Mega888 Slot Jackpot 2022

2022 Mega888 Slot Game Full Guide For Jackpot Winning

Mega888 slot is currently the top choice online slot game platform in Malaysia.

It is comparable with the famous Mamak24 login app.

It has a huge player base of different races and ages.

If you are a slot game lover, you should not miss this online slot app.

Like most online casino platforms, it can be downloaded and played on a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

Mega888 Slot Origin

Mega888 slot was launched in 2019. It was launched by the founder, Michael Tan and his team. It was a rebrand version of 918Kiss.

The app name & design was totally different in the rebrand version.

In fact, the very first version was actually SCR888. All these 3 versions were focused on online slot games

Difference Between Mega888, 918Kiss & SCR888

Even though these 3 versions are actually the same online casino platform, there are differences spotted in each version from different aspects.

  • Game Interface

Mega888 game interface is in sharp blue background and has more interactive UX effects on it.

Whereas for 918Kiss and SCR888, the game interface is mostly in static visuals format.

The SCR888 background color is ocean blue. While 918Kiss background colors are purple and pink.

Mega888 Interface

918Kiss Interface

SCR888 Interface

  • Free Credits Categories

In this online slot version, there are many more free credit types available for claim. The new free credits types are as follows:

  • Daily Top Up Free Credits
  • Birthday Free Credits
  • VIP Free Credits
  • Mega888 Anniversary Free Credits
  • High Roller Free Credits
  • Free Credit 365 Hari

While the old types of free credits which are available in 918Kiss and SCR888 are still available in the latest version.

  • Payment Deposit & Withdrawal

Old versions like 918Kiss and SCR888 only allow bank transfer methods to process all players’ deposits & withdrawals.

The Mega888 comes with more methods for payment transactions. The new payment methods are as follows:

  • E-Wallet such as Grab Pay
  • Credit Card & Debit Card
  • Cryptocurrency

This new payment method can provide you with greater flexibility in your betting fund management.

All these payment methods are 100% safe & secure as well.


Why Play In Mega888

Why Play In Mega888 Slot

Meet New Friend With Same Interest

When you play in this online casino slot app, you will get the chance to interact with other players.

There is a chat room function in the app for all players to discuss app-related topics in it.

This chat room function is available to you once you have completed the Mega888 download process.

In fact, you can get some betting tips and skills sharing from some veteran players in the chat room.

One rule of thumb in the chat room is always to be friendly to other players.

User-Friendly App

Compared to other online casino apps, the Mega888 slot app is relatively user-friendly.

There are no complicated functions and setting in the app.

Usually, you just need to click less than 3 buttons to land the game in which you wish to play.

Scam Proof Game Result

Generally, all the Mega888 Slot game results are scam-proof.

The results are generated by machine algorithms and no human manual operation.

Hence, you will not get a result that is biased toward the Mega888 platform.

Safe & Secure Platform

Mega888 always ensures that all members can enjoy the games in a safe & secure gaming environment.

With the first-class security and anti-hack system, you will be worry-free when betting in Mega888 games such as Mega888 Seaworld.

Besides, Mega888 does guarantee 100% compensation to any Mega888 players if their credits in accounts are hacked.

Always Update With Latest Games

You will not feel bored playing in Mega888 even if you are a frequent player.

This is simply because Mega888 will constantly launch new slot games in the app.

Generally, you will get to play new slot games in Mega888 every month.

Mega888 Slot Games With Highest Payout & Jackpot Prizes

Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef slot online is a classic release by NextGen Gaming dating back to 2009.

This online slot offers you a relaxing tour of the ocean floor to meet some of the creatures it houses, such as starfish, turtles, clownfish, seahorses, and dolphins.

These symbols present different valuables to players. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to hit the mini jackpots easily.

The highest jackpot prize you can get in the Dolphin Reef slot is around RM3,000,000!

African Wildlife

African Wildlife is an online slot game with some beautiful visual elements in this game including 3D icons, black reels, and an image of Savannah.

This online slot features nine regular symbols. Five of these symbols are African-themed playing cards, while the rest of the symbols include a zebra, a giraffe, a rhino, and an elephant.

There is also a black woman that serves as a scatter symbol. She can help you get some Free Spins.

Finally, it also comes with a bonus game where you have to spin the lucky wheel to reveal multipliers.

