk of bankruptcy.


Online Gambling Future Trend

As Covid-19 will not disappear anytime soon, online gambling will definitely grow further.

This is simply due to online casinos do not require any physical meet-up to operate.

Gamblers can play the game at any time & anywhere.

As the online casino platform grows further, a few future trends would definitely happen:

  •  Advance AI implementation in games. This feature will increase the game excitement & fairness level. It will expedite further the shift of gamblers from landed casinos to online casinos.
  • Cryptocurrency usage in online gambling platforms. This trend is foreseeable with the market confidence growth on cryptocurrency. By that point in time, gamblers will get another high flexible option in monetary transactions.
  • More countries legalize on online gambling industry. This will help to expedite the industry growth and the competitiveness level within this industry. At the end of the day, the citizens & government will be the biggest beneficial parties.

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