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2022 Latest Mega888 Download With Instant Bonus Claim

If you are an active online gambler, you will find many online casinos in the market nowadays.

Most of the online casino platforms come with popular casino games such as card games & slot games.

Among so many online casinos available for download, Mega888 download is one of the top choices.

It has the same popularity level with the famous Mamak24 login app.

It is a local well-known online casino brand that offers all sorts of slot games.


Why Mega888 Download App Is So Popular

There are a few reasons why this platform download has become so popular:

Slot Game Variety

As we know, the slot game is an extremely popular casino game in Malaysia.

It is widely played among Malaysians. The attractive part about slot games is that you have the chance to win huge jackpot prizes with the small betting fund.

Aside from that, slot games come with all kinds of interesting game themes which will enhance your playing experience.

In Mega888, you will get to find many types of slot games.

These slot games come with different reels and jackpot prizes.

Even if you can get to win the top jackpot, there are plenty of small jackpot prizes available in the slot game.

Fast Cash Withdrawal & Winning Payout

You don’t need to wait for days to get your winning payout in Mega888.

Once you plan to withdraw your winning payout in your account, just contact Customer Service.

Generally, they will process your withdrawal request immediately.

Within 1 to 2 hours, you will receive the payment safely in your bank account.

Another good point is Mega888 Customer Service team is very professional.

They will keep you updated closely during the withdrawal process.

If you encounter any delay in the cash withdrawal process, they will compensate you with free credits.

Safe & Secure App

This is an important factor when you decide on which online casino to play on.

As you are placing your money in the casino account to play, it is important that the money in the account is secure all the time.

Mega888 always put players’ account security in the first place.

They have invested a huge sum of investment to develop the app security system.

So far, there are no account hack or scam cases in the Mega888 original version app.

Different Types Of Bonus & Free Credits

Free credits & bonuses in online casino games are always useful tools for you to win more.

Hence, you will find many types of free credits & bonuses available in Mega888.

When you perform Mega888 download on your laptop or mobile phone, don’t forget to check out the types of free credit available.

The more free credits you claim, the higher chances you get to win more.

Free Mega888 Download Version For Test Play

If you are new to the Mega888 app, this will be a great feature for you. Before you decide to place your money to play, you can play in Mega888 test ID first.

This is a test play platform where you can play any games for free.

Once you have familiarized the gameplay in the test account, you can proceed with the real money game.

Furthermore, the credits in the test account are unlimited.

You don’t need to worry about the credits in the account will finish. Some Mega888 players even use this test account as their game practice platform.


Mega888 Download Device

What Device You Need To Get Mega888 Download App

Mega888 download is supported in a few famous device operating systems. For laptops & desktops, you can download the Mega888 Windows version.

For a mobile device, you just need an Android phone or iPhone.

Android phone users can download the Mega888 Apk, while iPhone users can go with the Mega888 ios download.

Don’t worry, be it on a mobile phone or laptop, you still get to play all the Mega888 games.

Just make sure that your phone or laptop has sufficient memory space for the app download.

The memory space required for Mega888 download is around 300MB.

Another important note is you need to ensure your device is connected with a stable internet line.

This is to ensure the following Mega888 app processes can run smoothly:

  • App download
  • Account Registration Process
  • Game Playing
  • Cash Deposit & Withdrawal
  • App Update


Mega888 Download Guide

How To Get Instant Free Credits & Bonus Claim In 2022 Mega888 Download

This is definitely the hottest question now as Mega888 has upgraded their app version recently.

There are some changes in the latest version. One of the changes in the registration & login interfaces.

Don’t worry, just refer to the app installation & registration guide below to claim your instant welcome bonus right away:

1) Install 2022 Mega888 Download

First, download the app from Mega888 original websites.

Beware of those websites which provide fake versions or pirated versions.

Once you enter the Mega888 authorized websites, look for the app version which compatible with your device:

> Android Phone & Tablet: Mega888 Apk Version

> iPhone & iPad: Mega888 iOS Version

> PC & Laptop: Mega888 Windows Version

If you want to download the Mega888 test ID version for test play, do refer to the full test ID download & login guide.

There will be some differences in the step of installation & registration for the test version.

2022 Mega888 Download & Register

2) Register An Account In Mega888 App

Once you have downloaded the app, access the app directly.

It will take some time to load the app for first-time access.

The loading speed also depends on your internet line stability.

So it’s important that your internet line is always stable.

When you reach the app main page, select new account registration.

Then fill in all necessary info on the registration page.

To ensure that you provide the correct info, especially on your bank account info.

Else, you will have problems withdrawing your fund from the game account in the future.

3) Submit For Mega888 Account Approval Review

After filling up all info, proceed to submit for account approval.

Generally, the account approval process will take a few hours to a half-day.

Sometimes, it may take longer than that due to too many accounts needing approval at the same time.

If you are urgent about the new account creation, suggest you can check with the Mega888 customer service team closely.