With such interesting gameplay, this slot comes with a massive jackpot prize of RM5,0000,000!

Great Blue Slot

The Great Blue slot game comes with a standard ocean theme that allows players to enjoy the company of famous sea residents like sharks, turtles, starfish, and seahorses.

This slog game consists of five reels covered by 25 bet lines.

This slot is also famous for players can get as many game bonuses as they can in the free spins.

Being the most classical online slot game, it comes with the grand jackpot prize of RM10,000,000!

Win In Mega888 Slot

How To Win In Mega888 Slot

Choose Slot Games With Higher Return To Player (RTP) Percentage

If you are an active slot game player, you will know that each slot game will have different RTP percentages.

The return to player (RTP) percentage simply means how high the chance the slot game will payout to you.

For example, if the RTP percentage is 85% for an online slot game, you will get RM85 in return with an RM100 betting fund.

This will help you to regain as much betting fund as you can to win in the next round.

Practice In Mega888 Test ID

The more you practice, the higher chance you get to win in the slot games.

You can always use the Mega888Test ID account as a practice platform.

Either Mega888 Test ID 2021 or 2022 version can serve as a good practice platform for you.

When you practice regularly, you will be able to forecast the game result trend in any slot games.

Watch Youtube Jackpot Slot Videos

When you run out of ideas on how to win in the slot games, always go to Youtube and watch those jackpot-winning gameplay in slot games.

You will be able to find many jackpot-winning videos shared by the Mega888 veteran players on Youtube.

Spend some time to watch and understand how they can hit the jackpot in slot games. It can help you to increase the winning chance significantly.


App Maintenance In Mega888 Slot

How  Long Does Mega888 Slot Maintenance Take?

In order to ensure players get the best gaming experience in Mega888 slot online, the app will undergo maintenance regularly.

Generally, it will take 2 – 3 hours for 1 maintenance session. While major maintenance may take up to half a day.

During maintenance, you are unable to log in and play the app.

Can Mega888 Slot Be Hacked?

Although you can find many methods online to hack the Mega888 app, none of the methods successfully work so far.

This is due to the Mega888 app does equip with first-class security and an anti-hack system.

Besides, the Mega888 team also learn their lesson from the previous 918Kiss version.

There were many hacked cases reported in the 918Kiss app.

Hence the Mega888 team is determined to upgrade the security system to the best level to avoid this issue.



How To Claim Unlimited Free Credits & Bonuses In Mega888 Slot Games

Play In Mega888 Slot Games Actively

As there are many types of free credits in slot games, you can claim most of them if you play regularly.

These free credits will definitely be a great tool to help you to win more in the slot game.

Create Multiple Accounts

This is another secret method shared by one of the top Mega888 players, Adrian Kazuki.

In order to get free credits continuously, you can create multiple accounts and transfer all free credits from other accounts to your main account.

It may be time-consuming to do this continuously, however you will get unlimited free credits in your account as a return.

How To Stop Losing Streak In Mega888 Slot

Do Not Get Greedy

Although the grand jackpot prizes in Mega888 slot games are tempting, do not hope to win all of the prizes.

The grand jackpot prizes come with a very low probability of winning.

This simply means that you may not even get to win any of the grand jackpots after spending a huge amount of betting funds.

Hence, just take any winning into account when playing slot games and don’t get greedy.

Always Use Free Credits To Play

Having a losing streak in games will cause a financial burden to most of the players. How to avoid this issue?

You can always use the free credits to play the slot games. Therefore, always accumulate as many free credits as you can.

When you play slot games with free credits, you will not feel financial stress if you lose.

Set Realistic Winning Target

This approach will help you to avoid a losing streak in slot games effectively.

Always set a realistic winning target when you start to play in the app.

Once you have achieved the winning target, stop playing immediately.

If you insist to continue, this is the time when the game odds start to against you.

Can You Cash Out Mega888 Free Credit?

If you are a normal Mega888 member, you are unable to cash out the free credits.

However, you can transfer the free credits to another account.

To do so, you need to contact the Mega888 agent or customer service team to assist you with this.

Does Mega888 Slot Accept Cryptocurrency?

Mega888 latest version does allow players to use cryptocurrency to top up the credit in the account.

The current cryptocurrency accepted by the platform is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Stellar & Litecoin.

Moving forward, the Mega888 platform will accept more types of cryptocurrency.

