2022 Pussy888 Download Guide

2022 Pussy888 Download & Official Version Winning Tips

If you are new to online casinos, you might not have heard of Pussy888 online casinos.

In fact, Pussy888 popularity has been growing progressively in these 2 years.

It is an online casino platform that offers classic slot games, arcade games & lottery games.

In this article, we will share with you the 2022 latest Pussy888 download guide.

If you are familiar with Mega888 download, then understanding Pussy888 download guide would not be difficult for you.

Both of the download guides are pretty similar as these two apps are developed by Malaysians.



Is Pussy888 Download Consider New In The Market?

If you compared Pussy888 download with Mega888 download and ECL Bet download, it is considered still a baby age in the market.

For your information, the first version of Pussy888 download was launched in 2019.

Whereas Mega888 download and BK8 download, have been in the market for more than 10 years.

The Pussy888 app offers more than 80 types of casino games which includes slot games, arcade games & lottery games.

It is still very less if you compared to Mega888 games and ECL Bet games.

However, Pussy888 is still able to gain a fair share in the market due to the games in the app being of high quality.



Where To Get Pussy888 Download?

Just like the Mega888 download, you can get the original Pussy888 download through a few platforms.


  • Google Play Store & App Store

The first method is to get this online casino download to Google Play Store and App Store.

Just type Pussy888 in the Play Store or App Store and you will get to download this online casino app.

Before you download the app, please ensure that you do not have any previous Pussy888 app versions on your mobile device.


  • Pussy88 Authorized Websites

The second method is to get the Pussy888 download through Pussy888 authorized websites.

When you search for Pussy888 authorized websites on Google, you need to be aware of fake Pussy888 websites.

These fake Pussy888 websites are operated by other online gambling operators.

But how do identify whether the website is fake or authorized?

Basically, you will find authorized Pussy888 websites that do come with a full download guide and the original Pussy888 logo as shown below.

Any Pussy888 websites that do not have these two elements in the websites are definitely fake websites.

When you download the Pussy888 app from authorized websites, don’t forget to check out the latest bonus available in the Pussy888 app.

These latest bonuses can be in the form of free spins in the slot game or free credit in the member account.


  • Pussy888 Agent

If you are too lazy to get the Pussy888 download on your own, you can get the Pussy888 agent to help you with this.

The majority of the Pussy888 agents will help you with this.

Besides, they will also help you to register a new account after downloading the app.

In fact, it is their unofficial role as an agent to ensure the players get a Pussy888 game account and play on the Pussy88 platform.



What Will You Get In Pussy888 Download?

After you have downloaded Pussy888 and registered a new account in it, it’s time for you to enjoy the nice features of the app.

Free Welcome Bonus RM30

This is the first benefit you will get after you have registered a member account in Pussy888.

This welcome bonus amount is considered generous compared to other platforms.

The best part is you do not need to place any deposit in your account to claim this welcome bonus.

This welcome bonus will be auto-credited to your account once you successfully registered a new account.

Just make sure you don’t claim this welcome bonus more than 1 time.

Else, your account may get suspended as the Pussy888 platform is pretty strict on potential fraud activity.

Free Test ID Account

The second free stuff you will get is the Pussy888 test ID account.

It is a free play account to allows you to play all Pussy888 games without using your own money.

The credit in the test ID account will be reloaded automatically once finished.

However, you are unable to cash out the credit in the test ID account or transfer the credit to other accounts.

This free Pussy Test ID account is a very useful tool for you to practice in the Pussy88 games.

Especially when you are a slot game player, this test ID account would be a great help for you to enhance your slot game-playing skills.

Access To All Play Pussy888 Download Games

The third feature you get to enjoy is being able to play all Pussy888 games.

As mentioned above, all Pussy888 games are of high quality and fun to play.

You will get to enjoy all the slot games, arcade games & lottery games on the platform.

Different Types Of Pussy888 Download Free Credit

The next thing you will get to enjoy is the different types of free credits for Pussy888 members.

Compared to other online casino platforms, Pussy888 is pretty generous on the free credit given out.

This is because Pussy888 still plans to attract more players to join and play on the platform.

The best part is most of the Pussy888 free credits do not require any deposit from the players.

Besides, some of the Pussy888 free credits can be claimed more than 1 time!

The current available Pussy888 free credits are:

  • New Member Welcome Bonus
  • Pussy888 Anniversary Free Credit
  • Pussy888 Friends & Family Free Credit
  • High Roller Free Credit
  • Chinese New Year Big Ang Pau Free Credit


Pussy888 Download Winning Tips

If you compared Pussy888 with other online casinos such as ECL Bet and BK8, it is relatively easier to win in Pussy888.

This is because the Pussy888 gaming system is still new compared to other online casino apps, hence the winning odds will be more favorable to the players.

Below are some of the Pussy888 game-winning tips to further enhance your chance to win on the platform.

Focus On Slot Game & Arcade Game

These 2 types of games are the most popular types of casino games in Pussy888.

Moreover, the player winning chance in these 2 games is also higher compared to other types of games.

Besides, these 2 types of games are relatively easier to play compared to other types of games.

You do not require high gambling technical skills to win in a slot game or arcade game.


Set Betting Budget In Each Playing Session

This is a simple tip that you can learn to help you achieve higher winning in game.

However, it takes a high level of discipline to implement this tip consistently.

After you have set a betting budget, do not exceed the betting budget in any case.

This will also help you to reduce the chances of getting losing a streak in the game.

If you are able to make this approach become a habit, you will stand a greater chance of winning the Pussy888 games.


Practice More In Test ID Account

This is another useful tip that requires you to have strong discipline and consistency to execute it.

As you practice more in certain games, you will definitely get to master the gameplay and develop different types of betting skills to win in the game.

From there, your winning probability will increase significantly without relying on any luck.

The test ID account is a good platform for you to practice in the game as you will not lose your own money if lose the game in your test ID account.


Be Confident When Playing In Pussy Game

This is a psychological tip to help you increase your winning chance in the game.

When you play in the Pussy888 game, be confident in your playing strategy and approach.

Even if you lose in the game, do not feel demotivated as you will still have the chance to win in the next game.

Just be confident and this positive strong aura will guide you back to the winning journey.







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