They are ready to help and update you on this.

4) Fund Deposit For Account Activation

Once your account registration is approved, congratulations!

You are just one step away from claiming the welcome bonus.

Just deposit funds to your game account to activate the game account.

Last time, the minimum deposit fund used to be RM200.

The 2022 Mega888 version just required a minimum RM100 fund deposit for account activation.

If you deposit more, you can get more welcome bonus amounts in return.

5) Claim Your Mega888 Welcome Bonus From Customer Service

After you have deposited the first fund, screenshot the receipt and share it with customer service.

They will then proceed to activate your account and credit the welcome bonus to your game account.

There is 1 condition here that you need to be aware of.

Remember to activate your account and claim your welcome bonus within 3 days after your account is approved.

If more than 3 days, your welcome bonus will be forfeited.

Now you can use the welcome bonus in any Mega888 games. Use it wisely as it gives you more credits to play and win in games.

If you register a new account during the festive season, you are entitled to claim the Mega888 festive season bonus together.


Free Credit Convert To Cash

Can Mega888 Download Free Credits & Bonus Converted To Cash

The answer is NO at the moment.

The free credits and bonus is an initiative by Mega888 to its players so that players can spend less real money to play in the app.

Therefore, the free credits and welcome bonus can only serve as valid game credits in the game.

The popular Mega888 free credits such as Mega888 RM10 Free Credit No Deposit, Mega888 RM3 Free Credit & etc. are not able to cash out by players.

You can always utilize these free credits to increase the winnings in the game.

These winning credits can be converted to cash & withdrawn.

There are some special cases where free credits and bonuses may be able to withdraw:

If you are a high roller in games

The required betting amount for a high roller would be at least RM300,000 per year.

Once you are in this category, there will be a dedicated Mega888 account manager to serve you.

Those free credits and bonuses can be withdrawn upon approval from the account manager & Mega888 management team.

If you are a VIP member of Mega888

Every year, Mega888 will recruit a fixed amount of new VIP members to join the platform.

However, the VIP member application is solely by invitation only.

Once you become a Mega888 VIP member, you are eligible to withdraw the free credits and bonus in your game account.

Mega888 Bonus Games

Which Mega888 Games Offer High Game Bonus

Aside from getting a free bonus during the festive season or account registration, you can also get into playing some Mega888 games.

Normally, Mega888 slot games do offer different level game bonuses to the players.

Depending on which slot games you play, you will come across the free bonus randomly during the gameplay.

In this section, we will share with you a few Mega888 slot games which tend to give out high bonus amounts or high bonus frequencies.

  • Ball Slots

Since slot game becomes popular in Asia, 8 Ball Slots has stood out to be among the top slot games.

It was designed to emulate real-life Pool games, making them interactive and nice to play.

Furthermore, there have been constant upgrades to the game’s design & features in recent years.

This game also comes with high jackpot payouts, making it irresistible and exciting.

  • Bonus Bear

The game theme & story is about the simple life of the bear living in the wild.

The game features plenty of nice game icons. It includes a grizzly bear, a female park ranger, jars of honey, a honey bee, & skunk.

It also features card suits such as A.K., Q, J, 10, and 9. Moreover, the spin and Autoplay features prove it an easy-to-play game with a lot of jackpots for winning.

  • Magical Spin

This slot game is designed with vibrant hues where you can see the columns and labels of the game.

The user interface is simple & attractive. Thus, you will find no problem while playing slots in the magical spin.

The more attractive part is you will get to achieve small jackpots in this game easily.

It is one of the Mega888 slot games which provide the highest winning odds to players.


Hack Version Risks

The Risks Of Mega888 Hacked Or Fake Versions Download

As you type “Mega888 download” in Google search, there are many websites that appear and offer the app download.

As mentioned above, there are only a few websites that offer the original version download.

You will be exposed to plenty of risks if you downloaded the hacked or fake versions.

In fact, many of these fake versions are operated by some small-scale operators with limited capital and IT resources.

Here are some of the common risks found in Mega888 versions:

  • Low Winning Odds In Slot Game

This is the most common issue when comes to fake versions. Generally, you will find it hard to win or get the jackpot prize in the fake version game.

This is potentially due to the winning odds in-game having been manipulated in the back end.

No matter how many times you play the game, you will lose your bet most of the time.

Eventually, your game credits will finish up very fast & you need to top up again.

  • Game Account Credit Lost Automatically

Some fake version platforms will even scam your game credit.

After you have deposited a certain fund in the game account, you will find out that your game credit becomes lesser the next day.

When you contact customer service, they will claim that some credits were used for the game registration fees or special game event fees.

The worse part is you cannot withdraw your remaining credit in your account.

  • Virus & Spyware In Fake Mega888 Download

This is the worst case that can happen when you downloaded the fake versions.

The app contains viruses & spyware which will damage your device.

Sometimes, it ends up that you may need to change a new laptop or mobile phone due to the damage being irreparable.

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