2022 Mega888 Free Play Account Guide

2022 Mega888 Free Play Account Guide & Free Download

When you start playing in an online casino, it is always better to start playing in a free-play account first.

The online casino free play account is actually a demo account for players to test and play all the games on the platform.

Among so many online casino test play versions, the Mega888 free play account is one of the best options in the market.

Why do I say so? It is because the free play account offers the most types of online casino games in the demo version.

In fact, Mega888 free play account is also known as the Mega888 Test ID account.

This free play account was launched in 2017.

This free play account will be available to you after you have completed the Mega888 free download game and account process.


How To Get Mega888 Free Play Account

Compared to other online casino free play accounts, Mega888 is relatively easier to obtain.

There are a few different methods for you to obtain a free play account and is totally free!

One important note here, after you have obtained your free play account, remember to change your password for account safety purposes.


Obtain The Free Play Account From Mega888 Websites

There are many authorized Mega888 websites that provide this Free Play Account id and password.

Generally, the default-free play account id is “test1234”

If you find the free play account id is not “test1234”, then you have to be aware.

It might not be the authorized Mega888 website.

After you have gotten the free play id and password, you can key in your Mega888 app to open the free play account.


Obtain The Free Play Account From Mega888 Agent Or Customer Service

If you are not tech-savvy, you can use this method to get your free play account.

You can always contact the Mega888 agent or customer service to get their help to get you the Mega888 free play account id and password.

They are always more than happy to help you with this.



Why Mega888 Free Play Account So Popular

There are a few attractive kinds of stuff you will get to enjoy in the free play account.

First of all, you will get to play all Mega888 games for free.

From casino card games to slot games, you will get to play all of them in the free play account.

The second attractive point is that you do not need to reload the free credit on your own.

The free play account comes with an auto-free credit reload function.

Therefore, you do not need to waste time contacting customer service for credit reloads in a free play account.

Hence, you can spend more time focusing on playing your Mega888 free account games.



Benefits Of Playing In The Free Play Account

When you play in the free play account, you will feel it is different from playing in the real game account.

These differences in fact will benefit you in different aspects.

Besides, the free play account is also suitable for non-gamblers to play.

This is because the free play account does not involve any money betting in it.


No Financial Pressure

As the free play account does not involve any real money betting, it is fine to lose in the game.

It will not cause you to feel any financial pressure when lose in the free play account game.

You can always play the game in a relaxed mood.

Train Your Betting Skills

For Mega888 players wise, the free play account is a great platform to enhance their betting skills.

They can practice in any Mega888 games that they want in the account.

Many Mega888 veteran players have utilized this free play account to develop new betting strategies to increase their winning chance in the actual game.

In fact, some professional players even utilize this account as a training platform to enhance their skills before participating in the Mega888 Tournament.

This is actually a good and effective winning tips which can be applied in all Mega888 games.


Leisure Time Activity

Some non-gambling players will play in this account as a leisure time activity.

It is a good activity to help to release stress and get some fun in the game.

You can actually treat the free play account as a normal gaming platform to play with.


Improve Your Mathematical Skills

This is another indirect benefit to you when playing Mega888 games.

It can actually enhance your mathematical skills.

Most of the Mega888 games require you to do some calculations in order to win the game.

Your mathematical skills will be fully utilized and improved as you play more in the free-play account.



What Other Free Stuff Offered In Mega888

There is plenty of free stuff you will get in the free play account.


Mega888 Free Credit

As mentioned above, you will get unlimited Mega888 free credits in the free play account.

You can use these free credits to play any Mega888 games in the free play account.

However, you cannot cash out or transfer these free credits to other accounts.

Mega888 Free Spin In Slot Game

Compared to the actual game account, you will get more free spins in the free play account slot game.

These free spins can help you to increase the chance to hit the game jackpot.

Moreover, these free spins can allow you to play more rounds of the game.


Free Chat Function

This free chat function is available in the latest 2022 Mega888 free play account version.

This free chat function allows you to interact with other players in the game.

It is a great tool for you to get to know other players in the demo account.

Some of the players even become friends through using this free chat function.



Things Not To Do When Playing In Mega888 Free Play Account

Despite the free play account offering so much great stuff to the players, there are a few things you should avoid doing in the test play account.


Play In The Free Play Account For Too Long

If you play in the test id account for too long, it will cause eye fatigue.

In the long run, it will damage your eyesight permanently.

It is advisable to play in the free play account for less than 5 hours every time.


Hack The Free Play Account

As the Mega888 has an extremely advanced anti-hacking system, do not try to hack the free play account.

The Mega888 anti-hacking system will be able to detect any hacking activities and identify the hacker easily.

Mega888 officials will ban your free play account and actual game account if they found out you try to hack the account.

Delete The Free Play Account

If you have deleted your free lay account, it will be very troublesome to regain it in the future.

Basically, you will need to go through all the manual approval processes from customer service to regain your demo account.

Hence, it is not recommended to delete your existing free play account.


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