Current Mega888 Slot Top Winning Player

The current top-winning player in Mega888 is a single mom from Malaysia. Her name is Lisa Chan.

She hit the second grand jackpot prize in the slot game during MCO which was worth RM8,000,000.

She is still an active Mega888 player currently. Besides, she is also one of the Mega888 VIP members.

Hidden Secrets In Mega888 Slot

There are actually some hidden secrets in the app which not being disclosed by Mega888 officials at all.

After rounds of researching and playing in the app, here are some of the hidden secrets found in the app:

> Some slot games are actually easier to win. These slot games are Panther Moon Slot, Snow World, Ocean King, Lucky Neko, and a few more. If you are new to Mega888 slot games and hope to get the feel of winning in slot games, these games are your best choices.

> You can claim some free credits unlimited times using the same account. Normally you just need to share the news of this free credit in your social media account then you can claim the free credits again. If you share a few times, you will be able to claim these free credits for few times.


What Is Mega888 Trick Code?

Mega888 Trick Code is a hack code developed by a group of hackers who intend to hack the Mega888 slot online.

Rumors spread that this hack code can ensure a 100% winning chance in any Mega888 slot online.

However, this Mega888 Trick Code hack function is not workable at all.

Many players have tried this code but it turns out to be spyware in the app account.

How To Contact Mega888 Customer Service Team?

There are several communication channels available to allow you to get in touch with the customer service team:

  • Livechat
  • Whatsapp
  • Wechat
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger

The customer service team is 24/7 available. You can contact them to assist you with the following matters:

  • Deposit & Top Up Credit
  • Account Credit Withdrawal
  • Account Log In & Registration Issues
  • Jackpot Prize Claim
  • Free Credits Claim

Mega888 Free Download 2022

Mega888 Slot Free Download & Register Steps

  • Access to the official Mega888 website
  • Select the right app version for download (Mega888 iOS for iPhones & iPad, Mega888 Apk for Android phones)
  • After download, access to the app for account registration
  • Fill up the relevant info for account registration, then submit it to the customer service team
  • After you have submitted, wait for a few hours for account verification by the customer service team
  • When the account is verified by the customer service team, log in to your account and place a deposit
  • Once the deposit is transferred in credit to your game account, you can start to play the Mega888 slot games!

Mega888 Slot 2.0 In Future

According to the Mega888 official team, the 2.0 version shall be launched in a few years’ time.

Many veteran players predicted that the Mega888 Slot 2.0 may come with the following new features:

  • The app will implement AI technology to process credit deposits & withdrawals in players’ accounts. There will be no human operation needed in all customer service tasks.
  • Mega888 slot will be able to synchronize with other online casino apps. Therefore, if you have an account in another online casino app, you can use that account to play all Mega888 slot online as well.
  • There will be mini-tournaments in the slot games. You can compete with other slot game players in the mini-tournaments.

Common Problems In Mega888 Slot Online

Based on the feedback from the majority of regular Mega888 players, here are some of the common issues found in the app:

  • Game speed will be slow sometimes
  • Game sound will disappear in certain slot game scenes
  • Players will auto-exit from the slot game during the gameplay

Mega888 Slot VIP Member Version

How To Become Mega888 Slot VIP Member

As mentioned by Mega888 official, VIP member application is only by invitation basis only.

However, plenty of players have managed to become VIP members by meeting the following requirements:

  • Win at least 1 mini jackpot in any Mega888 slot games
  • Join as a Mega888 player and remain an active member for more than 3 months
  • Top up RM10,000 to credit for 3 months consecutively

There are many exclusive for Mega888 VIP members. You can always check out the Mega888 VIP Member guide to find out more.

Need To Pay Tax For Mega888 Slot Winning Money?

Unlike lottery winning prizes, you do not need to pay tax for your winning money in the Mega888 app.

If the government regulates the tax rules in the future, you may then need to pay tax for this.

Negative Effect On Gambling

Negative Effects Of Playing In Mega888 Slot

If you spend too much time playing the Mega888 app, it may bring some negative effects on your life and health.

Moreover, these negative effects may cause a permanent impact on you.

  • If you spend a long time playing the app without taking a rest, your eyes will get fatigued.
  • It will affect your physical and social life if you become addicted to the slot app.
  • Spending too much time & losing in the slot games may cause you to have depression in the long run.


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